some people amaze me

  1. Some people just amaze me. My classes (LPN) just started September 3 and some people have already missed like 5-7 days...can you believe that???

    We've had three quizzes and a three chapter test, which I've scored all 100's except my test I scored a 97%. And some people have the nerve to pic on me because they got a 60 or 70 or whatever...

    YOU HAVE TO GO TO CLASS PEOPLE!!! hello....duh!

    I haven't put forth excessive amounts of studying, this is all basic intro stuff...but come on...if you want to get the info for the test you have to at least come to class...


    (sorry all....I just needed to vent!)
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  3. by   Brownms46
    cakarol....first you never know what these people are going thru. Someone people are dealing with a they try to get thru school. I didn't miss school...but I had a child in NICU for 60 days while I attended school. I slept many times on hard chairs put end to end. I did my homework at her bedside! My marriage was falling apart also! Don't be so hard on many times....there is more to a situation this what appears on the surface!
  4. by   CATHYW
    What Brownms46 said is true. We never know until we walk in someone's shoes. On the other hand, in our LPN program, you were allowed to miss THREE days the entire year. If you missed more you were considered too far behind to get caught up. You were allowed to drop out, and pick the class up again in the same semester the next year.

    Cakarol, you are always going to find people who are jealous of your studying and your grades. They will try to pick on you about it, like it was some sort of contest, or act like you think you are better than them. I used to tell folks like that that the only person I was trying to compete with was myself; to be the best that I could be!
    Keep studying!
  5. by   l.rae
    When l was in LPN school...MANY moons ago......we could miss 7 days for the whole year...after were if's and's or but's.....later in college while gettin my ADN, you could only miss 2 of any clinicals, although they reserved the right to make exceptions in cases like Brownie described.....anyway, my question is how the heck do these students get away with this???...l woulda been out on my a__!...........LR
  6. by   Brownms46
    I miss the part about people picking on you!":angryfire:...Not into being nice anymore..if these are the same people who are missing classes. If they're still in the program...I have to also wonder how they're still there. My program also only allowed 3 days absence...NO matter what the problem! One woman's husband was in the hospital...and when she missed the last day with was just a the end of a semester...that had to drop incomplete. They told us up front, there would be NO exceptions!

    My life was falling apart, but I managed to come everyday...but only with the help of some very wonderful people...whom I can never thank matter how long I live!
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  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by cakarol
    some people just amaze me. my classes (lpn) just started september 3 and some people have already missed like 5-7 days...can you believe that???

    we've had three quizzes and a three chapter test, which i've scored all 100's except my test i scored a 97%. and some people have the nerve to pic on me because they got a 60 or 70 or whatever...

    you have to go to class people!!! hello....duh!

    i haven't put forth excessive amounts of studying, this is all basic intro stuff...but come on...if you want to get the info for the test you have to at least come to class...


    (sorry all....i just needed to vent!)
    i agree with the other posters. one reason why i do not tell my test score is some of the reasons you mentioned and test scores says one thing for each individual.
  8. by   ntigrad
    I agree with you. You have to go to class or you don't get through. At my school, each absence is 10% of your final grade in that class. All of the people in my class that took that attitude have been long gone from the program. Some only came to school for one or two classes and not every day like they were supposed to. Some had pesonal problems and shouldn't have entered at that time in their life. Others were just goobers who got stuck on Medical Terminology and basic math.
    Also, don't reveal your grades unless you have a friend who cares about you and how you are doing and they ask. Teachers may make a big deal about your grade in class to motivate others, but if that happens, just act as humble as you can. MOST of the time, the ones who are acting this way aren't serious about it to begin with. Once you get into it, they begin to separate the "men from the boy". Hang in there and don't worry about what they say. You study and work hard for your grades. I for one am proud of you. They can flunk out without any effort. Hang in there!
  9. by   researchrabbit
    SHEESH! People pick on you because of your grades? Heck, they should be bringing you cookies and asking if they can study with you!!!!
  10. by   Mkue
    I'm embarressed to admit that my program tolerates way more than it should.

    I've seen students who think they deserve to get through even though they don't attend classes and flunk exams. It's sad. They will get through for reasons that I cannot say.

  11. by   Vsummer1
    Our program has a certain amount of hours you can miss for each semester. The first semester you can miss 16 hours. If you are one minute late, that is counted as an hour.
    BUT they also allow you to make up the hours. For instance, I went into school on Monday and they sent me home because I had a sore throat and couldn't talk. I didn't ask to go home -- they literally said "if you are sick with a sore throat you have to leave". They stated that they do NOT want a sick student in clinicals, period. It isn't fair to patients or the other students to spread illness.

    I went in on Wednesday and made up the 6 hour clinical I missed. I didn't have to, as I would still have had 10 hours to miss, but I don't want to miss any time at all.

    So, in a way I guess they are at least fair about the sick policy. If I get sick again, I won't even bother to go in. I will just call them and let them know I will make it up another day.
  12. by   GPatty
    We had people who could miss and miss and never have anything said to them, and others who would have to leave 1/2 a day early and would get reamed!
    But about your grades, be proud....don't boast, but be proud! And congrats on all your A's! (Wish I could've done that well!)
    Don't let other people rain on your parade,as they say.....keep up the good work!
  13. by   peaceful2100
    Cakarol! I know exactly what you are talking about. I have one classmate/friend who everyone always talk about because she is constantly late to class. Some who are already missing a lot. But like others said it is really hard to understand their situation until you know them. The girl I got to know really well over the past year and a half now and many people talk about her really bad for being late a lot but what people don't know is that she left a marriage from what seems like hell over the summer with 3 young kids. She is working really hard to find a reliable babysitter right now since the so called reliable babysitter she had was the one her husband was cheating with. The babysitter she temporarily has is her sister who lives 1 hour away from her and has her own children and cannot come to town until she see that her own children get to school OK. On Monday nights my friend is dropping her kids off at her sisters and coming back home on Monday nights for clinicals early tuesday morning and Wedensday and then goes down on Wedensday night and pick them up from her sister's house but she is late on Thursday's and Fridays since she has to wait for her sister. Things happen and people go through things. She has 2 more weeks to find a reliable situation or she will get kicked out. She is one though who would never complain if she did not do so well on a test BUT amazingly enough she happens to be one who is scoring among the top in the class. Those who typically complain and pic on others are the one's who typically don't have good valid reasons for missing class. You can usually tell the one's who have problems from those who don't have valid problems.

    However, those who miss class and don't have a good reason and they complain then they should wake up and smell the coffee.
  14. by   cakarol
    I know that everyone's situation is different and I am sympathetic to that. Heck, I am a single mother of a 17b month old working full time...I am exhausted all the time. I wake up and don't want to go to class sometime...but I KNOW I HAVE to....

    some people just haven't gotten their work schedules worked out. or were out late the night before with friends etc...That's what irritates me. They've known for 4 months the class schedule - they need to get work worked out.

    It's just frustrating because it holds the whole class back. and it's a huge interuption when peple come tromping in late. They have no rules on tardies or absenses because they feel we are adults and have the right to make those decisions. and i guess they figure it works out in the end, there is no way you can pass if you aren't there. Plus all absenses and tardies are on your file which emplyers can see!

    As for showing my grades...I don't try to...people are just very nosey and manage to "sneak a peak" half the time.

    Sorry if i sounded harsh all...i was just frustrated and needed to vent a little...

    thanks all for shedding a little light on the situation though.