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  1. summersent

    SUNY Morrisville

    Do not attend morrisville. As someone said, they operate by failing students while gladly taking their money. They also actively practice racial discrimination & racism in their program towards Black students, which has gotten them in serious trouble.
  2. summersent

    Failing Nursing School

    Leave morrisville state college, if you have not already done so. It is a horrible program(as you know). Racial discrimation in their program is also a serious issue there. Please listen to this. Leave.
  3. summersent

    accepted to Morrisville and Delhi program

    Do not attend morrisville state college. Their program is horrible. Racial discrimination is their program is also very rampant.
  4. summersent

    Instructors/Programs that set you up for failure...

    its still their job to teach and guide students. why they wouldn't tell you what pages to study and whats going to be on the test is ridiculous and beyond me. telling someone to read a 400 page textbook on material they have never seen in their life is unfair. its also impossible to retain all that information or even know what to focus on. please tell me you are not serious. the school you attend is cashing in on the big money. i mean your paying 80k to attend and the teachers don't have to teach or tell you anything. then when you fail, their excuse is "we don't have to tell you, read it all". sounds like a scam to me but from a business/money making point of view, i guess its a good deal for the school.
  5. summersent

    Help me, I'm a new nurse with anxiety/depression.

    It sounds to me like you are really struggling with your mental disorders. Also, the time you are missing with your child, sounds sad. I just want you to remember that once time passes, you can't go back. Always take care of yourself and your child first. Anything can happen at a job but the relationship you build and have with your child and yourself will be forever. Thats what most important. Life and time are precious and so many people forget that and get caught up in the rush, worry and things that ultimately don't matter. Years pass and its like where did time go? I hope you find some peace and do what is best for you. Good luck
  6. summersent

    Nursing school is awful in so many ways....

    I'm not bitter nor traumatized. I noticed when someone calls it like is it, the terms "bitter" is used. I'm honest. Look around the boards. Its funny because the same ones putting my posts and caffeines post's down, mentioned the same things(hating their job, giving other kudos for quitting etc) in theirs or others. Its like a contradiction. One moment people are honest with how bad nursing is and then the next, its all sugar coated and others are put down for speaking the truth. Somethings not right with that. I mean what is it? But I guess this moment and in this thread many claim to love nursing.... Caffeine, good luck with owning your business and keep striving for the best. I am. I'm actually thinking of owning a business one day with my sister as well. I deserve a good life and you do too. I know you say you are using nursing as a back up and I do think if thats what best for you go for it. But from telling the type of person you are, I doubt you will stay long. You're the type that runs a place, demands respect and wants positive healthy people around you. Good luck again!
  7. summersent

    Nursing school is awful in so many ways....

    Yes, there would be nurses because hospitals need nurses. There would be nurses with better working conditions and more respect. You sound very upset and I'm not traumatized. I'm just being assertive and speaking up on the issues at hand. Anyways, I'm very tired and its late. Sleep for me.
  8. summersent

    Nursing school is awful in so many ways....

    Bad? Yeah. Typical behavior? Yeah. Please don't make it seem like my experience is rare. It's not. Also, please don't say "my" worldview. Most nurses wouldn't dare encourage their children to step foot into this. This is known. Look at these threads. This isn't venting. This is how things are and how things are operated. Also, I see you failed to address some of the questions in my previous post. If people listened to my advice, nursing would be completely different for the better. Healthcare depends on nurses. If they didn't take the disrespect and help support each other, you'd be seeing higher pay,better workload and more respect. Obviously you've been in this for a very long time. You've accepted it all. I'm not trying to change you're mind and you can't change mine.
  9. summersent

    Nursing school is awful in so many ways....

