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    Is this appropiate? Please...need input. Thx

    Thx everyone....

    Is this appropiate? Please...need input. Thx

    And with a peer interview its about how to show that u can easily adapt to become a part of the team or how well u work in team? Is that the goal with peer interviews?

    Is this appropiate? Please...need input. Thx

    Ok so at this point im going to brush up bringing my best qualities out during the interview plus my usual professional attire. Got it! I really enjoyed interviewing with unit manager the first time around and REALLY feel that this unit is a good fit for ME. Just want them to feel the same, ive been on several interviews this mo and havent felt as ecstatic after leaving the interview as I had after this one. WISH ME LUCK...KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS. THX in advance .

    Is this appropiate? Please...need input. Thx

    Ok so just from these few responses, Im gonna go with what I knew ws right, just wanted to do something to stand out a little besides my qualifications. DONUTS AND SCRUBS are def out the window just like I thought. Just needed to hear it from other fellow nurses. I appreciate everyone......really.

    Is this appropiate? Please...need input. Thx

    @ wanttobe, youve def got a point about bringing in outside food, thx.

    Is this appropiate? Please...need input. Thx

    @ Tait, thtz too funny lol. I apologize for the typos guys, typing from my phone so please excuse. Any more thoughts on this. Thx to all that have replied, so helpful.
  7. Hi guys, please help! Going to a 2nd interview on Med Surg Unit at a hospital. Because it is nurses that i will b working elbow to elbow with, wanted to know if 1) Its approp to wear scrubs to blend in w my potential coworkers and relax the interview a bit and 2) Its an AM interview, could i bring in donuts for the girls or would i b looked at as a suck up? Please someone reply, it would b most helpful. Just need ur thoughts on this. Thx
  8. Hello to all. Ive been practicing as a peds homecare nurse for over 6 mos now and absolutely LOVE IT! Just wondering if a seasoned peds nurse can offer words of advices on how to become more involved and competent while providing care to my babies. By the way, my pts are mainly trached and vented and gtubed. Thanks in advance....

    Working at UPenn Hospital?

    Good eve to all. I will b starting a position at Univ of Penn hospital next week and wonder if anyone can offer some pros and cons plus any experiences with being employed by them. The position at hand is on a medsurg/tele floor and I am truly excited. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I too am a new grad that hs been doing pediatric homecare since April.

    Please help!!!!need wellstar info!

    Hello all! Can anyone provide me with a starting hrly rate for an RN at Wellstar particularly Cobb Hospital as well as working conditions if possible. Need this info to help me make a decision asap. Thanks so much.
  11. Anyone have any info on Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Springs MD? Such as pay, working conditions etc. I would be relocating fr Nj so any and all info is helpful.

    Triumph hospital phila pa

    Does anyone have any info to offer about this company. What's it like to work there? How much do they pay RN's? Things of that nature.....would be greatly appreciated.


    Anyone heard of Epic which develops software for hospitals. If so, can you give me any info on it?

    How i landed a new grad position

    I wouldn't mind takin a look at ur resume....not a problem.

    How i landed a new grad position

    @mtshevlin I was totally unaware that I sounded arrogant, I though more so just excited than anything b/c I know how hard it is out here to land a position. If you are not able to be receptive of people trying to give ideas, log off. U never know what peice of information that may be helpful to someone even it has not helped u. It just might not apply to you that's all. This is ALLNURSES right, "nurses helping nurses." @ Paco386 message me if I can be of any assistance in you endeavors. Good luck to all.

    Dec '09 Grads, raise your hands!

    Dec 09 BSN grad, Holy Family Univ Philadelphia PA, landed a job as well through prayer only......