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  1. Ang_RN

    New Peds nurse needs help!

    Hey everyone! I have been so busy going through orientation! I started on the pediatrics floor yesterday. I have a dilemma. Does anyone know a website or anything a cd I can buy or something to help me practice counting apical pulse on infants? Please let me know any and everything you can... And any advice is appreciated.
  2. Ang_RN

    How important is amount of PAY to you?

    I also see that you said "could have gotten" or what was in the market.. My opinion.. the market isn't strong.. take the job!
  3. Ang_RN

    How important is amount of PAY to you?

    Of course I need to make decent money. But I want to be happy and confident with my job. I took $2.00 less an hour, a 40 minute longer drive.. and having to pay my own benefits to get the job in the specialty I wanted. So.. I guess what I make is definitely not at the top of my list! Also.. I am just happy to have a job!
  4. Ang_RN

    New Grad in Peds!

  5. Ang_RN

    Dilemma over Jobs, Advice needed

    Thank you!
  6. Ang_RN

    ADN: Is it worth it?

    I am a new grad.. and I would say definitely yes. I don't know of any place that has said they wouldn't hire me because I have ADN and not BSN
  7. Ang_RN

    Dilemma over Jobs, Advice needed

    Okay... so thank goodness God worked it out for me! The Nursing home people were so unprofessional that they didn't get around to officially offering me the job until Friday. The peds position was offered on Thursday. I knew I had to take it.. it was like a sign! So.. for less money and a longer drive I am going to be a pediatric nurse!! I don't even care either.. I am just ecstatic that I get to start in my preferred specialty!
  8. Ang_RN

    New Grad in Peds!

    One thing I have to say is.. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. People told me again and again that there was no way I would get into the peds specialty as a new grad. But I did.. I just was honest..and I got the job!
  9. Ang_RN

    New Grad in Peds!

    Yay! I can't wait to get started and talk to everyone about it. I am so excited! I start my orientation on Sept 27!
  10. Ang_RN

    Advice on Goal

    I think I might do that then. I am probably going to get my BSN at a local college here..and work my 2 years in pediatrics. I just accepted a job in peds.. so its all perfect now!
  11. Ang_RN

    New Grad in Peds!

    Hey everyone! I guess this is my new home at all nurses! Today I accepted a job in a pediatric unit! I am so excited because it is my dream job. I can't wait to get started and learn everything! My plan in life is to be a pediatric nurse practitioner!
  12. Ang_RN

    Mississippi nurses roll call!!! (be known)

    Finally an RN in Mississippi!! Also licensed in Louisiana, but as of now it looks like I will be working in good ol MS!
  13. Ang_RN

    Advice on Goal

    Hey everyone. I am a new graduate RN, but I know what I want to do from here on out. Probably because I am 30 years old and set in my ways already. I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. So I am here to ask this: What colleges are best for this degree? I will have to take all online classes. What path should I take? RN to MSN? or RN to BSN then BSN to MSN? I have looked into University of South Alabama and I see the RN to MSN and it looks like something I can tackle, but I don't see where the NP classes fit in? I would love it if someone gave me some advice or told me about their experience?
  14. Ang_RN

    Was one year the magic number for you?

    Glad to know that I am not the only one pondering that one!
  15. Ang_RN

    I may be a job hopper,what shall I do....

    Yikes! I understand your dilemma. I really don't know what to say. Personally I would stick with job #3 for a bit longer because of the shortage of jobs out there. But that is your own choice. On a resume, I don't think I would mention #1 and #2, but I would feel like I have to mention Job #3