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  1. nurseshawna

    Declatory process....

    Do you mean submit a declaratory order?
  2. nurseshawna


    I'm done too! Had my finals today. Pinning on Thursday!!!!!
  3. nurseshawna

    Who's graduating in December 05?

    Me!! I can't wait!
  4. nurseshawna

    the "herbs" on NCLEX?

  5. nurseshawna


    We were told, yes, you must address EVERYTHING.
  6. nurseshawna

    Fall 4th semester students...

    For those of you who will be graduating in December, how comfortable do you feel with your grasp of disease processes? There are days when I think, "I forgot what I'm supposed to do with ____________, or what's the first thing to do for ____________...
  7. nurseshawna

    Is there a list of must-know drugs related to NCLEX?

    Suzanne, I sent you my email addy also. Thanks!
  8. nurseshawna

    Online NCLEX questions

    Hey thanks! :)
  9. nurseshawna

    Online NCLEX questions

    Anyone have any good links to free online study questions? TIA.
  10. nurseshawna

    Killer exam!

    D B B A #3 would be the toughest, because you would have to read a lot into that question, which they tell you not to do. I would want a detailed history, lots of important questions to ask. However, in an emergency, you don't always have ...
  11. nurseshawna

    Next set of questions...

    1. b 2. b 3. a 4. a
  12. nurseshawna

    Top 10 things never to say to clinical instructor

    Don't say 'Alzheimers' as 'Old timers'.
  13. nurseshawna

    Help Quick! DKA nursing dx!

    I have a 15 yr old patient with DKA. For the life of me, I cannot figure out a nursing dx for her. My book lists a couple, but they refer mainly to new dx's of DM, which this is not. My care plan book has: Body temperature alteration, risk for ...
  14. nurseshawna

    Breast Cancer Teaching Project

    Hi. I am doing a breast cancer teaching project. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could "make" to resemble a lump in a breast?
  15. nurseshawna

    Test Questions

    The air bubble "locks" the medication into the tissue. If your syringes are prefilled, there should be a bubble already in the syringe and you shouldn't push it out.