Required to take CNA course before entering nursing school?

  1. Hello everyone,
    This could be the most stupid question I ever asked on this message board. I will be entering the nursing program in September; people have told me that it would be necessary to take a CNA course before you enter the program.

    Does everyone have to be a certified nursing assistant before or during the nursing program?
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  3. by   AmyLiz
    It depends on the school. Mine did, some don't. Talk to your advisor and they'll be able to give you the answer.
  4. by   z's playa
    Nope...never heard of that. I'm going in green

    I would be helpful as is any experience towards anything
    but no it is not necesssary here.
  5. by   Sheri257
    Most programs in my area don't require it, but there's one school that does.

    While a CNA course is somewhat repetitive since you acquire the same training in nursing school, some schools require it because a lot of people go through pre-reqs and don't realize they can't handle things like body fluids.

    That's why some programs require the CNA first.

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  6. by   Achoo!
    My college will require it as of next year. They are implementing a new program to coincide with all CC. We will also be able to sit fr the LPN exam after the first year.
  7. by   purplemania
    One of the first steps in becoming a professional nurse is to get information from reliable sources. I imagine if you call the Nursing School you will get more accurate info. Good luck in your studies!
  8. by   kathc
    Mine doesn't, but I have heard of some that do.
  9. by   Nur_1996
    My LPN program required it. That was 8/9 years ago, not sure if they still do??
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    Never heard of one requiring it, but since other posters on here have said that some do, I guess they are out there, huh? Mine doesn't, obviously.
  11. by   klone
    Ours does. Either be an actual CNA, or take a CNA course (in which case, you don't actually have to become certified). My class starts in two weeks.
  12. by   Truly_Blessed
    Unless the people inthe nursing department have told you that you need to be a CNA I wouldn't worry about it. If in doubt, call them up. Our ADN program requires that you are an CNA or LVN before you decide to apply. Our LVN doesn't require you to be a CNA first.
  13. by   jcardwell
    The school that I have been accepted to requires you go to CNA school before you start the program. The other school in our area which had over 900 applications this year and picks by lottery, just announced you have to go to CNA school before you even apply to the school next year. That should cut down on the applications next year.
  14. by   luckyladyore
    My school requires that you have your CNA before you submit an application! It doesnt hurt to have more knowledge.