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Right now 76% is passing. I guess next semester they are bumping it up to 80%. Scary- eek!... Read More

  1. by   jov
    Quote from land64shark
    Passing grade is 80% at my school. They tell us that is why the school's nclex pass rate is higher than other surrounding schools with lower grading scales. I can see where that makes sense, but it sure makes for a lot of failing students.
    our pass rate is 77% and our NCLEX has been 100% for the past two years. So their "theory" is not substantiated by fact.
  2. by   SamHill
    75 to pass. Last class NCLEX was 100%.
  3. by   soko2002
    Our school requires and 80% to pass. Extra credit is offered but you are not allowed to use extra credit to pass. It only can be used if you are at or above 80%. An A or 4.0 is 96-100 so extra credit is vital to getting an A especially when the class is only out of 150-200 points. You cannot miss hardly any questions on exams.
  4. by   StudentNurseSteph
    83% is our passing percentile
  5. by   amyk_ncsu
    77% which is the lowest C grade
  6. by   mixyRN
    78% for liberal arts & sciences and 75% for nursing courses.
    NCLEX pass rate 95%
  7. by   allthingsbright
    Ours is 75% no rounding, but they just bumped it up to 80% for incoming freshman.

    Than includes finals-it doesnt matter what grade you have going into finals, if you dont get a 75 or above ON THE FINAL then you have failed the class.
  8. by   suznan
    It's 76% in the program that I am in . So far we have one that may not be able to progress to the next semester. We did lose some in the LPN program last year.

  9. by   Glimmer
    We are also one of the schools that is 76%. My understanding is that they will round your grade up at the end of the semester. We will see though...

    BTW... We have a pretty good pass rate... and this is also the first semester that they have done the NET so hopefully we hold more students!
  10. by   sephinroth
    ours is 83% in major subjects, 80% in minor, 81% qualifying GPA for next enrolment.

    But the formula my school uses is Score / Total no of items x 50 + 50.

    Any opinions on this?
  11. by   SmetRN2008
    78% is passing at my school. All our exams are 50 questions and you can't miss more than 3 to get an A (94-100 is an A).
  12. by   BBswan
    At my school, regular nursing classes are 94 for an A, 87 for a B, and 80% to pass with a C, no rounding. In skill casses and math classes, the scale is 96 for an A, 91 for a B, and 85 to pass with a C, again, no rounding up. During all the classes in the LPN and RN programs, I only remember 1 extra credit assignment, and that was in a 1 hour diet class.
    This scale did not bother me until someone mentioned recently that they loss out on a scolarship because they only had a 3.44 GPA and they needed a 3.5.
  13. by   RNfromMN
    Ours is 76% to pass...for the next few weeks. Apparently, our NCLEX pass rate isn't the greatest, so next semester they're changing our pass rate to 78% for all nursing classes.