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  1. This old nurse, age 53, graduated yesterday. I have been an LPN for 30 plus years and returned to school 2 years ago to complete my pre-reqs and then entered the LPN-RN bridge program.

    I had only worked in a hospital for about 1 year back in 1980, and had retired from office work about 5 years ago. I grew bored at home and decided to return to school and get my RN. It had always been a dream of mine, and I decided to I better do it now or I may never get it done.

    It was really hard going, it seemed I worked day and night trying to "catch up" with all the new technology. I took a skills class with students just entering nursing and read everything I could get my hands on. I was tired most of the time, and frustrated a lot, but I never gave up.

    I love I would read postings here that not only helped me with my assignments, but gave me the strength and courage to carry on.

    To anyone who thinks they're too old, too tired, or just can't do it ... you can. I'm living proof.

    I graduated Valedictorian of the class. Thanks allnurses for the great website, and to everyone whose posts helped me make it through.
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  3. by   beth66335
    congrats! i know you are proud of yourself and we are proud of you too!!!!heartbeat:d
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    Wow! What an achievement. You have set a wonderful example for all of us in perseverance and dedication. Congratulations, and thank you so much for sharing your success story.
  6. by   nursel56

    Wow, that's great!! I think about this all the time!(ahem, notice the age) You made your dreams real.
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    I figure I'll be about that old by the time I get my NP....assuming I don't go stark raving bonkers before...
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    Well done
  11. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    You are an inspiration !
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    My hat is off to you!!! I know how hard it is to go back at a late age... What an achievement!!! what a fabulous example you have set!!!!