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i am a new rn , just getting my nursing career started, live in Hampton Roads area

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  1. I just found out I am pregnant. Does anybody know what types of patients I should not be assigned to take care of?
  2. RN 4 U

    Do you think this will improve staffing?

    Yeah, someone told me that the other day as well, and that is why more patients are having their foleys removed earlier, but it is so much more than a foley that could potential cause an infection and it is about staffing, i was just thinking about that last night when i was working too short, no aid, 2 nurses wilth needy patients all night. nursing is a hard job and unfortunately there are not that many people willing to do that kind of work. It is the pt that suffers unfortunately.
  3. I am still in orientation and i feel a bit like she feels. I have been feeling out of control, almost made a med error, caught it and everything was fine.I just want to thank you for praising us new nurses even when we feel that we are out of control and failing miserably. It makes me feel good when even if i feel that i'm doing bad that someone like yourself, more experienced recognizes the things that i am doing well at and encouraging me along the way and to tell me that feeling this way is normal, but realizing that things will get better.
  4. RN 4 U

    What is the DEAL with all the group projects?

    I feel your pain. I was in an accelerated BSN program and mostly made to do a lot of darn group projects. I hated it. I had this one class, that almost made me lose it, ended up doing all of the work, informed the teacher, still really nothing was done in the end the slackers benefited from my labor. Good luck to all of those who have to do group projects, just keep looking forwarded it will all be over soon.
  5. Thank you for your input, very helpful info. I will take into consideration. I like the cheat sheet idea, and diff color ink. I will try to start using that system and i hope it will help, i keep telling myself things will get better and in 3 mo. after orientation has ended i will have my routine down and be better able to cope with the volumes of tasks that i have to accomplish in what seems such a short time. I was out of control one day that i wasn't sure i was going to make it, but i am hopeful that it will get better before it gets worse. Thank alot!
  6. Hi everyone. I am a new nurse about 2 weeks into my orientation. I am up to 2 pts a day on a 12 hr shift. I work on a stepdown unit. I am feeling sometimes out of control because there are just too much to do in such a short time. Before I complete one task something else comes up and the cycle just seems to continue. I am feeling overwhelmed a bit and I have to take some deep breaths and focus somedays. I really would appreciate some advice on how to stay in control and priotize my day more effectively with all that is going on around me.
  7. RN 4 U

    What's it like the first time you...

    Yes, I agree that you do have the right to post your comments,that was my whole point, other also the right to post their comments also. If they see it as terrifying that is how they feel, not you. It is terrrifying to someone who has never started an iv, foley, whatever because there is always a chance something could go wrong, but with practice and confidence they will eventually overcome that terrifying feeling and this is totally normal feeling.
  8. RN 4 U

    Nurses and smoking

    It is a personal choice like so many other nurses have stated, even though they are addicted they made an informed decision to become addicted, they knew that it was addicting so why start a habit you know you will have a hard time quitting. Just don't make good sense to me.
  9. RN 4 U

    Norfolk State University

    Yes, I am a new graduate, graduated this past summer and just started working recently. I'm probably going to do hospital nursing for maybe 2-3 years and move on to another area in nursing besides bedside nursing. BUt right now I"m in the learning mode and trying to feel competent after that I'm probably going to get a PRN or part time job working for a dialysis company. I've got some student loans to pay off so I know I am going to be working like a dog for the next 5 years at least and then I'll eventually slow down. Where are you at right now in your nursing?
  10. RN 4 U

    Nurses and smoking

    Personally i really do not think that is is professional to be in the healthcare field and be a smoker. It is a contradition to your profession.And please do let me see you in all whites one minute and the next minute you're outside smoking, that is a big contradition. But then,who am i to tell someone that if that is what they want to do, then so be it. They just need to realize that if they don't quit that they too might be someones patient someday.
  11. RN 4 U

    Questions for new nurses about school.

    When i started nursing school i had the same fears as you did. When taking my prerequisites i took 2 classes at a time 1 science class at a time along with an easier class. I only had to take basic algebra so that was fine. Never taken chemistry before and i was really worried so i took the Beginner class first just so that i could have some basic understanding of the subject before i took the college level chemistry course that i needed. I recommend you doing this as well, yes it will take an extra semester to complete but it is well worth it especially since you have never been exposed to chemistry before. In nursing school just remember your basic formulas for calculating dosages and you will not have a problem with the math. There are 3 different formulas for doing dosage calculation, learn only 1 way and do each and every problem the same way all the time and you will be fine. When it was all said and done i completed my program i sat back and was amazed at what i thought i could never be successfull at I had actually accomplished and you will one day feel the same way. Hope this helps!!
  12. RN 4 U

    I want a new preceptor? Help!!

    I'm sorry but you need to let your supervisor know that you are not receiving the kind of support from your preceptor that you think you need and explain to her that she is not meeting your professional needs in a professional way. You have to do this because if you don't your time will be up and you will not be prepared to be on your own. Its up to you to take charge of your own professional growth. Hope that helps!
  13. RN 4 U

    the bottlenecks of nursing

    I am sorry to say that i cannot relate to this dilemma. Where I live I had a job even before I graduated my program. They even held the job for me an extra 2 mo. This is unbelievable. I hope you find something soon. Have you considered moving if it is too hard to find work. When someone has student loans to pay off maybe its not such a bad idea to move. Many hospital even pay off your loans and pay for moving expenses. Maybe those out there having a problem could consider relocating.
  14. RN 4 U

    What's it like the first time you...

    To user (JOV) I think this is nursing forum for new and older nurses. Yes it is terrifying when you have never done it before and you are afraid of hurting someone. You keep things in perspective here. What is terrifying to others might not be terrifiying to you, but it is terrifying in the eyes of all of us new nurses.
  15. RN 4 U

    What's it like the first time you...

    I think the hardest thing abut learning to insert a foley is maintaining sterile. You have to be aware of every little thing you do to ensure that the kit stays sterile. Also when you go to insert it you have to remember that 1 hand is the dirty hand which is usually your non-dominant hand when you spread the labia majora or hold the penis and you have to let that stay in the position until the dominant hand inserts the catheter. then and only then can you let your non dominant hand go. If i were you i would practice the principles of sterile technique b/c this is the key that determines if you will pass or fail your praticum or prevent an infection to a patient in the hospital.
  16. RN 4 U

    I am scared of the IV pump!!

    Thanks that does help alot I have requested to hang every iv med that my preceptor has so I am trying to get more confident and build up my skill. I will keep that in mind. Being fresh out of school qthing is just so new, I didn't have a whole lot of experience in my program. so the little things and knowing how to operate the equipment is very important, right now i feel so incompetent but i am pushing forward. Thanks 4 the reply.