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  1. Bumping in case someone happens to have any advice :).
  2. I graduated from a CC in May 2012, got my first job and worked at a hospital 90 miles away for 3 months before I couldn't keep up. The drive alone could take 3 hours in snowy weather and it just wasn't possible. I worked on a busy Cardiac unit and learned a lot in my time with the hospital. I continued my education and went back for my BSN graduating in January '15 and have since moved to another state. I am about to apply for my license and start looking for jobs, but I worry about the fact that although I've been active in school and furthering my education that my lack of experience will put me at a major disadvantage. In the middle of my BSN coursework I suffered a huge, critical health crisis where I was lucky to survive. I was in the ICU for 7 weeks and it's taken me since January of '14 (when I was faced with the near loss of my life) to get back to a really healthy state where I am mentally and physically ready to start working again. During that time when I was still very ill, I finished my BSN with a 4.0 and Summa Cum Laude honors. I'm sorry for the very long post, but it's scary to step back into this nursing world when I know I have very minimal work history - even for good reason. After my own health crisis, I feel I have even more dedication, passion, understanding, and heart to bring with me in whichever position I hope to find. Any advice for what I can do to highlight the positives and hopefully become employed? I am going to a job fair in the state I live in now and am hoping to make some contacts, but I feel a bit anxious since I can't talk up my work experience (all 3 months of it).
  3. Hi all! I graduated in May 2012 and landed my first job at an awesome hospital. I was there 4 months and unfortunately had a health issue that prevented me to make the drive (60 miles each way), so I resigned from the position. I applied for positions at the local hospital and had one interview in early 2013 but they read my resume incorrectly and thought that I was still employed - so basically although the position stated "no experience necessary", the interview was over once they realized their mistake. I'm currently enrolled in a RN - BSN program that I will be graduating from in May. I live in New York, but in a very small area. The closest larger cities including those in PA are an hour at least each way of drive time in perfect weather. My husband is a software engineer and I believe would have a fairly easy time finding a new position outside of where we live currently because he has so much experience and work history in his field. I am totally in a place where I would pack up and move for the chance to acquire a good position and I really don't have any limitations on where I could go. When I explained my short first stint working during my interview, I simply stated that I took a position too far away and realized that I needed to work closer to home and had learned from that misstep on my part. I did however gain valuable experience, manage the care of 6 patients on average per day, was in a specialty area, and electronically charted proficiently. BTW, the hospital I was applying at was a 5 minute drive from my home so distance was not an issue. I had completed 2/4 of my clinical experience there with current recommendations from 2 heads of departments in the hospital. Now I am just feeling down because I had an issue at my first job (which I loved) that was out of my control and I feel like it overshadows the rest of my employment options because I'm not really a "new grad". I don't have current references (only those from my time in nursing school in 2012) and although I will have my BSN, I'm not sure how much that will help me. Any advice? I feel sort of lost on where to start and have debated talking with a career counselor to see what options I have but figured I'd see if others have experienced anything similar.
  4. I started a job as an RN on a Cardiac Stepdown Unit about 5 weeks ago (3 on the floor). It is a very high energy and fast paced job and I find it difficult to learn everything/keep up/ and be as efficient (fast) as I'm expected to be. We have approximately 5 patients each per shift (sometimes a bit more). I am still with a preceptor and working on getting everything accomplished in a timely manner. It's not coming easily unfortunately. I am totally ok with constructive criticism - I know I need to be more assertive and work on my time management. I feel like I try new techniques daily and I end up in the same place. Learning more, but time - wise ending up around the same. The patient acuity level is much higher than what I saw during clinical and I am also charting electronically for the first time. I guess what I am getting at is - how long did it take you to feel competent and comfortable at your first job after getting your license? I am really trying to stay optimistic and realize that I'm learning and doing the best I can. Most days I feel like a failure who won't ever "get there". Any advice or anyone who can relate?
  5. kk83

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I got the one that said "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."
  6. kk83

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Ah I am so nervous! Sat this morning for my NCLEX - RN. Got 75 questions (no idea how many SATA, but there were some), one math and a whole bunch more that I felt I had no idea about. I really walked out of there feeling like I didn't answer a darn thing correctly after thousands of practice questions! I did get the good pop up when I got home. I know nearly everyone w/the good pop up passed, but of course I feel like there's no way that could be me! Now just waiting on pins and needles for my quick results.
  7. kk83

    Starting a new job.. advice?

