Very strange instructor

  1. All,
    I wondered if anyone else had a similar experience.
    My A&P I instuctor seems to write tests for material other than the topic we're covering. Her timing is very strange as well.
    The final was based on 150 points. My standing in class is (was) 92% overall so I was prepared to put in massive amounts of study time to retain my grade that I've worked so hard for.
    We didn't recieve our test out line until a week before the test It turned out to be 100 points based on the section that we just flew through to finish it on time. That would be no problem except for the study guide outline alone totaled over 45 pages! To put the icing on the cake she added a few pages of hormones in outline form
    I can't begin to describe the test to you. Although I had the last three days off and put in well over 12 hours of study time alone per day and had studied at work, on the toilet, you know the drill, on flashcards that covered every nuance of that "study guide" material, I still stared at most of the questions in disbelief. Most of it did'nt seem to come from the material at all, and the other 50 points that were cumulative................Essay, all essay.

    I think maybe I should change instructors for A&PII, but won't bother if I would just trade one evil for another. I think she must have other issues that interfere with organization or something about teaching she does'nt grasp.
    I'm an excellent student(99% in micro this semester) but I have failed to master whatever it is that she is teaching.

    Have your experiences been similar?
    I think I just turned a low "A" into a "C", seriousely I was guessing through most of it. If I got more than 50 points I'll be suprised.

    Peeps "suicide watch" Mcarthur
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  3. by   fergus51
    In my experience, whenever an A student says they think they got a really bad grade it isn't the truth at all. I say wait until you get the test back. We had a teacher that the class actually rebelled about because her tests covered material not in our course work and I got the same mark with her that I did with the easier teacher we had the semester before.
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    Hate to hear that you had such a rough time... But you are actually lucky to have gotten a study guide a week before.. Some of the instructors that I know give the outlines out like 2 days before... If they even give one... I wasn't lucky enough to get a outline to study by... Our instructor just said "anything we went over is fair game" and left it at that...

    As unfair as it is, I guess that is one of the perks they get with being a instructor.. Too bad that there are so many instructors that actually want you to fail rather than suceed...

    But keep your chin up.. Maybe you did better than you think..
  5. by   jwoz
    I think you know the material better than you've done good this far. Statistically, those that do well throughout the semester rarely bomb the final exam. A/P and Micro are special classes, because the material is typically very extensive, so I feel you pain.

    My A/P teacher actually was very good, absolutely the best lecturer that I've ever had. I even tried to seek another class with her that was not mandatory, but could not due to scheduling conflicts.

    Ask around, get the low-down on the instructors who teach the other sections of your next class. IMHO-it's better to stick with a teacher where you know the drill, rather than have any upsetting revelations. It's been my experience that each class has a learning curve until the majority of students adjust to the specific (and sometimes misleading and ambiguous) ways teachers write their tests.

    By the way, I'm actually getting out of my BSN program...I simply hated the clinicals on the floor, and found it difficult to translate class knowledge to hands on stuff with all the ******** that goes on during clinicals. I longed for the days when it was just classes. I'm going on to get a BS in psychology. Hope you have a better heart was never in it (I was premed before)...I could never deal with the pervasive disrespect nurses confront daily, and I couldn't deal with the thanklesness inherent in our prized nursing interventions.

  6. by   meownsmile
    I think the others are right. If you got something that even resembled a outline for a final consider yourself lucky. I have never had an instructor yet that gave us anything for a final except the outlines and lecture notes that we got through class.

    Although i did have an instuctor that included a test question that consisted of what his dogs names were. He said it was to see if we were paying attention. LOL

    I wouldnt change instructors at this point in the game. Try to skim what you know and review what you dont remember. Kind of sounds like she is going to make sure that noone gets a perfect grade. I had a micro teacher like that, she made it a point to make sure noone got a A on her final. Half the final questions were essay, and she ment essay not a paragraph.
  7. by   Danielle4
    My A&P teacher was like that. . . everything is essay.

    He never gave us study guides either.

    He even graded on grammer and spelling.
    Most of my practicals I would be missing the spelling because of nervousness and trying to hurry to the next station.

    If I left out an "i" it was completely wrong not just partial points. It was kind of hard to do that way.
    Hopefully it will be a good thing later....
  8. by   Danielle4
    My A&P teacher was like that. . . everything is essay.

    He never gave us study guides either.

    He even graded on grammer and spelling.
    Most of my practicals I would be missing the spelling because of nervousness and trying to hurry to the next station.

    If I left out an "i" it was completely wrong not just partial points. It was kind of hard to do that way.
    Hopefully it will be a good thing later....

    No one has an A in the class.
  9. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Thanks for your replies. I can see that maybe getting an outline of the supposed material was better than some.
    I'll get my score posted Monday, and at the same time, see all the other scores.
    Won't that be interesting?
    I promise to post.

    Anyone else getting a raw deal?

    Corrected grammar? What an A-hole.
  10. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    BTW Danielle, I've lived in Sedona, Flagstaff, and Cottonwood.
    I'm missing the mild winters.
  11. by   Mkue

    I read your post about switching from BS to psych, I am totally with you. I started out in a BSN program, am switching to RN program fall 2002, as I am more interested in psych or something other than BS.

    Also I just posted a topic about A&P II, I didn't know that there are some good replies here.

    I love psych !
  12. by   essarge
    When I took A&P I the exams were all multiple choice and a few matching, including the final. When I got to A&P II, the exams were about the same.....then came the final.....all essay!! I about choked when I saw it!! But I managed to get through and pulled a B. You'll be fine...just hang in there.
  13. by   Danielle4
    We just took our final in A&P tuesday and he posted the grades today.

    I got a B!! I am so happy with my B.
    (there were 3 people who beat me and got an A- but there were 10 people who failed so i am so happy with my B!!)

    Yes, he totally graded grammer and spelling, but instead of learning the words the proper way we learn to pronounce them the way they are spelled. so if I mispronounce anything once I get into school that will be why. Oh well. I definately learned a lot though.

    Essarge I can totally relate!

    Peeps! You lived in AZ? neat! I have always liked Sedona.
    I have always wanted to see D.C, but I have never been there. As a child my father was in the air force so I moved a lot too. I love Arizona though. I was not too fond of shoveling snow. If I miss it then I can drive an hour north and still see it. This year the trees are actually turning red I cannot remember the last time we had "autumn." It is actually cold here now.
  14. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    My grades are being posted in the next hour or so. I'm so disgusted that I could just barf. To work so hard and come away from a test that should have been a walk-through according to what I know about the material that was supposed to be on the test.

    I have alreadey obtained the study notes and lab homework for the next semester. I will know them better than her on the first day of class. I will compare them to the textbook and make the appropriate inquiries when somethng doesn't match.

    I'll see it coming next semester. I'm going to get an "A" because I care more about learning the material than she cares about folowing her own guide.
    If I can't rely on an exam to actually test my knowledge of the study guide material then I have to become both an expert of the study guide, and an authority over her on the subject itself. To do that I have to know the study guide before it's covered in lecture.

    I've got seven weeks to prepare my own study guide, and questions to ask her. I'm taking more credits next semester and don't have time for such shennanigans while trying to master other subjects.