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Tired and hungry nursing student

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  1. miss arron

    Leveling art line to tragus for cpp???

    I'm a year or two late on this thread, but I found it so interesting.... I've worked in two ICU's that have had neuro patients and both places have leveled the art at the phlebostatic axis and just wondering if there's be any additional research on this topic that anyone has heard of
  2. miss arron

    "Capped Care" in the ICU

    sounds similar to what we called "no escalation" on my old unit. ie: yes we will continue the pressors at the current level they are at but will not add a new one or turn up what we have, or no we will not start CVVHD but will continue doing everything else we are. we had specific orders written by the docs for this.
  3. miss arron

    Single Use Leads

    I just started in a new hospital where they use them and I think it's a great idea. Does anyone out there know how long they are good for? I had a patient tonite that's been here for just about a month and his ekg started acting up and changing the electrodes didn't help, but then switching the leads helped. Just wondering if there's any info out there on how often they should be replaced. I tried google, but couldn't find anything.
  4. miss arron

    Full-time student. Is there time for a part-time job?

    if you need to work, you'll find a way i worked part-time through my first year (24+) hours a week and my grades were very good you can do it, you just need keep somewhat organized
  5. miss arron

    RN program graduate and working as LPN

    i didn't think you could practice as an LPN if you held an RN license
  6. miss arron

    Hounding them?

    as competive as getting in the program is, i wouldn't be suprised that there are people out there willing to sabotage others...
  7. miss arron

    Hounding them?

    i think that sounds ridiculous.... no school would give you a spot just because you bothered them enough... at least i wouldn't want to go to a school like that. i think that girl is full of it.... i would rely on good scores/grades and not on making a bunch of phone calls that in reality are probably just going to annoy people
  8. miss arron

    A&P I Spring 2007 Semster - Welcome!

    having completed all our labs for anp 101, the best advice i can give is to go to all open labs you can - if you have them. the more you get your hands on them, the more you will remember. if not, try getbodysmart.com, great for the bones (shite for muscles). good luck! :w00t:
  9. miss arron

    A&P I Spring 2007 Semster - Welcome!

    i'm wrapping up my 8 week accelerated course next tuesday with our final... we went over our scores on work so far, and i could not show up for the final and walk out with a b.... or i could show up get a 41% and still keep my a. i
  10. miss arron

    Where do I get my score???? TEAS

    i'd definitely go talk to the test center people if the site is saying you haven't taken the assessment
  11. miss arron

    Russian Orphan Babies Gagged By Staff To Prevent Crying

    my faith in humanity just plummeted... that's so sad.
  12. miss arron

    Every Child Deserves a School nurse

    i would be terrified if the secretary of my child's school was providing medical care....
  13. miss arron

    A&P I Spring 2007 Semster - Welcome!

    hi all, i also will be starting A&P 1 in janauary - but i'm doing the accelerated A&P so i am taking A&P 2 as well (8 weeks of each). the rest of my classes are fluff pre-reqs for the school since i already have a BS in chem eng (thank god!) i've already started reviewing A&P online just to get a head start, hadn't had any since high school
  14. miss arron

    Nursing 2006 Salary Survey finds salaries leveling off

    one thing i found interesting is that even though they're the minority, male nurses made more than female nurses.... i guess females just always get the short end of the stick when it comes to salaries :barf01:
  15. miss arron

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    rofl! i just read this whole thread during a very dull pre-holiday work day. i'm amused and amazed at the things people have seen. can't wait to get out there and see what else i come across. one of my own from earlier this year: when you go to an er for a concussion with your bf and the admitting nurse asks what happened, don't just say you fell with no explanation because you're embarrased about falling at a hand's on exhibit at a children's museum - they'll think you're bf beats you.
  16. miss arron

    Anyone left good paying job for nursing?

    i too am leaving a "decent" job to become a nurse. i don't think any job is actually decent if it doesn't make you happy. life's too short to waste any time doing something you don't want to do. i agree with doing your research before going into nursing just because you want to help people. luckily i know some nurses and nursing students well so i've got a good handle on what i am in for! best of luck to everyone!