This Goes in the "Huh?" Category (Another Cheating Episode)

  1. The semester is almost over and, of course, the tests are piling up. Anyway, during one of the tests, this girl, who's always been kinda "off," if you know what I mean, pulls out her notes and starts copying from them. She made absolutely no attempt to conceal what she was doing and it was very obvious.

    Needless to say, the teacher walked over, told her to return the test and leave the class. The girl asked what the problem was, and the teacher told her cheating isn't allowed. Her response was, "But I need these notes so I can have the answers."

    The girl started to argue that she didn't realize that what she was doing was cheating. The teacher repeatedly asked her to leave and, after the teacher said they would discuss it later, she finally left.

    The girl then shows up for the next class, finally admits that what she did was "dumb and stupid," but she still claims she wasn't cheating and begs the teacher to let her retake the test. Instead, she got an automatic F for the entire course.

    Kinda makes you wonder, like, what was she thinking?

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  3. by   Mithrah
    I find it amazing that someone would risk their future on cheating. If she needs her notes for a test, what will she need when she takes care of her patients?
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Maybe she snacked on some paint chips before coming to class. Needed the notes for the answers on the test? Duuuuuuuuuuuuh
  5. by   sabine_rn
    I once forgot about a math test...we usually had labs, where everyone was doing problems alone ,or in groups. I was running late, so everyone was working on--what I thought was just another lab. Since I did not hear the teacher's intro, I was working on problem #3, thinking, "well, let me check my notes"... I was an A student, so my teacher asked, "what are you doing?"...well, I realized the test was earlier than I thought---and I was soooo embarrassed. She didn't get mad, just kind of gave me the "huh??" look.
    I wanted to and
    ...and that was MY biggest "typical Blond" moment :imbar

    But I really did not mean to cheat :uhoh21:, but the girl in your class seems a little ---unstable? Too stressed out, temp. brain freeze???
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  6. by   RNKITTY04
    Hahaha good one LPN. Some people never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. Whata moran.
  7. by   Sheri257
    Yeah, I'd definitely put her in the "unstable" category. I figured something bad was going to happen with her, sooner or later, but still ... this was weird. Boggles the mind ... as they say.

  8. by   Carolanne
    Hmm, stress can do strange things to people.
  9. by   RedSox33RN
    Oh yeah! Sounds like someone has (had) set up permanent residence in La-la land! :chuckle
  10. by   dansamy
    Sounds like someone has (had) set up permanent residence in La-la land!
    What's wrong with La-La Land? We like it here!
  11. by   colleen10
    That is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know a lot of people on the board have said that they have problems with cheaters in their nursing classes but I never thought my program really did until a few weeks ago.

    It was our last Med. Surg. exam for the semester, a week before the comprehensive final. I went to class and we did a little review of the material first, then the teacher let us break for 10 minutes and then after the break we would begin the exam.

    Well, I'm sitting there at the table, (we weren't in a classroom but a lab) and myself and another classmate start talking with the student next to me whom I've know since the beginning of last semester. We are talking about the review etc. when I notice on the inside of her arm black stuff. Her sleeve was pulled up a bit and at first I thought it was some sort of allergy test where they mark you up to see what you have a reaction too, then the more I looked at it the more I realize they aren't little marks they are words. I interrupted her and the other student and said "what is that on your arm?" Still not thinking that it's acutally notes on her arm because I have known her since the beginning of last semester and she seems to be a hard worker. She looks down at her arm and says "oh, sometimes when I have spare time at work or am in a meeting I just start writing stuff on my hand or arm to review the information."

    What she had on her arm was a chart of all the various types of insulin, their action time, peak time, etc.

    I told her very seriously, "I think you better go wash that off" and she just sort of looked at me, pulled her sleave down and started talking to the other student again. I was in total disbelief. A few minutes later she looks down at her arm again and says "I better go wash this off, it looks like I'm cheating." So, she left and when she came back I looked at her arm to make sure she actually did wash it off.

    I still can't believe it but the more I think about it the more it makes sense she was cheating. Even before the review she said she didn't think she would do well because she didn't have time to study and she always sits in the very back corner of the classroom. If she was going to cheat I doubt anyone would notice at all. What also makes me mad is that up until the last half of this semester all of our exams are completed on our own, ie. we sign up for a time to go into lab and ask the proctor there to give us the exam, then we go into a seperate room alone to take the exam.

    What if she has been doing this all along?
  12. by   mariessas_mom
    What amazes me is the amount of time people will spend to cheat. Writing on their arm, inputting into a graphing calculator or other high tech means takes time. They could spend that time studying instead!
  13. by   Sheri257
    What was even more weird in this case was, unlike other people, she didn't make any attempt to conceal what she was doing. Maybe she was on drugs or something. I dunno.

  14. by   smk1
    Quote from mariessas_mom
    What amazes me is the amount of time people will spend to cheat. Writing on their arm, inputting into a graphing calculator or other high tech means takes time. They could spend that time studying instead!
    exactly! there is a girl in my algebra class that constantly wants to make comments during the test, she isn't cheating ande she is pulling a "b" but she doesn't seem to get that talking looks like you are cheating. I always smile briefly and don't say anything to discourage her chatting. I just really am sensitive about my reputation and I don't want to be known as a cheater. besides, the knowledge you get in one course builds to the next, so if you don't "get it" you are petty much SOL. :uhoh21: