Were you prepared

  1. Hello Nursing Students,

    I'm not in aprogram yet I'm still in the pre-req phase of things but I have a question. Once you start nursing school, did you feel prepared? I mean I've taken Chem, A&P,Stats, etc. and I really don't know how this has prepared me for nursing school or what to expect. I guess I just don't feel prepared. Did anyone have this feeling of being ill-prepared? I will be appling for next fall and i'm worried.
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  3. by   jov
    was I prepared?
    heck no.
    just stay on the escalator and don't get off.
  4. by   moongirl
    ha! no way.
  5. by   marilynmom
    I felt prepared.
  6. by   I RN A
    I thought that I was prepared. In reality I wasn't. NS is completely different than anything else. You can't possibly prepare for this unique experience. I agree with jov: Just stay on the escalator and don't get off.This pretty much spells it out.
  7. by   RN BSN 2009
    Make sure that you don't allow too much time to elapse between all these classes so that you don't lose the information!
  8. by   MySimplePlan
    Yes, I was very well prepared, and the majority of my classmates seemed prepared as well. You will be, too.

    All the above info is great....work hard right off the bat and don't fall behind on the reading. Read the material BEFORE lecture, and use your weekends for lots of studying.

    Leaves some time for allnurses.com....the resources here are endless.
  9. by   michar
    I feel I was prepared with my information base.

    In all other ways no. I don't know about other programs, but ours is not at all like taking other classes. I also don't think that there is anything I could have done to be more prepared.

    I jumped in with both feet and just tried not to drown until I felt in a little more control.
  10. by   JentheRN05
    Honestly, I don't think ANYTHING can truly prepare you for the trials and tribulations of nursing school. Anyone that says they were fully prepared, I think must be a little screwy in the head. j/k. I really don't think anything can make you truly prepared though. It is unlike anything you have encountered before. But obviously it is doable or so many of us wouldn't be nurses right now.
  11. by   NaomieRN
    I was prepared for nursing school. I think by really have a good understanding in Anatomy 1 & 2, intro to psychology, developmental, math and sociology really helped me. In the past few weeks, we did psychosocial, mobility, exercise, I was able to grasp the information and not have to spend hours to comprehend. For example, in Developmental Psy, I learned Erickson's Developmental Theory, on my last exam there was a question in regard to integrity versus despair, I had already learned that.
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  12. by   RNfromMN
    Silly me! I seriously never thought I'd have to use A&P or Micro once I got into the program. I never thought about the classes again once I passed them...I honest to God thought that taking them was just something they made us do - I don't know - to get more tuition out of us, or something.

    So was I prepared? No. Definitely not as much as I could have been. And with every unit we cover in the program now, I have to re-learn the A&P part:smackingf
  13. by   heather2084
    If you learn your A&P, learn some of your psych and micro, you should be fine. I don't really recall using my other classes maybe besides english to write papers, but the rest is just things you have to take to fulfill the state requirements for your degree. The only pre-req that I took that really meant anything to me was Patho, and I realise that not all programs may have that as a pre-req. If you have an understanding of patho, you'll be that much ahead of trying to learn it in class. Oh, and nutrition as well, but I didn't pay attention in there :-P
  14. by   dontknowwhen
    Thanks for all the replies. I understand what you all are saying when you say that nothing can REALLY prepare you because its unlike anything I have ever done. I just kind of meant in regards to my classes i'm taking now. I don't feel prepared with my A&P classes and I am scared how this will affect me as a nursing student in the future.

    If you didn't get the most out of A&P, how have you been affected as a nursing student? How have you survived?