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  1. twinbee25

    Best care plan book???

    I liked and used a lot Nursing Care Planning Guides authors Ulrich and Canale, 5th edition.
  2. twinbee25

    Concept Maps?

    I am surprised they didnt give you an visuals or samples. We have had to do concept maps all through nursing school. Our school at least gave us forms to follow. This last semester they added an addendum for us to do. Though hard at first, we finally got it down. I am sharing a concept map from my 3rd semester, and also a concept map with accompaning addendum from this past semester. hope this helps! p.s. I blacked out any possible identifying facts. Concept map V.F1.doc C.G. concept map1.doc C.G. addendum1.doc
  3. twinbee25

    tips studying med surg?

    Hi, what has worked for me is first memorizing certain facts (labs values, certain meds ex: digoxin, lasix, etc) then what I do b/c I am the type that has to write things out to learn/remember is I start with a blank sheet of paper and "build a patient". At the top of the paper I write first the "title" (the name of the disease or diagnosis). Then I start with patho, followed by signs/symptoms, followed by assessments, nursing interventions, and include other pertinent details such as diagnostics that would be expected, labs to watch for etc. I box each section, sometimes making squiggly lines instead of straight lined boxes. Also I use different ink color for certain items, such as the interventions or meds expected. Give it a try and find what works best for you. If I include the main/important things on my "build a patient", then all I have is one sheet of paper to review over when studying. good luck!
  4. twinbee25

    do you know about these books?

    Hi, Does anyone know about these books? Or have used them? If so, how did it help/not help you? (as a nursing student) - Winningham and Preusser's Critical Thinking in Medical-Surgical Settings: A Case Study Approach/Barbara A. Preusser - Strategies, Techniques, and Approaches to Thinking: Critical Thinking Cases in Nursing/Sandra Luz Castillo - Nursing Process and Critical Thinking/Judith M. Wilkinson - Critical Thinking in Nursing: A Cognitive Skills Workbook/Saundra K. Lipe, Sharon Beasley thanks! twinbee
  5. twinbee25

    applied for CNA job...and now a credit check?

    To clarify....it is credit card debt that has ruined my credit. I had to max out a card to get a new engine for my car (only way I had to pay for it), and then could not afford to keep up even minimum payments...this happened about 2yrs ago. and it is the same with about 4 credit cards...however I have kept one credit card good. also she had said that after the background check came back, she would call me back and discuss a start date. so... wait and see. hoping I hear something by friday. thanks for all your replies. :)
  6. Hi, I am about to finish my 2nd semester of the ADN program here in Texas. I have applied for a summer CNA position. The lady just called me and asked if I was still interested in the position, and I said definitely! She then tells me they will start the background check and that takes about 48hrs. I am not worried about a criminal background check...but they will do a credit check also. I had fair credit before going back to school, but since school, my credit has gone south b/c of strained finances that go along with being a single mom/fulltime student. I really need this summer job!!! Can a hospital not hire you b/c of bad credit? Any advice/encouragement is greatly appreciated!!! I am unable to sleep due to various stress factors in my life right now....and now I have to wait 48hrs before I know if I get the job or not!!??!! anyone else been in this situation before? if so, how did it turn out? thanks!
  7. twinbee25


    this site really helped me understand it well. also provides some practice links. Just scroll down the frame and click on "ABGs". http://realnurseed.com/
  8. twinbee25

    Mixing Insulins question

    Hi, I am a 2nd semester ADN student, and last week during clinicals was my 1st time to mix insulins. I was to mix regular insulin (10units), and Novalog (15units). Well I did everything correctly ...clear to cloudy... then when I was withdrawing the needle out of the Novalog, my thumb bumped the plunger of the syringe and 2 units of the mixed insulin went into the vial of the Novalog. My instructor was there with me. ..now, what to do? We had the charge nurse come, and she said since the Novalog vial was full, it would be ok and that 2 units of the mixed solution wouldnt hurt and to go ahead and draw back up the 2 units of Novalog. Later I asked my instructor about that, and she said she would have wasted the Novalog and started over. So I am curious as to what other nurses do when something like this happens. Please keep in mind, this was my 1st time mixing insulins, and its a "mechanics" thing going on. In post-conference, another student who gives self-injections, said she always set the vial down first before taking out the needle. So I will remember that next time, as I was still holding the vial/syringe upside down. So again, my question is what do/would you do if this happened to you?
  9. twinbee25

