What do you use to carry books?

  1. I was trying to decide if I should get a backpack for my textbooks.I want to avoid back strain as much as possible. Does anybody use longaberger large boardwalk baskets?The rolling backpacks are not my style.What do you use?
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    I have always just used a shoulder bag so that I can switch from one side to the other. I carry the minimum amount of books needed and then go to my car to switch if I have to.
  4. by   Dublin37
    I have a lot of lower back pain so i had to go to the roller ones. not attractive, but they are GREAT. I have tons of L. bsk at home and used to carry the purse, but even that bothered my back so i had to go to a lighter purse even! Heather
  5. by   FutureNurse2005
    i'll be investing in a roller one! I dont care how it looks, lol, its going to save me some back aches!
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    A backpack on wheels.
  7. by   unknown99
    A roller backpack got me through the RN program!!! Those books are way heavy!!!
  8. by   nursepearl
    Roller backpack was also the way i went. It saved my back and I got to dress it up in Pins that show my personality.
  9. by   Berta
    I have a Eastpak rolling backpack. I love it!!! I think I paid $45. However, it doesn't go to class with me. I just bring a pen, paper and sometimes my tape recorder. I use the backpack when I go to the library to do work. It contains everything I need for the day.

    Originally, I started hauling everything to my nursing class. However, we never referred to our books during lecture. So it was a waste of time and energy. As the semester went on, the only thing I really needed was a pen and a highlighter. Or if I wasn't to awake, my tape recorder. We actually receive a packet of notes at each class. I just jot down additional notes. I beleive a lot of schools do this also.

    If you are taking other classes during the day, a rolling backpack is the way to go if you have to lug books.
  10. by   rjflyn
    My hands when I actually had to buy a book for a class. Come to think of it the only one we really needed was psych nursing as the questions were directly from the book,all others came from lecture- ask students from the previous classes, can save alot of money. In a 2 year ADN it came to almost $1000.

  11. by   shel_wny
    I carry a regular Jansport backpack with nice padded straps. Lots of pockets for all my stuff and I find myself rarely needing to bring my actual textbook as all reading is done at home. Any reference books that I might need to bring I just carry in my hands - it sort of balances out the back!

  12. by   Sheri257
    I got tired of the roller backpacks breaking all the time so I bought a roller suitcase ...

    People make fun of it, but I don't care. I beat those things up so much, a suitcase seems to be the only thing that lasts.

    More room for books too ...

  13. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    I use a Kelty backpack with padded straps. I don't usually need to bring the big textbooks as we don't use them during class. The backpack is great for clinics because I can pack an extra change of clothes, a padded cooler for lunch, and some reference books.
  14. by   Rhoresmith
    I use a backpack with wheels, we refer to our books and I highlight them, and take notes. Plus we get tons of handouts and I use a 3 ring binder to keep those in so I have everything I need with me. Backpack was 45 bucks and has made it through 2 semsesters but will have to get another one, finding one big enough is the problem we use one book that is about 6 inches thick and the other one is a two volume text that is about 8 inches thick so with a 3 ring binder it has to be BIG
    I figure that at my age my back is bad enough and don't want to make it worse before I even get out of school