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I left a seminar yesterday at 3:20 and that started my Spring Break and not a minute to soon. This has been a crazy semester already and I am TIRED I haven't even been on this board for weeks and didnt even recognize it when I got here.

The seminar was great it was by Barb Bancroft and she was excellent very funny and I wish my teachers could make the learning so easy . IF any of you get a chance go to one of her seminars. Hope everyone has a great Spring Break and for those of you not there yet we will all be wishing it was us when it is your turn too!!!!!


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Tomorrow at 4pm, I will be FREE till the 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never been so excited for spring break in my life!

Not like it will be much of a break.....I still have to write a paper, do a power point pres, work on my dosage calculations, work on a care plan, study for upcoming exams, etc! But, I also took the week off from work and I am going to get my hair cut and a pedicure. If I could afford it, I would get a 60 minute full body massage! :balloons:

Funny you should mention the massage thing...I got one today! (And a manicure too!). I feel SO good!!! It was a very nice & classy day-spa that a friend treated me to today! The manicurist was like "oh you can't have color polish b/c you're in nsg school". I told her "Yes I can, for 10 days!" So I have 10 cute painted fingernails for my break! ahhhh........

treat yourselves well!!!

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Yep...mine started yesterday with me finishing up my return demo in Nursing Arts Lab....sick to boot and other students dropping like flies with colds and flu as well. Should have been really happy walking out the door to my car but my head was so foggy all I could think of was getting home and going to bed! It could be worse...I could have been sick next week during my break. But my plans are to take it wasy and play catchup! A lot of studying to do as well but it will be nice to be off for a week. Cheers.


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Spring break, for me, starts on March 19th at 11:00am. Please pray that I can make it that long! :crying2:


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Mine started w/ the end of class Friday 03/5. It's been great, I almost feel human again! :chuckle I've gotten caught up on lots of little stuff around the house and it feels good to do little mundane things instead of care plans!!


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M I've gotten caught up on lots of little stuff around the house and it feels good to do little mundane things instead of care plans!!

yes...like washing dishes and cleaning my bathroom! :imbar

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