1. The letter finally came and I made it in! It's such a relief to get accepted into the program. It was the only one that I had applied to. I am so not looking forward to all the shots and blood tests that I'll be getting over the next few weeks. Hopefully it will teach me a little empathy towards my future patients/clients.

    Also, I now have to take the NET. Before admission we had to take the NLN. Did anybody else experience this?? This just seems a little weird to me. Oh well, I'm not going to let anything rain on my parade!! It's just so exciting, I can't wait until welcoming party!
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    I am soooo happy for you!!! At my college we took the NET to determine if we would get accepted into the nursing program....this year you have to score in the 50th percentile or higher. Maybe they just want to see where you all are in your test-taking, life skills, etc. What is the NLN? I've seen these abbreviations but never thought to ask what they stood for...lol

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    Congratulations!!!!!!!! You have jumped the first hurdle. Feels good doesn't it. I wish you the best of luck in your program.
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    NLN= National League of Nursing (I think)... Alot of schools require this test prior to admission.. We had to take it, and make above 100 on it... Stupid test, nothing to do with nursing... Almost like the ACT and SAT exams as far a questions..

    Congrats busybeaver
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's going to be an exciting year!
  9. by   happystudent
    Great job!

    You are in for the ride of your life!! Be coool this summer enjoy it! Once school starts you are going to be so busy and learning so much! Good luck!

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    Best of Luck to you !
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    Thanks Everyone!!