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  1. SmetRN2008

    OMG!!!I'm in total shock!!!!

    Thank you everyone!! As you can see I already changed my name....no longer RN2BE!! :) Good luck to everyone still waiting to take it or waiting for results!
  2. SmetRN2008

    I Am A Registered Nurse!!!

    CONGRATS!!! I know how you're feeling right now! I just found out I passed too!! Best feeling in the world isn't it??!!
  3. SmetRN2008

    OMG!!!I'm in total shock!!!!

    I just checked PearsonVUE and I PASSSED!!!! :yeah: I'm SO happy right now!! I can't believe I'm officially a RN!!
  4. SmetRN2008

    NCLEX-RN on 07/14...results

    CONGRATS RN!!! I took mine yesterday too and only got 75. I've been checking my state's BON site all day but nothing . Guess I'm going to just have to wait until tomorrow morning to check pearsonvue. Hopefully I get good news like you :) Congrats again!
  5. SmetRN2008

    NCLEX RN tomorrow at 8 am...help!!!

    Good luck :nuke:
  6. SmetRN2008

    Just took the NCLEX!!!!!

    I feel the same exact way you do!! I took NCLEX yesterday...got 75 ?'s and like you ALOT of SATA. I also got tons of infection control, prioritizing, and teaching, only 5-6 med questions, no math, quite a few peds, and 1 OB. I'm a good test taker. I graduated top of my class and scored a 99% of passing the first time on the ATI comp predictor. But the NCLEX made me feel like the dumbest person on the planet!! I have NO idea how I did and I'm SO scared to get my results tomorrow. I'll be praying for both of us...good luck!
  7. SmetRN2008

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    I'm in the same exact boat. I also took mine today and got 75. I'm feeling so bummed right now because I'm like you...I have absolutely NO idea how I did. I had probably 20-25 SATA, lots of teaching, prioritizing and infection control, no math, maybe 5-7 med questions, quite a few peds, and 1 OB. I came home a took a LONG nap because I was completely brain dead. These next two days will be torture. I will pray for both of us :)
  8. SmetRN2008

    Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    1. How many questions did you take on NCLEX? 75 2. What study materials did you use? Did you take a test review course? Saunders 3rd ed & Kaplan strategy book 3. Did your SON offer any testing (ERI, ATI, HESI)? ATI, which I did very good on all of them 4. How long did you wait for results of the test, or are you still waiting? Just took it today (7/14) so still waiting....and praying! 5. What were your thoughts coming out of the test (total disbelief, certainty you had failed, confident you had passed)? I feel like I didn't do as well as I would have liked....I'm not going to say I'm certain I failed or I am certain I passed 6. Was this your first attempt at NCLEX? Yes
  9. SmetRN2008

    Took NCLEX-RN today...stopped @ 75!!

    I'm not sure how to feel right now. I don't feel like I did well. There were few that I was 100% sure of the answer. Other than that the others were just my best educated guess. I had alot of infection control, teaching, prioritizing, maybe 5-7 med questions, probably 20-25 SATA if not more, no dosage calculations/math, quite a few peds questions, and only 1 OB. I feel completely brain dead right now! The next two days will be the longest two days ever waiting for my results. I'm just hoping and praying that I passed!
  10. SmetRN2008

    Taking NCLEX-RN in 7 days!! Freaking out!!

  11. SmetRN2008

    How easy is it to change specialties?

    I don't have an answer to your question but I'm in the same boat. I'm starting out in med-surg and I know it's not my calling either. I eventually would like to move into OB, but where I'm from they don't hire new grads in OB so I'm getting a year in of med-surg and moving on.
  12. I wasn't really nervous until now. I graduated May 14...started orientation at my job June 2 and have been working since so I haven't had all the time in the world to study. I've been doing some practice questions. I haven't kept track but I would say I've done close to 1000. I graduated as valedictorian of my class and scored an 86% on the ATI comp predictor which gave me a 99% chance of passing the first time. I bought the kaplan blue book and did the test on the CD-ROM and scored a 78%. I'm working on the one in the book now. Do you all think I'll be ok? Any advice on things I may want to focus on this last week? Any advice or reassurance is very much appreciated. Thanks!!!
  13. SmetRN2008

    Kaplan NCLEX-RN Strategy Practice Exam

    I just bought the Kaplan blue book 2008-2009 edition. I just completed the 180 question practice test on the CD-ROM and scored a 78%. Would you say that it good? I'm curious to know what others scored also.
  14. SmetRN2008

    Should I Reschedule???

    Thank you for your reply futurecnm! I do have the saunders book w/ the CD and I also just ordered the kaplan book today. I plan on using those two. I started doing questions yesterday and plan on doing 50-100 during the week and more on the weekends (200+) and also reviewing certain areas I feel weak in. My test is now July 14th so I have over a month. I acutally feel less anxious now that I know I have more time to prepare. I didn't feel like I could do it in only 2 weeks....the thought of that just sent me into a panic! Congrats on passing...I hope I will too :)
  15. SmetRN2008

    Should I Reschedule???

    Thank you for you reply Suzanne! I just rescheduled for July 14. That gives me over a month instead of two weeks and since I'm done with my orientation on the 27th, I will have 2 weeks to focus only on studying which I'm sure will make a huge difference. *sigh* I feel a little better now...still nervous, but not so pressed for time.