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Ok, I'm a bit frustrated with all of these posts telling us that we shouldn't go into nursing because we need a job and steady income. Sure, I do like to help people, but I need a steady job even... Read More

  1. by   jenn_rn_nj
    i have a degree already and worked in child life. while working in that capacity, i found that i wanted to be doing more medically with patients so i decided to go into nursing. my original degree is in psychology and education and i did some graduate work in school psychology. i think that nursing will be the ultimate chance for me to put all my interests together - mental health, teaching and patient care.

    i've wanted to do this since 1999, it's just taken me awhile to make the change and go forward with nursing school due to circumstances in my personal life.
  2. by   ctunurse
    This is my honest answer. I never even thought of nursing until I was told this: I wanted to go to other countries and help children and families in need. I was told it was missionary work and I wouldn't be able to make a living that way. So, I looked around and then I thought, Ok I'll become a nurse and then I can do mission work with a purpose and have income to make a living. I've been a nurse for 11 months and wouldn't change it for the world. Mission work, however, still remains my ultimate goal in life.
  3. by   bethin
    As cliche as it sounds I like to help people. I was a pre-law student before nursing. Even then I wasn't thinking money, money. When I graduated from law school I wanted to work for legal aide. It's set up for those people who cannot afford a lawyer for wills or to fight an unlawful eviction, etc.

    Also, I'll admit it...I'm an adrenaline junkie. I like the fast paced, thinking on your feet that nursing provides. I don't like doing the same thing everyday. Everytime I go to work it's something different and I'm always learning something new.

    Job security is nice and I would do my job for free. Yes free, I love it that much. Also, when I'm done with nursing school (CNA right now) I would love to volunteer in a third world country providing health services.

    There is nothing else I would rather do. When I didn't get into nursing school the first time I briefly changed my major to criminal justice. That didn't last long because it just didn't challenge me like nursing does.
  4. by   Sheri257
    Quote from shyone2005
    i was in it for the money of course and also helping the elderly.. now, i;m not even sure if it's all worth it... i wish i took a different path... i just started and i feel like quitting already... is that even a normal feeling?? did anyone in here feel like this too when they just started??? it is a secure job however, but i would rather do something else than this.. but now, i feel like i have no choice because too many people are depending on me... otherwise, i would have called it quits...
    Yeah ... I've felt that way a million times. In all honesty, I often think this is the biggest mistake of my life. But, I've invested too much in it to turn back now.

    What made it worse was when I worked as an extern this summer. Granted, this was a horrible hospital to work for with a lousy reputation, and I hope I can find a better place to work when I graduate, but it was the only hospital I could extern with through school.

    The most disappointing thing for me though, was the way I was treated by some patients. I would work so hard to give them great care, and they would still complain and treat me horribly. One of them kicked and spit on me. Some of them screamed at me for no apparent reason. And more than one would outright lie and claim I did things that never happened. I couldn't believe the abuse you take as a nurse.

    I know sick people are under a lot of stress, and some of them had dementia or were drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. but when you're trying to help them and they treat you so badly ... well ... I found it very depressing. Let's just say I now understand why there's a nursing shortage.

    Having said all of that, here's the bright side: If I can't find a facility where there's good management and good patient care right away ... there's dozens of other jobs where, hopefully, I can find the right employer. There's also a 100 different things I can do with an RN degree ... so that's what keeps me going.

    But no ... you are not alone in your feelings on this.

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  5. by   studentnurserachel
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  6. by   BurnBaby06
    Because I love it!
  7. by   bowkerj
    I applied to nursing because I worked in a hospital and saw what nurses do and because I had health problems as a child. I realize in medicine there are highs and lows but at the end of the day you know you have done your best. You know everything you do is worth something because you are trying to help others. What better job is there really? Oh, and the job security and high pays these days definitely makes it an attractive career as well!

  8. by   Messink
    Why I decided to go into nursing is quite a long story.
    Until I was about eight years I always wanted to become a submarine commander.
    Then I started watching medical shows on TV. All of a sudden I changed my mind and decided that I wanted to go to medschool after I finished high school.

    I stuck with my decision to go to medschool until I was the 4th grade of high school. In the third grade I had to decide wether to science courses or arts and languages. Of course I chose the scienses because those are required here in the Netherlands if you want to go to medschool.
    I followed the science classes for a year only to find out that I had a knack for languages and the arts. I simply didn't understand a lot of what I was being taught.
    At the end of the fourth I decided to change to arts and languages instead of continuing with the science courses. All of my teachers had advised this to me and I also realised myself that If were to continue with the science classes, I would get bogged down in the 5th, have to that over again and still not make and than get kicked out off school. I figured medschool wasn't worth and that I had better get a diploma first and than search for other studies that I might also like.
    In hindsight it was the right decision to make. I barely made from 4th to 5th grade.

    I made it through arts and languages easily and I got my diploma at the end of the sixth grade.

    In fifth grade I went to several universities to check what kind of studies that they had to offer I might like but I could not found any studies that I liked.

    I had already more or less decided to go to nursing school because it was the education that was closest to what I actually wanted to do but I found that a wrong reason to go into nursing.

    Luckily I was allowed by a university hospital in Amsterdam to shadow a nurse for one day on one of their floors. I wanted to see if I was really cut out for nursing and that it was what I really wanted to do.
    That single day of working on a ward got me hooked on nursing. After doing that, I didnt want to do anything else anymore. I shadowed nurses several more times after that single day, just to be sure that nursing was really my thing but those days didnt change my mind.

