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decembergrad2011 has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. decembergrad2011

    How to deal with nurses who don't listen during handoff?

    I think newer nurses don't understand that once you've worked with a patient population for awhile, it really can be much easier to look it up yourself. It also prevents you from relying on someone else's information about orders and discovering late...
  2. decembergrad2011

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    Accessing portacaths!! I love pulling back and getting great blood return.
  3. decembergrad2011

    Trouble for taking Doctors candy

    That makes me so sad. Poor thing ate a donut that was essentially trash.
  4. decembergrad2011

    Why do some nurses hate it in others pump at work?

    I breastfed my daughter until 2.5 but stopped pumping at 1 year. Most women who do extended breastfeeding and work tend to give up the pumping sessions.
  5. decembergrad2011

    Why do some nurses hate it in others pump at work?

    On a 12 hour shift, I would pump 4x for the first 9 months. At 9 months, I dropped to 3x, then at 10 2x, then the last month was spent only pumping once halfway through my shift. I plan to do this again. People had problems with it because it was i...
  6. We're scared, too. Many of us never believed our country would fall so far. I am currently trying to convince my husband to draw some lines in the sand for what we will stand for before we leave the country. We are hoping so much that Mueller can ...
  7. You cannot be scientifically minded and say, "meh, big deal" about this recent revelation. However, I also believe wholeheartedly if you read this news and say, "meh, big deal" you are part of the problem anyway.
  8. decembergrad2011

    a small gift to preceptors

    Gifts are always appreciated. I haven't received them from licensed nurses, but from almost all my nursing students. But one of my favorite students I've ever precepted is the only one so far that did not actually get me anything and I didn't think...
  9. decembergrad2011

    Many nurses do not chart?

    Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but is there a policy to follow at your institution? For example, I work in progressive care with telemetry patients and our charting requirements are different than those of the acute care floors, but also the ICUs...
  10. decembergrad2011

    I'm having doubts about nursing... :(

    I already said it was the first day and to let it go. I also explained why I did not think placing with a CNA preceptor was an acceptable practice for an ongoing RN clinical experience because that was a topic of debate within the thread.
  11. decembergrad2011

    Do you feel more people are entering nursing only to become APRN's?

    I am talking about the nurses that I personally work with on my floor that I have seen go through graduate school. I work with them and see the things that they miss and the gaps in their critical thinking. They are where I would expect 2-3 year ex...
  12. decembergrad2011

    Do you feel more people are entering nursing only to become APRN's?

    I think that you need experience to be an advanced practice nurse in any capacity. I entered my DNP program with 4 years of inpatient med-surg oncology experience, and will finish the program with 9 years total as a nurse (planned to stay on the sam...
  13. decembergrad2011

    I'm having doubts about nursing... :(

    I would have been annoyed about being paired with a CNA as well. When I was going through CNA clinicals, I expected to be paired with a CNA and see that role in its entirety. However, the RN role is much broader and requires a different skill set t...
  14. Watching the abbreviated video made me sad. Watching the full version made me angry. There is no justification. Although, we knew we had a cancer growing with the police force if we were listening to people of color who were seeing it and providing ...
  15. decembergrad2011

    Antecubital vein for chemo

    If they need it for chemo when I go to start a peripheral IV, I attempt to stick it in the forearm, avoiding wrist and AC. I'm not real keen on giving chemo through a peripheral IV because *many, many* times I've not been able to get blood return af...