    Nursel56,anyone can step one day in a hospital as a student and see how it is. I'm intuitive and its extremely easy to pick up on the dynamics. Nursing school is conditioning of how it will be. Search these threads. I don't know how many times I've seen and read of attacks,backstabbing,weight gain,health issues and so much more directly related to the nursing environment. I was once told to go without a lunch or bathroom break during a 10 hr clinical because "thats the way it is". There is a thread on that at this moment! Nursing sounds good if nurses were given rights, a nice workload and respect(as well as give it to each other) but its not like that. Caffeine, is stating how she feels and I am too. I do tell people who have questions about this profession to leave this and rightfully so. It wouldn't sit well on my conscious to tell a good person to get into something that is so damaging. Its the same reason why MANY nurses would never want their children or anyone they truly care about to get into nursing. Anyone who is honest knows how this "profession" operates. It operates on negativity and conditioning. I've never met so many student nurses and nurses so ready to backstab each other. If you are around negativity and abuse all the time, you will eventually sink with the rest or you leave. Its extremely hard to flourish. Some folks start out with high hopes and a good attitude(like myself). Others are drawn to the passive-agressive subservient behavior. Others get into it because of the supposed "stability". There is no stability and shortage in nursing. Hospitals aren't looking to retain nurses. Its about money. It's about hiring the least and burning them out and then its on to the next batch. Just be honest with the females before they take out $40,000 in student loans. I'm not going to tell someone that "it will be worth it" when it won't be. I can't even begin to tell you how many nurses have injuries and are told to "deal with it" .I won't tell a person that if they are violently punched that they will still have to care for that patient and won't have any rights as a HUMAN being. How degrading?! nursel56, if you feel you've grown to tolerate this type environment, thats saying it all. Nursing students' negative reactions are typically the NORMAL reaction. I didn't "throw" in the towel. I threw the towel back at the abuser. Nursing is very much like an abusive relationship. For example, I applaude the women who walk away from an abusive man. Thats STRENGTH and pride. I don't respect the women who know its wrong, complain and choose to "live" with it anyway. The situations that nurses have to go through no one should "grow" to tolerate. Thats making the abnormal, normal. SO many nurses leave this "profession" within the first few years. I mean its at a HIGH rate. Look it up. There is a thread on that here as well. And why do you think that is? We ALL know why. Please stop denying the obvious. Like caffeine said, if you don't like it, don't read it. I choose to stay here and help support females like caffeine and I will continue to do so.
  10. summersent

    Nursing school is awful in so many ways....

    Caffeine, trust me. I know how you feel. You're smart and you are intuitive. There are tons of other jobs out there that will not break you down. You can do anything. This isn't the only thing in the world. Its like when I started nursing everyone tried to make me believe that. Its a lot of proproganda with nursing and some of the females almost seemed..whats the word...oh yeah.....brainwashed. I was in your same situation months ago. I just up and left(I was at the top of my class, with no previous health experience). I was so nice to everyone. Tried to help when needed and just an all around really supportive healthy person. You can't be that way. This "profession" won't allow that. I finally followed my gut and switched over to another major and I'm telling you.... I'm so much happier and healthier. I get respect and my professors want me to succeed. I was giving too much of myself in nursing and I had nothing to show for it except bad memories. The only thing I learned from nursing school is how I will NEVER allow myself to be treated. You either leave or you become like the other students and nurses you don't like, caffeine and thats real. Nothing that is healthy & good wants to break you down and see you miserable. Trust that voice. I know its hard because you spend so much money and time getting to where you are. But its NOT worth it. The longer you stay in this, the harder it is to leave. Get your headstart. I got mine. What you ARE losing and WILL lose (the longer you stay in this), money can't buy or fix. If you want to talk more, send me a PM. Maybe I can help you.
  11. summersent

    Nursing school is awful in so many ways....

    Change your major. Nursing is like this regardless of any school or hospital you go too. Its an abusive profession. If you like to "help" people, do it in another way. Nursing will damage you in every way possible. It typically attracts a certain type of person and personality. Seriously how many people with high self esteem would allow themselves to go through all the things you listed in your original post? You put in too much emotions,money and time in this and don't have anything to show except nightmares and deteriorating physical and mental health. You said you were in college before. You know not all majors and professions are like nursing. Leave now. Listen to your gut.
  12. summersent

    Favortism in Nursing School

    Yup. From what I understand, it only gets worse .
  13. summersent

    Depressed about nursing

    Exactly! So true!
  14. summersent

    Depressed about nursing

    Damage WAS done to her. Emotional damage as well as possible damage to her health.Your still rationalizing abuse. Re-read your post and understand how your responding. Its actually quite sad. I really do think your speaking from a abused persons perspective. Its just NOT normal to accept abuse in any job. You really need to talk to someone...like a therapist. What your saying isn't normal. And whats really sad is, you can't even see it. Even the pope has security and you better believe if someone tried to hurt him they would be jailed in a second! I know mother theresa had security! If you accept horrible treatment thats your decision but don't try to go and make others feel they should also.
  15. summersent

    Depressed about nursing

    It was done on purpose. It was a personal attack. The OP is not only emotionally broken but now he/she is worried about his or her health as well. I'm not sure why you think that person isn't liable for his actions. You can try to rationalize abuse anyway you want. What that man did was disgusting and wrong. So its only okay to press charges when a nurse is severely injured, paralyzed or disabled? The OP should not be told to develop a "thicker skin". What she should be told is to start advocating for his or her rights.
  16. summersent

    Depressed about nursing

    Yeah but the police are allowed to defend themselves and you better believe the people who try to hurt them will get in so much trouble and possible jail time. As yes, the majority of the patients know what they are doing. They just know most of the time they won't have to deal with the consequences of assault on a nurse then if they took out their aggression on any other person.