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Lets start a fun thread that describes a nursing students way of life. For examply always broke but gotta have those drug cards. stuff like that You know you are in nursing school when ....... Read More

  1. by   micjas99
    Your 5 year old is playing like she is talking on the phone and says that she "Must get off the phone, I have to study for my HESIs".
  2. by   PreRN Katie
    You know you're in nursing school when:

    - You rephrase the common adage of "I almost had a heart attack!" to "I almost had an MI!"

    - You start shouting "C. diff! C. diff!!!" at the tv when the reporter is discussing the newest hospital superbug. What is this, Jeopardy?!

    - You start chasing friends and family around with your blood pressure cuff to get some practice.

    - Everyone you know starts calling you at 4 a.m. when their stomach/head/knee/other random body part starts to hurt in the hopes that you will diagnose (and presumably miraculously cure) them.

    - Your car looks like a bomb went off...a bomb made of soda cups, junk food wrappers, and random school supplies.

    - You answer your phone with "Nope. Can't. Gotta study."

    - Your first thought when arriving home from a long day is "beer, po, prn"

    I'll have more later, I haven't even started clinicals yet!
  3. by   mixyRN
    You know you are a nursing student when... your cat turns to look at you and you assess if her eyes are PERRL, then decide they are most definitely not round and wonder how to document the exception note.

  4. by   lvnhopeful
    LOL Katie. Good luck! You already sound like an old hand
  5. by   teeniebert
    (This one isn't mine, I heard it from a classmate.)

    --you are talking to your kid(s) about some stupid thing they did, and instead of asking "why did you do that?" you ask "what was your rationale for that?"
  6. by   PunkyBrewster57
    You know you're a nursing student when....

    .....your husband takes your dog to the vet while you're at school and when you get home get aggravated because he didn't know what it was given for and dosage amount.

    .... when you in-laws call and ask if they OTC meds with their prescription meds...

    ... and lastly when a test question is "What is an MI" and you have to actually think about what it is [[I just refer to it as a MI lol]]

    && thanks to everyone else! So many of these are true!
  7. by   ErinJane
    You know you are in nursing school when..

    You are 21 and you go out with your friends, only to discover that all you can think about is presumptive signs of pregnancy and other information from that days lecture.

    Youre friends constantly comment that you have aged 15 years since starting school 2 years ago.

    You've ever woken up in the library, face down in a book.

    You've ever done a full assessment of someone without them even being aware of it.

    Your bookcase with your nursing books on it leans to one side from the weight.

    You have a "school spouse" because you never get to see your actual family as much as you see the other students.

    You would prefer 12 hours of decent quality sleep to 1,000 dollars.
  8. by   s2ndstar
    ....Your husband calls to tell you that he thinks he vomited blood and you ask him to save his next "episode" so you can assess the color and amount!

    ....and he does so, without thinking that it's nasty!

    Sorry- this just happened to me recently! (He's fine)
  9. by   whiteoleander5
    When you get excited about family gatherings. Not so you can see the family, or even so you can take a break from studying, but because you can bring your stethescope and IPPA all night with anyone willing to sit still long enough. Also, when you are practicing an abdomen assessment, and get excited when you tell your mother "Hey, MA, theres stool in your descending colon!"......... and then, whoever is around says "Really? Check my stool too". Normally, this would be weird, but you are just thrilled to have another abdomen to inspect.

    When you can't look at a banana (Or someone eating a banana...) without thinking "Potassium, 3.5-5, promotes heart function...etc".....And you start to take multivitamins everyday like a nut bc you just had your nutrition and electrolyte level, and darn it, you refuse to have a deficiency of anything!

    When you start noticing odd things about people: Wow, look at the size of that hyperpigmented macule... Is that a barrel chest?... I think that person has cushings syndrome!... *** is that lump?... Or, you're learning about a topic and you think "OH, so thats what so-and-so has." I kinda like when that happens though, because its a good frame of reference incase I forget what the topic was

    When you take your own vital signs throughout the day. Just because...

    When you start examing the color of your urine, the amount that you drank for the day, and if you're I&O would be appropriate.

    When you want to practice catheters on a real person, but... lets be realistic, no one would ever sit through that voluntarily.

    Nursing school makes you just a little bit crazy, I think. :chuckle
  10. by   whiteoleander5
    Quote from mybrowneyedgirl
    You stalk the hallways with your stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff (that you bought for just this reason) looking for your next "victim" to help you get some additional practice in.

    You announce you're a nerd and proud of it and find plenty of others now proud to be called nerds too. Boy is this different than High School!!
    I have to agree about the highschool thing!.... Having a rolly backpack was the equivalent of being in a circus. Now, I see other nursing students with them, and I think "Hm, I wonder where I can get a good deal..."
  11. by   Jinx500
    You know you're in nursing school when...

    You reach over to hold your husbands wrist.... and he asks you: "Are you taking my pulse?"
  12. by   UjonesRN
    when u took every energy drink possible i.e. 5hrs,spike, red bull, starbucks just to stay up n
    also, when your so broke you can only afford peanut butter n jelly
    and go to the gas station with a $1 on ur card n still fill-up on gas cause ur pass E!!!
  13. by   quiet_one
    You know your a nursing student when:

    -you have an alarm clock..your cell alarm and a wristwatch all set to go off in time for clinicals and you still wake up an hour early feeling like you overslept and can't finish that last hour of precious sleep

    -your family makes you stop talking because you explain why fiber is good for their poo....hey they asked

    -you call your best friend on her birthday and tell her you will have to get together as soon as finals are over.

    -you can't leave because you feel like there are actually other people out there that understand what you are going through!