1. I am so furious right now I could- and have- screamed. We are in the middle of registration for the spring term, and I went into the system to register for the courses my advisor told me to take. The system would not let me sign up for one of the classes, so I strolled over to the Nursing school to speak with the Director of Student (Poor) Services. She told me yeah you need to take 2 pre-req classes before this class, which was contrary to what she advised me 6 weeks ago! So, I trek on over to the Biology Dept. and they tell me 2 completely different pre-reqs, and try and send me back to the Nursing Dept. Since this was now my second trip to each Dept- Nursing and Biology- today, I go to the Registrars Office, who rudely say sorry we can't help:angryfire So, now I am really steamed and go to the V.P. for Academic Affairs, where the receptionist says I need an appointment. I replied politely that I would wait, and sat down! About an hour later, the Provost and Dean of Nursing take me into the conference room, and politely tell me that I am exaggerating everything, and that I don't need the pre-reqs and act as if I am making everything up:angryfire :angryfire Then, the Provost excuses her self for a minute, and the Dean of Nursing tells me that I need to watch my attitude, and that my "Aggressive behavior would not get me where I wanted to be." When the Provost returned, I asked the Dean if she was threatening not to admit me to the nursing program if I didn't keep my mouth shut, and of course she said no.:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    are you already in the program? Did you get registered for your class?
  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I was not there, so I do not know if you had an attitude or not. Siting down and saying you'd wait may have come across as having an attitude. Did you tell them how each department was telling you different things, that it appears that because of this that no one knows what is going on? I would be frustrated, they need to get their "stuff" straight.
    In the future you may be better of relying on your schools catalog.
    Did you figure out which courses you were supposed to take?
  5. by   BamaBound2bRN
    Thanks for the replys.

    1. I am in my pre-nursing science courses.
    2. I did have an attitude, if you consider my refusing to leave until I was helped an attitude. However, I did not raise my voice, defame anyone personally, or use profanity.
    3. I did finally get registered when they agreed that no sorry there are no pre-reqs for the course I wanted. Of course they still deny anyone telling me that there were other pre-reqs- whatever happened to INTEGRITY!?

    And, yeah I think I am going to look for another school, where a student is actually appreciated and wanted.
  6. by   labcat01
    Whether you had an attitude or not the fact that you were warned about it doesn't boade well for you and making comments about the DON in front of the provst was maybe not the best thing you could have done...

    In terms of advising, let me tell you about a thing I like to call "email" It might take longer than going the "face-to-face" route but once you have it on paper that cuts back on a lot of the work because you have the evidence right there and they can't go back on their statements.

    I'm sorry you had such a poor experience with them but that is really the nature of things...especially in large universities.
  7. by   tencat
    Sadly, that is how state universities and large well-known universities do business. They know they have more than enough students wanting to take your place. But that doesn't mean that it's right or you should just sit back and take it. You're paying for your education and deserve to have answers to questions without feeling like you're 'bothering' anyone. However, you might want to pick your battles in the future. Had you gone through the proper channels before going to the dean etc? I understand how maddening the university system is, but you've got to make sure that you've handled a problem using the proper channels before you get out the big guns. Maybe you would be happier at a different school. Don't stay at a school that you don't like.
  8. by   Tweety
    Going into a VPs office, demanding to see them without an appointment, can be seen as aggressive behavior. However, sometimes, you just gotta do something to cut through the red tape. Sounds like they are very disorganized and not student friendly.

    Too bad nurses have to sit through so many "customer service" memos and meetings but colleges are so inept at it.

    You have to play their game. Keep your cool. Don't get "labeled" by the administration and staff early on because that can be hard to shake. Good luck.
  9. by   BamaBound2bRN
    Thanks for all of the advise. I decided on a screw them attitude! They don't deserve to have me as a student. There are 6 nursing programs within an hours drive of where I live, and if they don't respect their customers (ie, the student) then I can only imagine the compassion the strive to teach new nurses to have for patients. I sent the Provost and Dean of Nursing an email appologizing for offending them, but reminding them that pioneers of nursing, civil rights, the United States, and everything else worth while were all considered "overly aggressive" or "Non-Conformists", and thanked them for setting me straight about what makes a quality education.
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    There were errors on both sides.
  11. by   BamaBound2bRN
    Sorry, but I strongly disagree. It is never an "Error" for a student, customer, or patient to demand to be treated with respect and integrity!:angryfire
  12. by   fergus51
    I would consider it an error to refuse to leave until you are seen rather than making an appointment. It isn't respectful to her schedule to do otherwise and demanding respect means you should give it as well.
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from BamaBound2bRN
    Sorry, but I strongly disagree. It is never an "Error" for a student, customer, or patient to demand to be treated with respect and integrity!:angryfire
    Depends on how it's demanded, though, lol.
  14. by   ames4jc
    I just wanted to say a few things. As a recent grad of the Capstone's program I can say that there are many helpful, kind, and caring people that are willing to help students in any way they can. I spent nearly three years getting to know the professors and administration. Did I always think things were perfect? No. All programs have their issues and problems. Did I ever have some frustrating situations? Yes. I learned that if I could possibly figure it out on my own then that was the best thing. If I couldn't I would go one of the professors that I was close to and get their help. I would assume that if you have declared nursing as your major that you have a nursing professor as your advisor. That would be your best contact person. I don't know your whole situation and I am sorry that you had some problems. I would hope that you wouldn't let one problem cloud your vision. Bama has a wonderful and competitive nursing program. They have some of the kindest and most devoted professors you will ever meet. I had some personal things going on my life during my senior semester and the nursing school did everything they could to help me and it worked out just great. I am totally satisfied with the education that I received. In fact, I am now working in the area of nursing that always dreamed about and loving it! Anyway that is just my two cents and no, they didn't pay me to say any of that!