Spring Break! Woo-hoo!!!

  1. did anyone else start spring break yet? we finished our 8 weeks of med/surg and i managed to kick butt on the final, and got a b for the semester! (i seriously convinced myself that i had a c). today we had our second pharm test and i pulled off a high b!
    ob here i come! word on the street from my classmates just finishing ob that its pretty easy compared to med/surg.

    now...10 days of r&r! :hatparty:
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  3. by   Luv2banurse2004
    I am today officially beginning my spring break (just finished class). VERY MUCH needed as I am just burned out physically and mentally. Only thing is we have tons of reading and about 2-3 assignments to do. I plan to get that done Fri-Sun. so that I can rest next week and not end up cramming for the last few days.

    Other than that cleaning and laundry calls my name, but I may not answer for a few days! So glad to get a break.
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    Good job on the B+!!!

    We don't have our college break for two more weeks. Of course it has to be a totally different break as my kids get.
  5. by   maire
    Mine starts today (just got home from clinical). I have a midterm the week I go back, so it's not quite kickbackandsleep time for me. LOL
  6. by   icesk8ie
    You guys are so lucky! My spring break isn't until April, after Easter! I could use it now. I am so exhausted. I'm doing Peds, and while I love those kids, they exhaust me!

  7. by   JenNJFLCA
    Tomorrow at 4pm, I will be FREE till the 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hatparty:
    I have never been so excited for spring break in my life!
    Not like it will be much of a break.....I still have to write a paper, do a power point pres, work on my dosage calculations, work on a care plan, study for upcoming exams, etc! But, I also took the week off from work and I am going to get my hair cut and a pedicure. If I could afford it, I would get a 60 minute full body massage!
  8. by   AmyB
    Tomorrow at 10:50 am I am free. We finished our first eight weeks of MedSurg and are gearing up for the second. I am so ready for this break.
  9. by   happystudent
    Spring break started for me @ 9:15pm TOOOOODAAAAY!!!!

  10. by   manna
    I'm taking online classes (pre-reqs) this term and we don't get a spring break..

    Classes do end April 22 though, so I guess it's not TOO bad.
  11. by   nurseshawna
    mine started today, i am so exhausted, i really don't think i could have gone one more day!! of course, i will spend half of spring break getting caught up on school work!
  12. by   wonderbee
    Break officially started at 4:01 p.m. and none too soon. Three members of our clinical group got sick... me included. I think our bodies are at their max stress point. I had planned on not cracking open a textbook but alas, that is not to be. It's not too bad... maybe a couple days' of work. Guess I'll have to wait for summer for complete relaxation but this will do just fine for now.
  13. by   kahumai
    I've been on spring break all week and have done nothing but read Med/Surg! I walked into the school library and the lady at the desk asked me if I knew it was spring break because I was the only person there! She almost laughed at me!!!

    I made a list of all the things I needed to do for school over break, and as it turns out I won't be able to get any more than half of that done. I have a Med/Surg test the day we go back and a paper that's due on Tuesday that I probably won't get to until Monday night....

    I'm glad all of you guys are having fun, though!!!
  14. by   Rhoresmith
    I left a seminar yesterday at 3:20 and that started my Spring Break and not a minute to soon. This has been a crazy semester already and I am TIRED I haven't even been on this board for weeks and didnt even recognize it when I got here.
    The seminar was great it was by Barb Bancroft and she was excellent very funny and I wish my teachers could make the learning so easy . IF any of you get a chance go to one of her seminars. Hope everyone has a great Spring Break and for those of you not there yet we will all be wishing it was us when it is your turn too!!!!!