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  1. LfmVigilo

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    It took about 3.5 hrs from the scheduled test time 8am for the status to change. I got the good pop-up!!
  2. LfmVigilo

    Congrats, Chamberlain RN-BSN Grads! :-)

    Congrats! How exciting.
  3. Lol, I can't understand it either.
  4. A bipolar and pedophilia diagnosis are asked for Ohio's BON.
  5. LfmVigilo

    Got the unofficial result... I failed :(

    I'm so sorry to hear that, take some time for yourself and then get back to your reviewing. You're almost there good luck with everything =)
  6. LfmVigilo


    Good luck!! Go get that license!
  7. LfmVigilo

    ATT and NCLEX timing

  8. LfmVigilo

    Bryant And Stratton Fall 2008

  9. LfmVigilo

    Did anyone take the RN - CRNA route at Case Western

    Thank you for the concern. According to my admissions rep they have a 92% pass rate for the NCLEX. It is a fairly new program. I previously attended a school to be a LPN, but left April of this year when I found out my financial aid wasn't being properly credited to my account balance at the school. The program I attending was fairly new also, but I feel I left with a broad base of knowledge after going through the majority of the clinical rotations and the classes. I like the energy the staff at B&S gives off and If I have to give 150% to find experiences then I will. The school is convenient for me now, no waiting list, classes starting in 1 week, ect. When I researched other school's for the fall semester, a lot of the deadlines had passed by the time my mind was made up I was leaving my school. I was accepted to Central's LPN program but when I researched B&S they are a 20 month ADN program and fit in to my "time frame" of when I want to accomplish goals. When I went for my TEAS test I spoke with students who were set to graduate in 2 weeks they told me they had good clinical experiences and felt prepared for the NCLEX and the work force. I will try my best to get everything I can and more out of this school and these next 20 months, to ensure I will be prepared when the time comes to show it. Thank you again for sharing your experiences. They are also now NLNAC accredited so their credits should transfer.
  10. LfmVigilo

    Bryan & Stratton cleveland or parma anybody??

    Are you refering to the nursing program, or the school as a whole?
  11. LfmVigilo

    Bryan & Stratton cleveland or parma anybody??

    I will be starting at Bryant and Stratton Sept 10th I met with an admission's rep Jul 15 took the place ment test a week later, then my TEAS Jul 25. I was "officially" accepted the second week in August. I will be at the new East Lake campus previously known as the Willoughby campus. Anyone else at the East Lake campus?
  12. LfmVigilo

    Did anyone take the RN - CRNA route at Case Western

    Our plans are very simular same ADN-BSN-CRNA route. I will be attending Bryant and Stratton starting for this Fall semester.
  13. LfmVigilo

    How long before license # is posted on-line????

  14. LfmVigilo

    Bryant And Stratton Fall 2008

    Will anyone else be starting Bryant and Stratton's RN program on Sept 10th? All new and current students are welcome. I will be at the new East Lake campus ( previously Willoughby). Any East Lake or Parma students?
  15. LfmVigilo

    NCLEX in 2 days!!! HELP!!!

    Good Luck
  16. LfmVigilo

    What do you know about Bryant & Stratton?

    Yes, that is the campus I was referring to. I didn't do any searching, my admissions counselor told me they were nationally accredited. I go for more papers Friday so I'll be sure to update directly from her.