Share your SHORT-CUT writing skills

  1. We all got a lots of notes to write, what kind of short cuts do you use. For me, I use the folowing:




    & = and

    ^= increase

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  3. by   MB37
    b/c is quicker than bcuz
    arrow for "leads to" or "causes"
    three dots for "therefore"
    triangle for "change," "ex" triangle for "exchange" (that's from calculus)
    "x" to shorten many common words (dx, tx, fx, hx)
    initials for all systems of body, hormones, neurotransmitters
    neuroT(ransmitter), hypoT(halamus)
    trigly, AA (amino acid)
    always use chemical symbols for ions, molecules - HCO3 is much quicker than bicarbonate
  4. by   allthingsbright
    ND-nursing dx
    I use the medical abbreviations for before and after
    Rx-meds, prescriptions
    Triangle for change

    Sometimes I lok at my friends notes and am like "huh?" Everyone has such different short hand!
  5. by   Daytonite
    Been using these for years. They are of my own personal cultivation; the first when I worked on a nephrology unit and the second when I was in school taking a physiology class.
    • D (with a horizontal line through the middle) = Dialysis
    • E, which I write like a backward "3" (with a vertical line down the middle) = enzymes
  6. by   ICRN2008
    VSS (vital signs stable), Mom @BS (Mom at bedside) and TMax (highest temperature) seems to be favorites at my hospital.
  7. by   cherokeesummer
    Dx, Hx, Sx,
  8. by   future L&Dnurse
    I often leave the vowels out of words so my nts lk lik ths. Saves time but is impossible for anyone else to read, it seems!

    I also use cx (cause) dx (diagnosis) crx (characteristics) hx (history) etc.

    Lots of arrows, lots of strange abbreviations. I use v for very, h for high, l for low, @ for at, c = with, s = without. bc for because.

    I've found most people can't read my original notes, I use so many weird abbreviations. But it saves trees and time, so I'm okay with that.
  9. by   s5995
    These are very helpful!

  10. by   miss arron
    arrow up - increase

    arrow down - decrease

    rxn - reaction
  11. by   VIXEN007
    fctn= function
    letter B with a vertical line on each side = between
    arrow pointing upward = above or superior
    WTH= study more on this section
    Q = sounds like an exam question
    NTN= need to know
    ntn = nice to know
  12. by   ummwhome
    While all abbreviations are created to save time, remember, they have to be legible and universal so "medical errors" DO NOT occur due to misinterpretation, or guessing when following someones notes. Check the JCAHO website for a list of approved abbreviations.
  13. by   APBT mom
    For notes at school:
    b/t- between
    3 with a dot on top and bottom-and
    up and down arrows-increase or decrease

    and a bunch of others that I can't think of. I also write cursint (cursive and print). The only good thing about it there are a couple of people in my class that use to always ask for my notes because they either didn't take them or were to busy talking, couldn't figure out what I was wirting so they stopped asking and FINALLY started taking their own notes.
  14. by   EricJRN
    Quote from VIXEN007
    WTH= study more on this section
    I know this is an old post, but I had to laugh.