    Hi there! I am starting a job as a Graduate Nurse next week (with plans to take my NCLEX in about 2 after that). I'm getting more nervous and excited as the days go by. Any tips, tricks, advice would be VERY helpful! What to bring on the job, favorite scrub brands, things that got you through tough times or situations.. just everything! =)
  8. kk83

    ATI scoring?

    I understand the scoring for the comprehensive predictor but don't know what the rest of my exam results mean in the focused areas. Like for example, in one section I'll get a 63.3% or a 71% - but have no idea what this means as far as how I'm doing. I'm guessing it's not great. =/ I did so well in nursing school that I don't know *what* my problem is with these practice tests!
  9. I purchased the Pearson NCLEX-RN Exam Prep but it seems to have gotten mixed reviews and some purchasers have said the questions are too easy. Does anyone have that book and like it? I am just now getting into looking at it. I also purchased NCLEX RN Questions & Answers Made Incredibly Easy. It seemed like a good book to just do a lot of questions w/prompts about what a question is truly asking for. I only have a few weeks to study so I'd really like to have the best tools at my disposal. I was reading that some liked the KAPLAN book. What are your favorites?
  10. kk83

    FREE Kaplan practice test today 6-27-12

    I'm scheduled to take my NCLEX on the 21st of next month and got a 62%. I wish it was higher but it wasn't far off from the 65% they wanted. Considering that was my first practice test or studying since graduation - I hope I only improve. I definitely liked the Kaplan format, but ATI was included in my nursing tuition - so I think I will stick with that and possibly pick up the Kaplan book. Definitely a fun type of learning environment though. How did you all feel?
  11. kk83

    FREE Kaplan practice test today 6-27-12

    Yikes I skipped right by the terms and conditions. I didn't put in any payment information seeing as how it was free, so hopefully I didn't miss anything important. I'm signed up and just waiting for it to begin.
  12. kk83

    So I signed up to take my NCLEX in 26 days...

    Any good links or sites I could check out? :) thanks again and congrats to all those passing!! :)
  13. and I have taken a little over a month off from doing studying of any sort since graduation. I'm really nervous and am starting to study today but I am not sure how to structure my days so that I really maximize my time. I would appreciate any tips or advice! I received a job offer, but do not start until the 16th of July so that gives me a bit over 2 weeks of uninterrupted study time. I probably should have been studying this whole time, but I was suffering from a major case of burn out after finals! =) I appreciate any and all advice about how you studied and how long you prepped for NCLEX before taking it =).
  14. Thank you so so much. I am going to give HR a call tomorrow and start there. I thought about just asking the HR contact who called me in, but don't want to look bad especially since I don't even have a first name! I really appreciate your reply. It's been a long month since graduation and my mind has been spinning.
  15. Hi all - this is my second interview and I want to send a thank you email to the person who interviewed me. I was confused though because the person who called me to come in was not the person who interviewed me. I cannot for the life of me remember my interviewers name because I was so focused on doing well during the process. The only contact I have is the HR rep who called me in for the interview. I don't know if I should call and ask her for contact information or if they would look bad. Any advice? I feel really down about it and I know how important the thank you letter is. I wish I at *least* remembered the person's name! That way I could send a snail mail letter to HR attn: to her. EEK.
  16. kk83

    Posting your Exam Grades on Facebook

    I do it if I got an amazing grade. As more and more people from nursing school are adding onto my facebook, I tend to do it less - but it's hard sometimes when I just want to shout it out that I got an awesome grade! I also post when I'm dissapointed in a grade. I guess I'm just emotional either way, lol.