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  1. Danielle4

    A cute way to remember some lab values.

    for the cranial nerves...I have a cleaner version. ooo to touch and feel very good velvet ah!
  2. Danielle4

    Boliogy Dilema

    I took Bio before I took chem with no problems. I think maybe you should try and stick it out? what is the worst that could happen? You may have to drop it later in the year, but at least you would have all the info to study when you retake it aga...
  3. Danielle4

    The hardest shift of my nursing life (young as it is)

    It is good to hear of good nurses like you and nurses who stick together to really help others out.
  4. Danielle4

    What do patients say that irks you?

    I agree. I think all of us have our strengths and weaknesses- believe me I have heard some things that I thought were common sense, but I guess they were not. sometimes when you have been in the field a long time maybe you don't realize some thi...
  5. Danielle4

    Really bumbed no baby in uterus (yet???)

    Good Luck to you
  6. Danielle4

    Help!? A&P I....again, any advice?

    chemistry I just buddied up with someone in my class and studied every night working problems, etc. It was rough, but it paid off when I got through my upper divisions it was cake because my general chem teacher was so good and studying all those ni...
  7. Danielle4

    Help!? A&P I....again, any advice?

    I don't know what your class is like so I don't know if I can give you the best advise. one of those websites was the community college I went to- maricopa :). Anyway we used the martini book too in that class- not my favorite book though. At t...
  8. Danielle4

    Too Young?

    You are not too young at all. I have a sister in law who has been and RN for over 10 years and she is now 32 and looks a lot younger and believe me she demands respect from people. I know a few people that have smarted off to her saying she looks...
  9. Danielle4

    Differences (Educative/Clinical) between NP & PA

    osiris55 I am glad to hear that you have decided to consider PA school which will give you another option. I think it is really smart to consider several options. I agree with you 100% when also when you say about being worried about seeing a...
  10. Danielle4

    Just a note on the NP vs PA debate...

    Nev, PA programs are all about 2 years in length (some of them vary in the number of months- the one I have seen them for 24-26 months for the most part) so the answer to your question is yes. I don't think you get advanced placement as an NP...
  11. Danielle4

    Offered a seat in P.A. school-torn

    Maggie, I know I don't know you, but I am so proud of you!! congratulations!! :balloons: I agree with everyone else you have to search your heart and really figure out what you want to do. I too applied to PA school "just in case" thinking t...
  12. Danielle4

    I definitely not recommend nursing.

    I agree with you 100%! Good for you.
  13. Danielle4

    I definitely not recommend nursing.

    I agree. I also think medical technologists should join the union. they are underpaid and underappreciated too.
  14. Danielle4

    PDA's - need advice

    I just bought a PDA (a Tungsten E) and I am just learning how to use it. I want to get a program where I can use it for clinicals and contain information on signs and symptoms and diagnosis drug information. Do you know what kind of program I shoul...
  15. one of the girls I am going to PA school with is an RN and has been a nurse for a long time. I am sure I will be learning a lot of things from her while we are classmates.
  16. Danielle4

    I received my acceptance letter today!!!

    It sounds like you are very excited and very organized. I am sure you will do well in school.