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Peeps Mcarthur

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My grades are being posted in the next hour or so. I'm so disgusted that I could just barf. To work so hard and come away from a test that should have been a walk-through according to what I know about the material that was supposed to be on the test.

I have alreadey obtained the study notes and lab homework for the next semester. I will know them better than her on the first day of class. I will compare them to the textbook and make the appropriate inquiries when somethng doesn't match.

I'll see it coming next semester. I'm going to get an "A" because I care more about learning the material than she cares about folowing her own guide.

If I can't rely on an exam to actually test my knowledge of the study guide material then I have to become both an expert of the study guide, and an authority over her on the subject itself. To do that I have to know the study guide before it's covered in lecture.

I've got seven weeks to prepare my own study guide, and questions to ask her. I'm taking more credits next semester and don't have time for such shennanigans while trying to master other subjects.

Peeps Mcarthur

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OK here it is.


a dismal 71%

Still much better than I could have imagined.

Why then, would I recieve an "A" in the course I wonder.

At the postings for the test scores and the final grade, it showed that I recieved an "A" for the course. Although I am thrilled that I got an "A" in such a tough course I am also aware that I only had 710 of the 833 points needed for an "A" by my calculations.It must have been graded on a curve, or my math was wrong because of some missing test scores or something. The way I had it figured was that I needed at least an 84% on the final to get an "A".:confused:

I'm not going to argue, of course, but I still wonder about the content of the test being so disjointed from the actual material. What about the other students that were struggling just to get a "C"? If I just barely sniffed a "C" on the test and felt I guessed through most of it, just think the horror they must have gone through:eek:

It's so frustrating to work so hard and only end up guessing at the answers when I should have been relaxed and confident.

Anyhoo, I'm getting started on the coursework for APII this morning. I will treat every section as if it's on the final. I'll do any amount of work not to feel like that again.

Have any of you felt that you recieved a higher grade than the one you were entitled to? I sure do.


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She probably scaled it if everyone else did so bad. A B is nothing to snuff at on a hard test, so congratulations on your mark and your overall mark.


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:eek: :eek: :eek:

Peeps, great job, I would be very pleasantly surprised ! You sound like a hard worker.

Good luck with A&P II, I'm taking it next semester. Glad things worked out for you so far.


Peeps Mcarthur

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Yes thanks,

I think she did scale it. She must have.

The entire class will be posted by today. I think I'll mosey on over there and just see how everyone did( the grades are posted in code so no names show).

Fetal pig hearts should be a snap after cat muscles, hey mcue.

Six weeks to breath oxygen, then back under again! Like the punchline to an old joke..."Coffee break's over people. Back on your heads!"

Anyone remember that one?


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I'll take fetal pig heart anyday over "cat" muscles !!

Keep us posted !

:eek: :)


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Man, I am really glad to hear that!

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