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What are yall's requirements for your clinical uniforms? Here it's navy scrubs and a white lab coat or scrub jacket while in the hospital. We also have to sew these patches that have our school name on them on our jacket sleeve and front pocket of our scrub top. We cant wear long sleeves under our scrub top, but surprisingly we're not required to wear a shirt underneath our scrub top either. No jewelry except a wedding band with no diamonds and of course a watch. Solid white (only leather) or clogs.

Anyway...just curious. :)



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A faculty t-shirt, name badge, dark navy slacks or shorts (cullottes), socks and flat, enclosed shoes (no whites). No jewellery at all (any wedding bands that can't come off must be taped over), no artificial nails, no long hair down (must be tied in a bun/off the collar).

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We have to wear all white with white shoes, school badge on the sleeve, hair off collar, closed shoes and they specify white underwear. It can be any type of uniform or scrubs as long as it's white and we can't wear anything under scrub tops.

I am surprised that any place allows clogs. Any facility up here doesn't allow them at all. Good luck in your clinicals, mine are coming up next month.


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All white scrubs. White shoes (leather) - no clogs. Hair up off collar. Jewelry - wedding band, small studs for ears and a watch. Since are scrub tops are so thin you can spit right through them the instructors have decided we can wear a tank top or undershirt of some sort. The instructors have decided that white was not a good color, so next years class gets to wear red scrubs.

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I managed to find scrubs that are heavier than most but you are right on about them being thin. Guess that's why they specified what color of underwear we have to wear :rotfl: . We have a control freak teacher that was deciding what color we had to wear. As soon as the class expressed the opinion that we didn't want guessed it, we are wearing white. Oh well.


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First three semesters, we wore all white school uniforms purchased through our school with our school's "bib" over it and patch on the sleeve. Last two semesters, we wore school purchased scrubs in our school color. All white shoes, no sneakers, no clogs. Hair off collar, only stone free wedding band and watch, no other jewelry. No artificial nails, and absolutely NO nail polish. No heavy make-up and no perfume.

You'd be surprised at the number of students who jeopardized their grades because they refused to abide by the dress code.


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I have never seen anyone in all white scrubs wow...the nursing schools in my area all require scrubs in different colors...I know one school is royal blue. Actually I'm pretty surprised that we get to wear navy because the RN's at the main hospital where we will go for clinicals wear navy... I guess that's why we have the big patches on our sleeve and pocket. I can't believe so many people said all white. Also I'm curious as to why you wouldn't be able to wear clogs. Our hair isn't required to be completely up off the shoulders just can't hang in our face.


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At my school our uniforms are white. A lady came in with all sizes of uniforms and we had to try them on and then she took measurements so that the uniforms will fit properly. She also sews the school logo onto the top. :)


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white scrubs (walmart will do) white nurse shoes, no bright obvious underwear. an iron on patch that you buy at the campus bookstore. :nurse: no cap, i don't know how i feel about that. it is one of the old traditions that should be ended.


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Wow, some of your schools are pretty strict... you have to tape your wedding band? Why in the world do they require that? We were told to leave the hope diamond at home and no loop earrings for our own safety (they can be grabbed) but we're not forced to wear our hair back (of course no one has hair that's really, really long either) and we can wear shirts under our scrub tops if we want (I wear long sleeved). Personally I'd freeze if I wasn't allowed to do that. Scrub tops do not keep me warm at all. We are required to wear all white with our school's patch and I wear close back clogs. Looking forward to graduating to color! No one cares if we have nail polish as long as nails are kepts short and no acrylics are used. We can wear other jewelry (one gal has about 12 earrings on one of her ears) and no one's said anything about any of our make up, although it's common knowledge that you always avoid the perfume.

I've been doing some complaining lately about how hard-nosed our school is on some things, I guess the dress code is not going to be one of them!

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I just got back from my first nursing orientation! :D Our uniform requirements are : All white closed toe/heal shoes,

white polo shirt

white uniform pants (can't be carpentar, capri, scrub type and has to come up high on the waist with no elastic around the ankle) Plus white or beige underware.

Our school's embroidered Navy blue smock,

A watch with a 2nd hand.

Only one ring allowed,

1 pair of stud earings,

and a stethoscope and pen to write with!

oh, I forgot to add, hair off nape & out of face, she said "if we are bending over changing some-one's B.M, how much of our hair do we want touching it?"


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Our uniform is a navy blue or white polo shirt and navy blue Docker-type pants and a white lab coat. These also have our school's logo on it: Kirkhof College of Nursing at the left chest. I've only had to wear the uniform for a couple of clinicals though. Pediatrics we were allowed to wear child-friendly scrubs if we wanted to, OB we had to wear surgical scrugs, psych we wore business casual, my chronic health rotation we could wear navy blue scrubs, and I'm wearing the navy blue scrubs for my community health rotation at a middle school.

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