Schools without waiting lists


    This is a list compiled by Johnson & Johnson.
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    Though there is no waiting list, I think admittances are extremely competitive. Determining factor is weighted heavily on GPA. Here in Southern Alabama, every nursing school on average, accepts about 10-15 % of all applicants. I was told at University of Alabama that they normally receive about 500-600 applicants per semester, and only admits 50. I applied for their accelerated BSN program, of which only 12 are taken per semester.
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    That's very true. No waiting list doesn't necessarily mean every applicant is accepted. I can also mean they don't maintain a waiting list. Thus you would need to reapply for the next class.
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    University of Oklahoma

    University of Central Oklahoma

    Oklahoma City Community College

    Rose State College

  9. by   blueyesue
    here is another private nursing school with no waiting list. it is called bellin college of nursing. bellin hospital will reimburse your tuition if you work for them. they also offer a great sign on bonus.

    school: home: bellin college of nursing
    hospital: bellin health services

  10. by   Christie RN2006
    also MedCentral College of Nursing in Mansfield, Ohio has no waiting list...
  11. by   Natkat
    My college doesn't have a waiting list but it usually takes a person more than 2 years to get accepted.

    North Harris College
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    My daughter goes to Thomas Jefferson University's Geisinger campus in Danville, PA. There are no prereq's. Then gen eds. are done concurrently w/ the nursing classes. I was unsure about this program, but so far, so good. She is learning a ton of stuff and skills. I can't believe it. It is very intense. I do not believe they have a waiting list. It is a two year ADN program and they are done in two years. Good luck to everyone. I know a lady w/ a very good GPA who has been waiting a year and a half for admission to our local community college. It is frustrating. She is a wonderful tech and would be a great nurse.
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    Quote from P_RN

    This is a list compiled by Johnson & Johnson.
    i've checked out a few of those on the list above, and it turns out that some/most(?) only accept in-state applicants (or in-county residents), so it's not really going to help those of us who are spread out all over.
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    Bryant & Stratton College
    Wauwatosa, WI (west campus)
    Parma, OH
    Willoughby Hills, OH

    Bryant & Stratton College ADN program

    I had to take an acuplacer test, then the TEAS test and then an interview but there was no waiting list. It is an 18 month program and the tuition is 6K a semester for 5 semesters.

    No need to have a CNA license
    No GPA req'
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