Study, work, workout?

  1. I am starting my LPN classes in less than two weeks, so I am going to have a lot less time on my hands. So I am curious how other nursing students find time to go to class, study, go to work, and also workout?
    How often do you exercise a week and what type do you do, and what time of day do you find it most convienent to break a sweat?

    Thank you all for your replies.
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  3. by   decembergrad2011
    I'll be workouts are extremely sparse. I normally put on a bit of weight during the semester and "work it off" during my breaks.

    As far as working goes, I wouldn't work beyond 20 hours a week ever during nursing school - you don't have the time.

    Studying within 48 hours of lecture is best for retention. I've also heard that studying during the day is more productive than studying during the night, but I am and always have been a night owl.

    I think learning time management and how to fit in everything that you personally want to do is actually one of the more practical struggles of nursing school for any student.

    Good luck with your program!
  4. by   Servingshots
    Im sure its all possible with good time management. Personally, I quit work within the 1st month of classes and my workouts were cut but not completely. I prob worked out 1x per week because my mentality was that I could be using that time to study. Needless to say I gained weight and am going to try to at least get in 2-3x per week workouts. Good luck!
  5. by   LoLa.M
    Working: I have a pretty flexible job so I work about 10-15 hrs a week
    as far as working out I been able to do 2 days a week, normally I'm listening to a lecture or have my books on a treadmill (talk about multitasking). I think its possible to do everything you want to do (work, workout, school, social life) you just have to be VERY organized. good luck
  6. by   Samantha11481
    Thank you all! Great ideas!
    I want to stay healthy and also be on a track with school, so working out strickly on the weekends is the way it'll have to be! lol, just make the most of it
  7. by   skimpstah
    I myself am wondering how I am going to manage it all. I will be starting my first semester of my ADN program in January and my work won't cut my hours meaning I'll be working 40 hrs/week (not sure how that's going to work out) and I feel a good workout relieves loads of stress, so I need to squeeze that in on top of everything else. I think the most important thing is to not overwhelm myself; that just makes things worse. good luck
  8. by   Stcroix
    Like someone else said, my favorite trick is to read or study powerpoints while on the recumbent bike. Workout time flies by!
  9. by   kk83
    I haven't worked out at all this semester and packed on some weight because of it. I plan on setting a realistic goal of 3-4 times per week and my husband is going to sign up at the gym at my college so he can work out with me before we both head home for the night. I really need the buddy system to stay accountable .

    I think taping and listening to lecture while exercising is a brilliant idea though! I didn't tape any of my lectures this semester and I'm thinking I may be investing in a tape recorder before we start up again. Thanks to the previous poster for the idea!
  10. by   strawberryluv
    Honestly, I don't even work out xD
    Its generally hard for me to gain weight because I eat REALLY healthy or within the calories to maintain my weight. If I don't exercise, then I only eat about 1800 calories per day. If I do exercise, its like 2200 calories per day.
    But nowadays, I've been eating around the 1800 calories range. I need to start working out.
  11. by   pinkfluffybunny
    Tape the classes and listen to them whenever you can if that is a way that helps you learn. I would listen to them in the car, when I was falling asleep. I was never a fan of the recumbent bike but I have found that it is the easiest to read notes on while at the gym. I try to do cardio about 5 to 6 times a week. I do weight training twice a week. I usually do them on Sunday and Monday because my clinicals are at the end of the week. Then I just fit everything else in where I can. It is helpful to bring your own snacks. It is to easy to hit the vending machines in between classes. Of course once you start classes and make friends you will probably find some like minded people who want to workout with you.
  12. by   jrfortis
    I am worried about this too, I am wondering where I am going to find the time to get in a good workout. We haven't gotten a for sure schedule yet, but I am looking at either 6 days a week at best and 7 days a week at worst as far as switching between work and school. My major benifit is I have a job that I can easily get some study time in. Good luck to you though
  13. by   ImThatGuy
    I'm a career changer (or adder - may not quit the old one), and I've been through college before so the experience of it all doesn't bother me. That said, studying is probably lowest on my list of priorities because I learn easily and retain a lot. Your results may vary. However, I work long hours when I work. I'll often get up at four am, leave at five am, get to work around 5:40, and work until class, go to class, return to work until about 6:30 pm. I'll drive home, choke down some food, and work out. You shouldn't work out on a full stomach or late at night, but I'm used to that so I do it. I'll then shower, sit and chillax, and then try to be asleep by 11 pm. My eyes look like a racoon's. There's been a darkness around them for months. They say these days that's not sleep related, but when I get adequate sleep the darkness fades and goes away. I'm naturally cynical and believe almost nothing at face value, but lately I'm cranky too due to lack of sleep. My tolerance level is around zero as well. When I do study before a test I read the chapters that interest me and I'll skim those that don't. I do pay attention in class, and that gets by more than anything else. I'm a good visual learner (reading), but I'm super at hearing. Tell me something, and I'll probably remember it for a long time to come unless it's a series of numbers. Anyway, it's all doable. I'm single and have no kids. If I had that I wouldn't be doing this quite honestly.
  14. by   olliesmommy1005
    Working with nursing school....I luckily have a flexible PT job and usually work anywhere from 6-24 hrs a week (more on breaks) but I can also study and read while I'm at work. I'm lucky!!!

    Working out....what is that again??? LOL...I have two young kids (1&3) so I take as much down time as I can to spend with my husband and kids!