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So Happy I am in nursing school again

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  1. LoLa.M

    Lpn to RN

    Riverside has a good LPN to RN program and it is nights and weekends. Plus it is way cheaper then MCI.
  2. LoLa.M

    Step away from the nursing forum...

    I thought I was the only one who was addicted, nice to know Im not alone!:lvan:
  3. LoLa.M

    How different is RN school from LPN training

    I am currently in RN in school and I feel that it is more difficult then my LPN training. I am not sure if it is due to the amount of content we are expected to learn in a short amount of time that makes it harder or if this time around I am more motivated to make higher grades in nursing school and the stress from that makes its seem harder. However, nothing in life worth having comes easily. Yes, obtaining your RN is going to take a lot of work but it is doable.
  4. LoLa.M

    Not liking my first 3 months as RN

    HANG IN THERE for at least 6 months (thats only 3 more to go!) then start applying for your dream job again. I hope things get better for you:hug:
  5. LoLa.M

    Small Scrubs?

    I have your same problem but im shorter (4'11, I tried and loved the greys anatomy scrubs (a little on the pricey side though) and the surprisingly the sketchers scrubs fit we length-wise perfectly, it might be worth a try.
  6. LoLa.M

    Nursing scrubs are darn expensive

    yeah I just spent $90 on 2 sets of scrubs, they dont even look that great
  7. I don't think so. They would be able to pull your grades up on the computer.
  8. I am now a student Registered Nurse!!!!! I got my acceptance call on May 19 for the LPN to RN Bridge program. My overall GPA is a 3.35 and my GPA for this last semester was a 4.0 ( I was taking A&P II and Eng 112). I want to post this for all of those TCC nursing hopefuls who are worried that they will not get accepted into the nursing program. I am looking forward to hearing from others and if anyone has any question feel free to PM me!:dancgrp:
  9. Well it looks like yesterday was the deadline to turn in applications! I am looking forward to seeing:w00t: "I got accepted" and "congratulation" post from everyone very soon.
  10. LoLa.M

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    I am so happy! I got an A in bio 142 (A&P 2) and an A in ENG 112. I also took a nursing math class that our college requires but it is not for a grade. Over all I very proud of myself and I am looking forward to starting nursing school.
  11. LoLa.M

    Starting RN Program @ TTC this summer!

    Congrats! I hope to be in your shoes very soon!!!
  12. LoLa.M

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hi all, I am 22 years old and I have been an LPN for 4 years. I have applied to the LPN to RN transition program at Tidewater Community College and I am waiting for and acceptance/rejection letter in the mail. I will keep everyone posted!
  13. LoLa.M

    Graduating RN school after struggling

    I do not have a success story but I do want to encourage you to continue. Do not give up!!! You are so close to realizing your dreams. Work hard and ask your instructors if there is anything that you could do to improve your test scores. I am an LPN hoping to start my transition program in the later part of May and I am determine that nothing is going to stop me from obtaining my RN!
  14. LoLa.M

    Thinking like an RN

    Thank you so much Kelly R. for your post! If I am understanding this correctly the school that you are attending accepted 110 LPNs? The school I applying to accepts 10 maybe a little more than that. I am nervous because the school is extremely competitive. I am praying that I get in but I am also coming up with backup plans in case I do not.
  15. LoLa.M

    Thinking like an RN

    I am not in the bridge program but I have been hoping that someone responds to your post. I have the same questions and I am worried that I will not transition well from the LPN to RN role. I have however seen a big difference in the prereq preparation for the RN vs the LPN. I feel that the pre- reqs alone have made me a better LPN. I also work for a skilled nursing home and I am looking forward to attending the LPN to RN transition program at Tidewater Community College. I will be putting in my application this week and will be hearing back some time in May. I hope you will be on your way to fulfilling your dreams of becoming a RN soon!!
  16. LoLa.M

    LPN/RN advice?

    You should look into NSU second degree program. They have an ABSN and I think it is only 13 months.