Which is harder ADN or BSN??

  1. I am confused of what route to take, I will finish the same time with both programs and financial issues is not really a big problem. I just want to know how hard it is to obtain a degree in BSN compared to ADN (2 years for both). If you took the BSN route how did u get acclimated to the transition. My boyfriend allready got accepted to both programs and he choose the LVN -> ADN route because he wanted to earn money right away. Now I am tempted to go to the ADN route after completing all of my prerequisites for my BSN but if i took the ADN route I have to take 2 more prerequisites (speech and physical education). I just need your input thnx. I just don't want to go to BSN with high expectations of graduating and flunk out at the end.
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  3. by   GracefulRN
    If you are looking for the easy road, then you have a problem. Both ADN and BSN students take the NCLEX at the end of school so their Nursing basics (pharmacology, pathophysiology, health assesment, ect) are the same. Chances are if you flunk out of one then you'll flunk out of the other. It sounds to me as if you are having some self-doubt issues. Relax, if you are committed to achieving your goals, you will. Only you can decide which path to choose, but a factor that might help you is whether you want to get an advanced degree. If you do, then my $0.02 is to go for the BSN now. Either way Good luck, you can do it.

  4. by   Spoiled1
    Go for the BSN. It will be more valuable in the long run. If you plan on going to grad school, you will need it anyway! Go for it!!
  5. by   jemommyRN
    With all things being equal, I would go for the BSN.
  6. by   shel_wny
    Every nurse I know at the LTC facility where I work tells me to go for the BSN.
    So much more opportunity in the long run and at some facilities they offer higher pay!
    You can't beat either of those.

  7. by   CarVsTree
    I don't understand why you think it will be harder to pass NCLEX if you have a BSN vs. an ADN. If you need to take additional pre-reqs for the ADN that are not needed for the BSN then I would say BSN. Higher degree for same amount of time seems like a no brainer to me.

    I chose to go for my ADN even though timewise, it would only take one additional semester for the BSN. My reasons are: much less money, although same amount of time, I would have a heavier load each semester due to addtional pre-reqs and nursing courses. I couldn't see how this would have worked for my family.

    Having completed my first semester, I'm glad I decided to go the ADN route since a heavier load would have been too hard on everyone all the way around.

    If you are not encumbered, I say go BSN.
  8. by   purplemania
    From what you described, I vote for the BSN. The courses are not "harder", there are just more of them. It will pay off down the line.
  9. by   mitchsmom
    All things equal, definitely go for the BSN.
  10. by   spunkygirl
    Check the BSN route and see if you have more of a heavier class load per semester than ADN. That may make it more difficult to study if you are stretched to thin in the BSN.

    Also check to see how many students each school takes in the beginning and how many actually make it to graduation. I think that is called how many students they retain.

    I totally understand your hesitation to go to for a BSN and work so hard for it and still not be able to make the grade. Some BSN programs are very tough and you are asking the right questions. But I do agree BSN is the way to go if you feel confident.
    Honestly ask the nursing program of the schools you are interested and they should have that info for you. I asked those same questions too.
    Hope this helps you.
  11. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from jemommy
    With all things being equal... go for the BSN.
    Sounds like the correct answer to me.
  12. by   angel337
    there is no easy route. both programs are hard and time consuming.