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Hey everyone, I was just trying to get some opinions of an incident that happened to me recently. I was pulled aside by the director of my nursing program, and was told that if I wore wrinkly... Read More

  1. by   kellerpatty
    Ha! This thread is cracking me up! I guess i'm lucky...I work in an ICU with scrubs that come out of a little hole in a big machine. The slots are about 2" by 2" and the scrubs come out looking like tiny little boxes. Once you shake them out to put them on, they look like they've been worn by someone to bed for about two weeks...yes, VERY wrinkled. Good thing is that everyone's scrubs look that way (except for the one-in-every-crowd hand-washer and anal ironer who actually takes their scrubs home before wearing them)! Just a hint, maybe when you get out of school, you should work in the OR or an ICU setting that supplies scrubs...voila! No more ironing! Good luck and doing anything you can (legally) to graduate from nursing school will be worth it! : ) Ha!
  2. by   stpauligirl
    [QUOTE=firstyearstudent]I'm wondering if I'll get reprimanded because of my wrinkly face (in my 40s)...

    Reading these responses makes it sound like the military
  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    Ok...I have a TMI question, since I get to hide behind a message board screen name , I'm going to ask...

    How many women here are horrified at the prospect of having to wear white pants when Aunt Flo is visiting?

    I'm one of those women who have been "heavy" my entire life. When I was in college, and we had extended classes on Tuesday's and Thursdays, I always wore black pants and prayed, and ran to the bathroom as soon as class was over. It's been a real handicap.

    I recently heard that you can take birth control pills to skip them altogether safely, even for years, but I'm 37, and would like to have another baby when I'm done with school, and I'm afraid to go that long without menstruating b/c I'm afraid it will affect my ability to have a baby later. Plus, I don't have insurance to pay for them.
  4. by   OnTheRoad
    Quote from BSNtobe2009

    How many women here are horrified at the prospect of having to wear white pants when Aunt Flo is visiting?

    Had this discussion with the gals in my clinical group and terrified was the general concensus. As a matter of fact we discovered that several of us wear protection even if we don't think there is a chance of a visit coming. We have all promised also to keep an eye out for eachother and notify anyone immediately if we notice a need for hiding in the bathroom LOL!
  5. by   Bonny619
    Our uniforms are dark hunter green, no worry about the white!
  6. by   BSNtobe2009
    I know that sounds silly, but every OB-GYN that I have told this to says I don't have any of the normal causes for the heaviness, so I have had to learn to live with's been so bad sometimes that I have had to miss work because of it.

    Birth Control pills reduce it to almost nothing, but I have had two friends that are in their mid-30's, and have been trying to conceive a baby for years and years...both of them were put on BC pills as teenagers b/c they were not having regular cycles. I'm not sure if one causes the other, but it sure makes you wonder.

    I can't help but think this "does something" to the body, so I'm afraid to take anything b/c I'll have an advanced maternal age when I decide to have Baby #2.
  7. by   greatshakes
    No one said we couldn't wear make-up. there's just a couple of threads on page 12. I know I just feel better with my mask on and without my lippy I look like death warmed up.
  8. by   Bonny619
    I hear you!

    Quote from hassled
    No one said we couldn't wear make-up. there's just a couple of threads on page 12. I know I just feel better with my mask on and without my lippy I look like death warmed up.
  9. by   AggieNurse99
    Hyperhydrosis - my MD uses botox injections in the axillary region to help with this; doesn't cure it, but brings you to more normal

    Non-deodorant wearers - Addidas recently came out with a non-aluminum cotton based underarm (not anti-persperant or deodorant per se) that will absorb sweat; you can find it in the deodorant isle. Also, from an old granny's tip - since bacteria cause most of the odor, can use zinc oxide powder to help kill the bacteria underarm. Other odors are also related to diet.

    That time of the month & whites - this is all of our fear. I timed my BC pills to get my period the day after clinicals! Have had many many friends on BC who went off (or not) and had no problems getting pregnant. There are many different pills out there, and you can find the right one for you. If no insurance, everyone's favorite family planning clinic does annual's and has reasonable rates on BC. Speaking of which, my insurance's 3-tier co-pay always happens to be the same as the cost of the pills at said clinic. Hmmm.

    Stains on whites: said it before, I'll say it again: automatic dishwasher detergent is the best!
  10. by   I RN A
    We have to wear ugly uniforms:all white, including the shoes, the T-shirt underneath and underwear. The hair should be up in a bun, can't be a ponitail and if you have bangs, good luck with keeping them completely off the face. As far as wrinkled clothes, I think that it is unprofessional if your clothes are wrinkled. I take my uniform to the cleaners and they press it for me, since I'm not iron-friendly type of person. May be you could wear a lab coat over your street clothes and this will look more professional.
  11. by   bewell
    I use wrinkle release when needed. just spray-shake-and presto!!! It dries fast too. Wrinkled uniforms do look unprofessional. Your appearance can sometimes reflect what kind of job you do. As a nurse-or any other prof.-you do not want to appear sloppy.