Was I being mean-by not handing over all my notes??????

  1. One of my classmates came to me about a week and a half ago and asked for my phone #, she stated that she had a question to ask me?

    (A little background, this is a girl who doesn't speak to me. In the past she's asked to see my notes right before exams.)

    Anyway she calls me today (finals are tomorrow) and asks if she can have all my notes sent to her email so she can study them (I type all of my lecture notes). She said she has anemia and been sleeping all the time (I noticed her sleeping in class). After thinking about, I sad no. If she wanted to study w/me or have me help her with a area that she was having difficulty, I would have done it. But to just hand over my notes, my work so she can have "cliff-notes" to the class, NO. I am sorry.

    But was that mean?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    She might think you were being mean, but I don't. If she were really having physical problems and needed help she should have approached you at the beginning of school and made an arrangement with you that was agreeable to both. A day or two before the final? Too late in my book. Unless you wanted to place a high price on your work and make sure she paid you in cash before handing over the notes. And no, I don't think it is unethical to sell notes. At one of my schools, students sold their notes as part of a package with the used textbooks all the time and nobody criticized the practice.
  4. by   bethin
    No. If she was having health problems she should have went to the instructor and explained this or asked earlier. I have health problems and I have never asked another student for their notes.

    Years ago I was studying pre-law. One of my classmates asked me if she could make copies of my notes, which were all arranged in chronological order in a 3 ring binder with tabs - I'm very organized. I said sure, as long as she had it back to me the next day. Never got it back. That is what I needed to study for the final. She's also the one who would remove all the law textbooks from the library and move them to a secret location so no one else could study. I caught her once at 2 am doing this - I guess she thought no one would be there at that time.

    So no, you're not being mean. You own your notes, not anyone else.
  5. by   RNMom2010
    That is not mean!! You worked hard for those notes and she had plenty of time to get together with you to study if she was having health problems. I joke with my co-worker that I will buy her notes from her and, even though joking, I get the "No way in hell" look haha!!
  6. by   nphan2
    I don't think you were mean. I mean, think about it, all the hard work that you had to put into typing up those notes on the computer and everything, and she thinks that just because it's already in computer format, u wouldn't mind sending it to her? What about all your hard work and everything? She shouldn't have put off everything to the last minute. She's anemic? Well, H*** so am I.. I still do my own notes and everything. The only way I would ever ask for someone notes is if I had to miss a day, and I would make sure to tell them to never hesitate to ask me for mines either if they had to miss... just make sure that we don't miss the same day!.. haha..
  7. by   NicoleERRN
    Besides reading the books on your own, your notes are how YOU learned the material, this is all YOUR hard work, and this will be your nursing license... I'm sorry that she was sick , but it is hard enough to get through school by yourself.. you should not be responsible for another person as well..

    I do not think you were being mean, if she truly needed help studying maybe she could have buddied up with you, ( or at least talked to you one time) before the final.... IMHO she is up a creek without a paddle

    Congrats to you for standing your ground.. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Absolutely not. I would have done the same thing.
  9. by   Eirene
    i'm the black sheep here, but i would have emailed her the notes.

    life happens and nursing school is hard enough. if someone needs help, i try to help, period. i might need the favor returned someday.

    just my $.02.
  10. by   Jules A
    Wow, I am always disappointed when these threads show up. What is the big deal? As stated earlier taking the notes and typing them up is the biggest part of learning so helping another student by emailing them an attachment with your notes shouldn't be a problem especially because she has a health issue that we know can cause fatigue. My class shares notes, textbooks, study hints etc. all the time. I share with students that aren't my favorite but so what? Its not taking anything away from my grade. Lighten up and remember that there may come a time when you need someone to cut you some slack. Your school experience should also be about learning to work with others and participating as part of a team.
  11. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    I don't think you were being mean, but I would have sent her the notes. They would not have been as helpful to her because she slept during class and she didn't type the notes herself. Although, I probably would not have offered to meet you her as you stated.
  12. by   missgigius
    I sent her some not all of my notes. It was definitely against my better judgement but I did it.
  13. by   Eirene
    Quote from missgigius
    i sent her some not all of my notes. it was definitely against my better judgement but i did it.
    and karma will come back two-fold.

    good for you.
  14. by   squirtle
    I don't think you are mean for not sending her your notes... that is your decision to make. Personally, I would have sent them to her but I would not have suggested studying along with her as you mentioned. She ovbiously isn't on the level you are as far as being prepared for the exam so the time would be spent on catching her up. I would only offer to do that if I felt I was 100% prepared and wouldn't be hurt by losing my personal study time. Sending her your notes isn't going to give her an easy grade on the exam. Being in class, reading the text and typing out the information is what is going to benefit the most.