Weird habits you've picked up since starting Nursing school - page 5

A few of mine: Checking the expiration date on EVERYTHING. Evaluating everyone I meet for IV placement. Laying out every utensil I need before cooking. Watching every person I see with a cane to... Read More

  1. by   TraumaGirl1018
    Mine has to be that I've become a hypochondriac! Every headache I have is a bleeding aneurysm, each leg cramp (even though Im a runner) is a DVT, you get the idea!
  2. by   fleur-de-lis
    I check my husband's pedal pulses. Drives him nuts. I also critique the medical shows which really gets him going! (Honey - it's just a SHOW!!!) I do visual head-to-toe's when I am waiting in line at the store. (Ooh, pursed lip breathing - COPD!!!)

    Oh, and I have recently started talking to my hubby on the phone using the SBAR technique. (This is your wife. I noticed that the air condition on my 2007 Saturn is not blowing as cold as it should be. I recommend having a coolant level checked...I swear he thought I'd lost it!)
  3. by   shellsgogreen
    lol, this thread is great - i hadn't realized i do half of these things!

    added to some of them, i know i write in medical shorthand in places where people have absolutely no idea what the heck i'm talking about

    and when i'm watching medical shows, i yell out the answers - and get excited when i'm right - which annoys
  4. by   frez
    some of the things I have started doing is assessing people when they tell my they have a headache , cut , etc...
    I automatically start asking location, duration, etc. questions lol
  5. by   nursing twin
    I have started using therapeutic technique on friends and my BF. "that must be hard for you". "it sounds like you are upset about blah blah". I figure that wow I could have learned these skills earlier to communicate with everyone! When I hear someone talking about a health related problem I usually ask more questions to see if I can help them get to a solution. After nutrition class I eat alot more fiber...only wheat bread is in my house now. I can talk about the most grossest things and still eat my lunch. Everytime I get tipsey, I somehow end up talking about something nursing related.
  6. by   tattooednursie
    I have a habit of diagniosng myself . . . . even though thats not in a nurses duties to create a medical diagnosis. . . i do it anyway (to myself) I tell everyone else to see a doctor.
  7. by   elisabeth
    Have you all seen this cute Student Nurse shirt? I start school in August, but from what you all are saying, the shirt is true as true can be!


    I think the pic will be bigger if you click on it.
  8. by   2bnurseforce1
    I am guilty for check expiration dates on everything. I have it so bad i went to cook something for my husband the other day and i went in the freezer and i started checking the date from the tyson meat. well they all said dec. 07 so i started throwing everything out until i realized that this is the year 2007. I was so embarrassed. I also tell my family about all the germs that are out there. I also have a real bad habit with sanitizer.
  9. by   RNDreamer
    where can I get this shirt?

    Quote from elisabeth
    Have you all seen this cute Student Nurse shirt? I start school in August, but from what you all are saying, the shirt is true as true can be!


    I think the pic will be bigger if you click on it.
  10. by   Msnurselaura
    OMG that is soooo funny!!!!
  11. by   sister--*
    In addition to so many of the mentioned protective measures I've gone to always carrying 7 paperclips in my pocket. It used to be 5 until I ran short. OH NO!

    Our admission, dismissal, and change of status paperwork comes down in piles of hodge-podge for each task...some pt. information, some assessments, some pt. history. It's like Yours, Mine, and Ours. In order to organize the tasks I paperclip each group separately and work from there.

    It gives me a little sense of control. Sad, oh so sad!
  12. by   elisabeth
    You can find the shirt here.

    And just in case anyone things I'm selling these things, I have nothing to do with this website. I do childcare until school starts. I just though the shirt was cute and wanted to share.
  13. by   samanthastarr
    I do the whole don't touch things in public, and I don't like to touch my food either, even if I did a full 1-minute hand washing. I also check the expiration date on EVERYTIHNG, if anyone I know uses the bathroom I make it a point to ask them if they washed their hands, and I'll still avoid touching them because you don't know how WELL they washed. But I've always been a bit of a germaphobe, even before staring nursing school, now I'm just WORSE. My classmates actually make fun of me for it. I suppose I'm a little extreme, though to me it's mostly normal. At least these things (including other stuff not listed) do not take up more than an hour of my time during the day.