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  1. NicoleERRN

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    There are soo many I can't even begin to describe some of my "favs" ps. these are not always patients! Vomiked = vomited striatika = sciatic nerve pain?> leevakwine = Levaquin? nebalizer = Nebulizer akidosis = Acidosis ? top fav >>> ALBROOTERAL = Albuteral Nebs !! Gotta Love IT!!! Thanks for the laughs!!
  2. NicoleERRN

    Just Another Code

  3. NicoleERRN

    They called the cops!

    OverKill!! all i can think of is how i would do that to this person when they are a no call no show... hee hee hee jk.
  4. NicoleERRN

    Most Embarassing Nursing Moments

    Newbie in the ER go to take a pt up to the unit. coming back down , back the cart into the elevator ER tech with me,., hear a voice .. "are you expericing trouble" ? i am confused> he says " no , she dialed the operator with her butt" ! :imbar OH now i get it!! elevator help desk turned on by my rear!! which is not THAT large mind you !!@ hahaha !
  5. NicoleERRN

    Dogs 4 Diabetics

    That is absolutely amazing.. I am so impressed by these things, Thank you for the info!!:angel2:
  6. NicoleERRN

    bereavement policy?

    I am truly sorry about your grandma. As far as bereavement pay .. my grandma was brought to my ER as a full arrest on the only day i was not working, I dont remember much but i had the next three days off on my schedule anyways and when i returned to work I noticed on my next check they had put me down for 2 full days of bereavement pay as well . I had no idea and thanked my manager, I guess it is all what place you work for. Take care in your time of need, Wishing you and your family peace Nicole:angel2:
  7. NicoleERRN

    Need Help with Blood Administration

    I always try and do what I am taught... I prime with NS first ...that said my main reason for priming with NS is b/c I put all my blood on a pump and the tubing is really difficult to prime with blood! when i was on orientation my nurse primed with blood and air ended up in her line and it was a big pain and wasted some blood... i would rather drip out some NS and save all the blood when priming.. then i can also infuse NS to make sure i have a good line! Just check your policy and procedures to make sure you are compliant. Awesome question! :spin:
  8. NicoleERRN

    Nurses that just "pass the buck".

    (Hmmmm! Me thinks that butt paste would taste pretty yucky and be damn difficult to swallow!) ROFLMAO :rotfl: that said: I am truly sorry that these things are an issue Good Luck in trying to remedy the situation
  9. NicoleERRN

    Rhinestone RN Video-parody of Rhinestone Cowboy song

    HILARIOUS !!!! how would you chart "hog tied in hallway" for restraints?? VERY FUNNY THANK YOU !:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
  10. NicoleERRN

    How did you hear about allnurses.com?

    The almighty GOOGLE hee hee i was looking for nurses shoes and there it was.. hooked ever since THANK YOU!!!!!
  11. NicoleERRN

    charting sleep question

    I always chart "pt sleeping easily arousable to ect ect resp equal and nonlabored :spin:. no c/o at this time..no distress at this time ect ect. That way they know you are assessing your pt. Also if there was a specific reason they came in for (this is ER mind you) ie SOB CP i will chart that and also pt denies such and such at this time. Hope that helps !!
  12. NicoleERRN

    Was I being mean-by not handing over all my notes??????

    Besides reading the books on your own, your notes are how YOU learned the material, this is all YOUR hard work, and this will be your nursing license... I'm sorry that she was sick , but it is hard enough to get through school by yourself.. you should not be responsible for another person as well.. I do not think you were being mean, if she truly needed help studying maybe she could have buddied up with you, ( or at least talked to you one time) before the final.... IMHO she is up a creek without a paddle Congrats to you for standing your ground.. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!:balloons:
  13. NicoleERRN

    What Was the DUMBEST Request Made By A Patient?

  14. NicoleERRN

    What Was the DUMBEST Request Made By A Patient?

    This is not really dumb.. but really cute I had a LOL who had fell and fractured her hip.. she was a hold in the ER and as I was passing her meds she asked me if I would go to her house and feed her cat b/c she was in the hospital and he would be hungry!! Later on she wrote her address down and stuck it in my pocket.:paw: Her Daughter tells me when she gets there... Mom does not have any animals...never did I smiled all night :angel2:
  15. NicoleERRN

    What Patients do to make you mad!

    These things don't really make me angry... but frustrates the heck outta me.. 4 Things 1: patients who consistently take themselves off of every monitor i have put them on... 5-6 times again and again!!!! They are there for a reason!!:angryfire 2: Patients who tell me one story then Resident another than Attending another....GRRR !!:angryfire 3: Parents who bring in 3-4 kids all at once (to the ER) for N/V/D and they are eating Flamin Hots and drinking pop running around terrorizing the ER... and mom has a vaginal bleeding problem!!!! :angryfire 4: Patients who come in at 1:00 am for random complaint..not emergent at all.. (stubbed toe) and then complain after 10 mins about how long it will be.... And then ask me EXACTLY how many pt are before them and EXACTLY how long will they be waiting!!!:angryfire There are lots more but these guys take the majority of the cake!!