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I will be taking NUR 110 fundamentals of nursing I & NUR 115intro to pharmacology. 8 hours total.:)... Read More

  1. by   LauraF, RN
    This summer I am taking : Comp 101 I can't find it, but I do have on my transcript comp II, so who knows, Health Assessment, and LPN articulation. I have two routes for fall: personal finance, caring for disable child, and pharmacology, or drop the personal finance and taking Mental Health Nursing. Still up in the air. I don't even know when I'll get an answer to that one either.
  2. by   angelac1978
    I'll be taking:

    X-ray physics 1
    Intro to Rad Technology
    Positioning and Procedures 1
    Exposures and Film Critique 1

    I don't get to start clinicals until my second semester.

  3. by   blue eyes
    I'll be doing nur1102 nursing practice 2, nur1202 legal issues in nursing, nur1302 science in nursing 2 and nur1402 psychosocial studies 2.
  4. by   camiluvsNURSING
    Chemistry, Statistics and Spanish
  5. by   canadiangal
    i'm starting my first semester in sept....i'll be taking: Nursing Practice, Health Styles, Nurse's Work, Self Awareness, and A & P. Really hoping that i'll manage it all...but obviously excited to finally be getting into it
  6. by   mariedoreen
    Quote from bogeydog
    Ya ready for this? This is the fall semester for Seton Hall's accelerated program.
    Intro to professional nursing , Legal aspects of nursing, pathophysiology, health assessment,culture and health, pharmacology, Gerontological nursing, and to wrap up the fall semester, Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!! dying with dignity. 18 credits in all. If it doesn't kill me I should at least be babbling to myself in a corner by January.

    LOL, dying with dignity? With that kind of load, you'll be a pro at that without the class! You doing clinicals on top of all this too?!

    For me: Nursing fundamentals (9 credits) and a stupid speech class because this college insists I take Speech 219... the Speech 218 I took for the other college's nursing program is just not good enough! :angryfire

    Oh, hey, no I'm not bitter. :chuckle
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  7. by   FutureNurse2005
    English and Chemistry 2
  8. by   fnimat1
    LOLOLOL.....that is funny....you have a great sense of humor.

  9. by   fnimat1
    If it doesn't kill me I should at least be babbling to myself in a corner by January.


    Bogeydog.....the above post is to you....lol

  10. by   fnimat1
    Wow....I can't believe I'm officially a nursing student.... I registered for Microbiology (4 cr.) and Pharmacology (3cr.) during early registration. My Nursing 107 (6 cr.) consists of 4 classes...Lecture, Laboratory, Tutorial and Clinical. These happen one day a week. And I have to take Medical Mathematics (1 cr.) as a co-requisite. I'm starting to think that taking 14 credits is a bit much for a first semester nursing student. What do you all think? Maybe I should drop Pharmacology until the second semester. I don't have any other courses to take being that I've taken all of my pre-req's...maybe I should just take a P.E. course or something, so I won't fall under full-time status.

  11. by   Achoo!
    CNA, A&P II and Developmental Psych.
  12. by   studentdeb
    Health Assessment/Clinical Reasoning with Lab
    Basic Nursing Concepts with lab and clinicals

    10 credits total
  13. by   mitchsmom
    I will be taking some kind of intro class (new this year; this is my second year but this class replaces other classes that I would have taken...sort of hard to explain)... the clinical part will reinforce the Assessment class that I took last fall as a part-timer (the new students will be taking it concurrently). Clear?
    I am also taking a distance Lactation class for my nursing elective.
    I may take Forensic Psychology (which I am interested in, but it won't count for my degree) so that I can have enough credits at my school to get financial aid, or a class that actually counts toward my degree if my advisor will put me in over the limit. Or I may just take the two and try to make it till January on what I've got leftover from this year.