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Hi guys! Okay here's the situation. I'm in my clinical rotation on a med/surg floor, why is it that the nurses there threat us students (who are helping them out with their pt loads)like we are in... Read More

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    OBNURSEHEATHER ~ I hope you didn't steal those little cups off of someone's med cart?

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    OBNURSEHEATHER ~ I hope you didn't steal those little cups off of someone's med cart?
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    I dont get it. We lighten their loads enormously, give meds, iv and inj, do all assesments ,paperwork,almost everything and they give us such a hard time.

    ~~my clinical-mates complain all the time about the nursing staff. But i've yet to have a problem with anyone at anytime. Most of it i chalk up to gender play (nurses and students) and lack of self esteem( students and nurses).
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    I am sincerely sorry-I was just playing around with the rest of them. I think your concern is valid and if I contributed to feeling like rif raf, I am truely sorry. Please accept my apology. I am a "she" not a "he",( to one of the other posters), and I was the person who did not like the name "toots" applied to you. I hate name calling, no matter what. I still think your concern is very valid, and how were you supposd to know you could search for past topics. You made it very clear you are a new member. I am embarassed that you queston has led to this. Your comfort and your question- That was the concern of my initial post.
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    Actually I think if the schools/instructors would communicate with the preceptors a little better and there was more prep done on all sides - things would be better for the students and the preceptors.

    But then I also like to believe in miracles, G-d, and peace occurring in the mideast.........
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    Ask the 4 nurses on the floor. And do a search.

    Sorry. I don't mean to sound grumpy. This is one of many topics that has been discussed and discussed and discussed. The all or nothing thing doesn't work. Not ALL nurses don't like students, and in fact the majority of them do....
    Wow...I go to work and Y'all are having a party on my behalf!!! I'll have a Jello Shot!

    I went back and read what I wrote, and it just doesn't seem all that offensive to me. I don' think that I am known as one of the sharp tongued devils of this board, but I get tired of being lumped into a group. What if I said ALL STUDENTS ARE LAZY? I would start a small riot!!!! I apologized for the initial sharpness of tone, and got snipped at for my efforts to direct the nice new member to a search for furthur information, along with an explaination why. I DO like students. I enjoy teaching, I don't enjoy generalizations.

    Can we post these Student vs RN vs LPN vs ADN vs BSN vs DIPLOMA vs MD vs MALE vs FEMALE threads on the War and Terroism area?????

    Make that 2 Jello shots!! Missy!!!! :-)
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    Make that 2 Jello shots!! Missy!!!! :-)
    Hey, that's me!
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    I know students "think" they are lightening nurses workloads, but that is not always the case...sometimes, when you are having the day from Hades, having one more person saying, "I have a question..." is enough to send you over the edge.

    Yes, I remember what it was like to be a student, and that was nearly 20y ago; I still remember some of the names of the nastier ones. But I remember the nice ones too, and as a student I went out of my way to acknowledge those who went out of their way for me. I'm not talking about sucking up...I'm talking about sincere appreciation.

    Students sometimes have the feeling that the world revolves around them; I know, I felt that way sometimes myself. But it is really hard these days to get your own work done, let alone be responsible for a student, too. Face it, the instructors are not there all the time, so staff nurses do bear some of the responsibility of monitoring students.

    Don't be too quick to criticize; remember...your only POV is as a student...many of us are answering you having been students and now experienced nurses. When you are an experienced nurse, you may see things a little differently.
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    The type of nurses you are talking about are not just nasty to students, they are nasty to new nurses, old nurses, CNAs, etc.
    They probably go home and yell at their kids too much and kick their dog. Some people are just like that. Yes, some of these people are nurses, some are lawyers, some are teachers some are cops, a lot of them are docs, lol.

    I don't think it's just a student thing.
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    I love having students. I have had quite a few final practicum students, and also we have all semesters on our floor. To say the students "lighten the load" is a misconception. I do not rely on the Instructor to double check everything, that is my responsibility, they are still my patients! I actually find it more work if there are students on the floor.

    Now...what are we drinking over here??
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    During my nurse training in the UK, I had a 8 week rostered medical placement. The charge nurse said to all the students that we had to work all weekends, so that the regular nurses got them off. I missed out on my Aunt 50th birthday party......Should have called in sick...
    Needless to say, Once I qualified I never worked there.......................
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    I just read and responded to another post like this one. And I think that every new member should be allowed to ask a question should they choose to. If its a topic you are tired of, please don't address the issue. As for the issue itself, I am a CNA and starting the program this fall. I have worked at a hospital for the past two years and I can assure you that all nurses do not hate students and they (on a normal day) wouldn't mind precepting at all. However, when you graduate and you are coming in for your fourth 12 hr day in a row, have the same crappy CNA that smokes about 30 cigarettes each break and always dissappears on diaper rounds, and you get the same assignment of two ETOHs in the second day of DTs, a COPDer on a 100% faceshield and the o2 level is still barely 85, a 27 year old who just can't make it 20 more minutes for her morphine and phenegran cocktail, and then "oh by the way, Jane Doe from the college will be working with you today and I'm not sure what she can or cannot do". It will really change your perspective on what makes a B****y nurse. It's a very stressful job and there's days I have seen my nurses on the verge of a breakdown, but they love it. Just don't make any judgement until you find out the whole deal. Some may really hate students, most are probably just stressed or tired.