What skill do you practice on one another...????

  1. IV starts, Breast exams, baths, IM or sub-q injections?

    Or worse..NG's or Foleys....***shudder***

    Tell us in detail what skills you perfrom on each other!!!!!
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    1st semester we practiced assessments on eachother. Never breast exams unless someone wanted to volunteer. (Wasn't going to be me... :uhoh21: ), we practiced injections on eachother...that was about it. Everything else was on Sim Man or Medi Man...
  4. by   twinbee25
    1st semester we practiced assessments/vs on each other... also had to give a partner a bed bath and vice versa...we either worn a swimsuit or t-shirt/shorts.. reason is b/c some people aren't comfortable w/touch, and it was a way to practice such. other than that, we used a manniquin, and this semester our school just got our first sim man...we are excited about that and will get to "meet" him soon!
  5. by   sweetyjen
    We did vital signs on each other, basic physical assessments, baths, feeding, NG tubes if you volunteered and venipuncture, volunteer. The rest we practiced on mannequins.
  6. by   lunakat
    -Assessment and IM injection in 1st semster
    -IV's in 2nd semester. Actually we did I first sticks on Friday and I have a lovely bruise in the same spot today :chuckle
  7. by   AdobeRN
    We only did physical assessments and vitals on each other. In the program in the past they practiced on each other for the injections, bed baths etc. This year we have a new director and she changed things There is no way I would let another student "practice" injections or IV's on me. I don't see how the school can allow it...what would happen if someone got a serious infection/abcess etc???
  8. by   Jess-RN in 2006
    IM,SQ, and ID injections....all in one day, all in a row, lol....

    we've practiced vitals on each other, IV sticks and also venipunture......bed positioning, general stuff like that...we dont have 'skills lab' portion of class this semester, so if we learn something new, its on the floor....
  9. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from ER1010
    IV starts, Breast exams, baths, IM or sub-q injections?

    Or worse..NG's or Foleys....***shudder***

    Tell us in detail what skills you perfrom on each other!!!!!
    It's been over 30 years for me but I clearly remember being told we would be putting an NG down each other. I refused, I could not tolerate it. From what I remember out of about 30 students only 2 or 3 actually let one of us drop a tube. We did start a butterfly IV on each other. That was no big deal. I don't remember anything else we did to each other other than maybe VS. Breast exams, foleys, baths, etc I think would be a big invasion of privacy. Don't see that happening, relax.

    I just remembered......the one thing we did that has really stuck with me is that we had to feel each other a meal. It is a true eye-opening experience. Have someone feed you and see how uncomfortable it is to be so helpless.
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  10. by   Imafloat
    We only do assessments and vital signs on each other. I can't imagine doing invasive techniques on each other.
  11. by   klone
    Absolutely nothing. EVERYTHING is done on the dummies (and real patients in the clinical setting).
  12. by   Never_too_late
    Vital signs (BP, temperature (oral only ), pulse, O2 SAT)
    Breathing sounds


    in class (SQ and IM)
    in lab (SQ only, but including also microperfusor (if my translation is correct))

    I think that's about it.

  13. by   *PICURN*
    IV starts
    physical assessments
    "pretend" bed baths (fully clothed)

    everything else was done on the dummys in the lab or on real patients! (of course we had to be "checked off" as competent inserting an NG or foley on the dummy before being allowed to in clinical)
  14. by   HappyNurse2005
    assessments and vital signs. we have dummies for a reason! im paying enough money to that nursing lab that i better not have to be stuck, too. we have arms with veins and blood, dummies with appropriate orfices for sticking tubes in, fake breasts with lumps of various sizes in them (not on teh dummies, this was a set of realistic plastic breasts not attached to anything), etc etc.