Why all the negativity!

  1. Hello everyone.. I was just curious if any of you have experienced a licensed nurse with negative attitudes towards nursing. My sister in law has bad attitudes and tries to bring me down now that I am in nursing school. I also ran into an aquaintance last night and she is nurse.. She asked me how I like nursing school and I told her I loved it and was almost entering the third semester. She says to me.. "You know nursing is an assembly line you know"? I said "Well isnt every job if you think about it?" I just thought to myself, I cant stand all the negative attitudes.. Every job is stressful in its own way. Every job has its downfalls. Nursing though I think is very rewarding. I love knowing that I have comforted a patient in pain or is just wanting someone to talk with. Just some thoughts, I just wanted to get other opinions on this matter.

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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    People at fast food jobs complain. People who work in call centers complain. People who work as CNA's complain. People who are teachers or pronicipals in schools complain.

    Face it, everyone can find something to *%#@! about if they really try.

    If you find nursing rewarding and YOU like it, then who cares what others say.
  4. by   RN 4 U
    Nursing is a rewarding field to be in, i'm finding that it is all the other stuff that is frustrating, like staffing, unfairness in pt assign, all the other administrative mind games that goes along with the job that brings about the negativity.
  5. by   militaryspouse98
    Yeah I just didnt like it when she said,,its like an assembly line.. If you look at every job out there.. take for instance. resturant business. Your job is to get the customer in, fed, and out the door with a pleasant experience. Realestate- job is to get the house on the market and to get a happy home buyer. Lawyer- job is to get a case won and a happy client in the end. The list could go on and on.. In the case of nursing. The main focus is to get the patient well enough to get home or to pass on with as little pain as can be. Thats just my point.
  6. by   summersent
    dont let it get to you. some people like to complain. others hate to see others actually enjoying their life and what they do. some are just jealous.

    just know that you love nursing and stay around only positive people who support your decision as well.thats what I do and its great!!!!!
  7. by   Daytonite
    Amy. . .I'm betting that if you think about it, you will find that nursing isn't the only thing your sister-in-law has a bad attitude about. She's just more vocal about nursing because it's something that she knows very well, so she can let it rip when she decides to go off. In my many years of living, especially with a mother who was very negative, I've learned that negativity is an attitude. The subjects people use to express their negativity are just tools. If your sister-in-law didn't have you and the subject of nursing to rag on, it would be another subject with another person that would hold their attention, believe me. The purpose is totally self-serving on the part of person doing the complaining. They need an outlet to express their frustrations and feeling of inadequacy. There's a psychological issue of self-esteem going on here as well. That is what is really hiding underneath all crap they are dishing out. It's also very similar to the negative world that depressed individuals live in.

    You have to be cordial and tolerate your sister-in-law and the people you work with. My advice is to just be aware that she is like this and keep in mind that this is something she does to boost her own ego and self-esteem in order to feel better. I know that sounds bizarre. It's dysfunctional. She's not fully cognizant that she is hurting you in the process, which is part of the problem for you. I have a sister-in-law who probably is just as bad, but can't trash nursing because she isn't a nurse and doesn't know anything about the profession. However, in her world she will bad mouth a whole variety of things. I'm not a favorite of hers because we don't have many subjects in common between us so I'm not much of a captive audience for her. I won't engage her in an argument either. Isn't that a shame? In their own dysfunctional way, people who do this are looking for a momentary feeling of being a "star" to get attention and dominating a conversation. Like I said, dysfunctional.

    You are going to run into a lot of people like this over the years. It's sad when you are working shoulder to shoulder with them and they are standing there trashing the very profession that puts food on their tables and money in their pockets. Rabid little dogs that will bite you is that image in my mind which reinforces the idea that there is something sick about it. If you have opportunities to read up on psychological behavior some of this will be explained and make more sense to you (I'm not saying it makes it right). You can't necessarily change their behavior, but it affects your own reaction to it. Try to find friends and surround yourself with people who have positive attitudes that stroke your good feelings about nursing. They are also living in the world. Hang out with them and you will feel much differently.
  8. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Daytonite, you are so very wise. I'd love to be one of your co workers or have you as an instructor.
  9. by   Tweety
    Chronic complainers are in every job I've ever had in the 30 years of working. Even Disney workers complain.

    Don't let them drag you down and don't judge the profession, keep on keeping on!
  10. by   MySimplePlan
    That's what sisters-in-law are for - to make you feel bad. They never got over you marrying their brother.

    This is your life. Bring a positive attitude to it, and you'll have a better career for it.
  11. by   kukukajoo
    Daytonite I wish you would teach so I could transfer to that school! You have such a wealth of knowledge. Have you ever considered putting some of it into a book? I (and a million others on here would agree!) really think you have valuable insights about so much!
  12. by   shleynic
    Nursing is a tough job in a lot of different ways. I think a lot of people get burn out...hence the shortage. I've been a CNA for 8yrs and sometimes it does get frustrating, but I'm in nursing school anyways. I'm in nursing school because its what I love and there is nothing else I'd rather do. The most important thing is to realize when you need to get out.
  13. by   Thedreamer
    I just simply ask someone who is being very negative to please take it someplace else. There are enough things in this world to think about, brushing off negativity onto classmates or other nurses isnt needed.