    After deciding that I would be going to nursing school the only decision I had to make is to which school I would be going.
    I decided to go to nursing school in Leiden, about 1,5 hours by train from where my parents live because the nursing schools nears werent as good as they were supposed to be. Because of the distance I also went to live on my own.
    I must say that I have made the right choice. As time progresses I start loving nursing school and nursing more and more. I can hardly wait for the day that I will be allowed to call myself a nurse.

    I started nursing school in september and I am now in my first year.

    That was my story on how came to the decision to go into nursing.
    Why I love nursing is another story.
    I have different reasons for loving nursing, namely that whenever I am in a hospital I feel like a belong there, I simply feel at home in hospitals.
    When Im working with patients I feel completely at ease, like it is what I am meant to do with my life.

    I still doubt sometimes wether I shouldnt have gone to lawschool and earned some big bucks but the decision to become a nurse simply feels right.:wink2:
    If just my mother would understand this, she still thinks I should have gone to lawschool.

    Thats my story, I hope you like it.
  9. by   nurse2be2007
    I chose nursing for my career path for several reasons and I dont feel that anyone of those reasons holds more weight than the other.

    In no important order:

    When my first daughter was born with an encephalocele and her home away from home was the hospital, I got to experience first hand what the "behind the scenes" was like. I seen what the nurses did day to day and was very grateful for the excellent care that they gave my daughter. I seen bad ones, good ones and even the greatest ones at their best, worst and inbetween. When my daughter was passing away the nurse that was with us was my life saver. She knew just what to say, when to say it and when to leave us alone. She was incredible.

    Shortly after her passing I realized that I wanted to give back to others what these wonderful nurses gave to my family.

    I chose nursing for a career because of the entire package it brings.

    Job stability
    The ability to care for others
    The paycheck
    Job stability
    The option to work overtime or pick up extra shifts when I need them
    The flexibility
    Job stability
    The vast opportunities that one has as a nurse
    The fact that I can go anywhere in the country and have a job
    Did I mention Job stability?

    You see, my hubby is a journeyman commercial carpenter and we live in the car state. When the economy goes down, the car industry takes a licking and then that trickles down to the skilled trade (my hubby). Healthcare is the one industry that NEVER seems to be affected by a poor economy. So to offset my hubby's lack of job stability, I decided that healthcare was where I needed to be. Add that to the fact that I wanted to give back to others what those nurses gave to my daughter and my family, nursing seemed to be the perfect choice.
  10. by   RNLisa
    I think I have always pretended to be a nurse when I was a little girl. One year for my birthday, my parents bought me a Nurse kit (toy) and I practiced playing nurse all the time. There was a time when I was older that I wanted to be a teacher too.

    But, years later at 18/19 years old, I found myself taking care of my Mom who was terminal with cancer. She died when she was 4 days away from her 46th birthday and I was 19. For years, I felt as though I SHOULD be a nurse, but financial reasons, I didn't do it. I ended up working in a bank for 8 1/2 years, worked in a factory office for 2, then was a stay at home mom. I got pregnant with my 3rd child and during that time, my aunt (My Mom's sister) got her RN degree after a lot of years as an LPN (She was about 50 years old). I felt inspired to follow in her footsteps, but to go right for the RN instead of LPN.

    So, 3 1/2 years later, I am almost finished with school, will graduate ADN in 6 months. I am 36 years old, better late than never, huh?

    I really feel my Mom would be very proud of me and I feel her presence often.

    And to be totally honest, the money is a definite incentive as well. But, I think I will finally be doing what I was meant to be doing. Ever since I played with that Nurse kit when I was younger!

    Sorry so long and sappy. But, you asked for honest answers!!
  11. by   TrickieTam
    1. Looking for a steady income.
    2. Finally getting paid for what I'm worth (CNA pay just ain't cutting it!)
    3. Tired of being the underdog. I do all the work and no one seems to appreciate it.
    4. I love healthcare, its the only thing I know. I'm a Cosmetologist also and I just wasn't happy with that type of work.
    4. I like having a job that throws me something different everyday.
  12. by   chrisg0705
    help people
    to not have to work five days a week.
    to not have fifteen e-mails from fifteen different people about something you have already taken care of but they can't find where they put your work
    to not have files waiting on my desk that five different people want done five different ways
    to not sit at a computer all day
    to make more money
    to get paid based on seniority rather than have a manager that gives raises to her favorites

    need I go on?
  13. by   ajs08RN
    My mother, father and aunt are all LPNs, but not me noooo, I was not going to be a nurse:selfbonk: . I didn't want to clean poop and vomit for the rest of my life (this was obviously my thought before I had children, because that fear went right out the window as soon as I gave birth ). I was going to climb the corporate ladder:typing . No, my job didn't pay top notch ,but there were great benefits and room to grow. After 5 years, 2 kids and a husband I was laid off . One day while crying my eyes out my LPN, poop and vomit cleaning, gainfully employed aunt asked me a question,"Do you want a job with security, growth, good benefits and good pay?", of course I said yes, she told me to give nursing a try . Now, because these are my reasons does that mean I'm going to neglect my patients NO WAY , I think it means just the opposite:kiss . Why would I jeopardize my job security, growth, benefits and PAY. I will do my job and do it well.