    5 month old NG tube.

    hi, sorry I dont know the answer to your question, (I'm a nursing student), but from what little I know I am thinking it may be listed in the MAR or a procedure handbook. I am sure someone more in-the-know will be able to answer soon. :)
  10. twinbee25

    Therapeutic Communication

    Hi, I once thought the same also. When I took the communication class (prereq), I couldnt see the point of it and thought "noone talks like this!" You will (mostly) see the point of it once you have your psych rotation, and also it is tested on throughout the nursing program. So be sure to learn it now, will make it easier later on. ...and as I have found out, people do talk like that. :)
  11. Hi Ginelle! The first week (or two) of your first semester involves LOTS of orientation. I will never forget my first day (in my 2nd semester now). Half way through, an instructor tells us, "Its alright, go ahead and take a deep breath"! :chuckle At the time I wondered how I would ever survive the next 2 years, much less that semester! but I have If you want to continue the good grades, expect not to have a life during NS. Those that do, it shows in their grades. When you are overwhelmed at how much reading is expected in a 2wk time frame, and you think there is no way on this side of heaven it can be accomplished, figure out how many pages/chapters need to be read each day to accomplish that, keeping in mind the time you will spend on clinical paperwork and other things such as normal day-to-day tasks. Never be afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly it may sound to you. Someone else may be thinking the same question but afraid to ask b/c it sounds silly. Its YOUR grade on the line and if you dont understand it, then "tsk tsk" for not asking! :) So thats a few things you can expect starting NS. Just remember many many others have survived NS also (that thought kept me going plenty in the beginning!) Good luck to you and keep us posted as you progress!
  12. twinbee25

    Careplan Assessment Help

    nursing student here who also gets it out of order sometimes, but going to give it a try! :) 1. Pain (we have always been told pain is a priority) 2. Impaired physical mobility 3. Diarrhea (tough choice to me as to #2 and #3, but I am thinking that impaired physical mobility can lead to pressure ulcers, while diarrhea can be medicated ?) 4. Anxiety hope this helps and that you get it in time! :) any other opinions?
  13. twinbee25

    What is Considered Passing at Your School??

    70% in theory Clinicals are graded from 0-4, with 4 being an A, and must have a C to pass (3.6 -4 is an A)
  14. twinbee25

    So much info, So LITTLE Time!!!

    hi, you have done your prereqs, you have been accepted!! Congrats!! :) believe it or not, you are ready! I had no prior medical experience whatsoever either when I decided on nursing, so I can relate (as I am sure so many others can also) to how you feel. Just relax and remember to breathe! :) It is overwhelming, especially in the beginning, but take one day at a time, and be organized. Oh and be organized! LOL (did I say that already?) You will do fine. I have 6wks left in my 2nd semester (ADN), and it has amazed me how far I have come already...and I can see that light at the end! :) Good Luck!
  15. twinbee25

    Issues with school

    the most exhausting thing to me is the AMOUNT of study/homework required in such a short time in order to pass!
  16. twinbee25

    Who's Who in American Jr Colleges

    Congrats to all who receive this! This is a major recognition and something to be proud of! I received this a year ago while still in pre-reqs. I didnt buy the book, but some other students did, and they showed me my name in the book. I simply couldnt afford it. I did end up going to the website, and I purchased a paperweight. (the cheapest thing LOL) So be proud of your accomplishment on this and get something (even if a paperweight) that will be a memorable item for you! :)