Pinning ceremony...with NO faculty??

  1. Hi all! I've searched the web with no advice so I'm hoping someone here can help me out! My cohort is graduating May 8th (eeeek)! We are all gearing up for it, but we found out recently that due to issues in the past, our faculty won't be there at all! No help with planning, none of them will be there to pin, heck, they won't even advise us on what it's all about or give us any info on how, where, when to go about us planning it ourselves. We are so disappointed! We have worked so hard for this "right of passage" and feel so defeated that this isn't important to our school like it is to us.

    Any advice??
    Thank you!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Provide yourselves with the most mature, appropriate, emotionally satisfying, and enjoyable ceremony that you can. The faculty certainly doesn't seem to be very mature about this. Punishing your group for events in the past involving others? How professional is that?
  4. by   Jdover37
    I agree completely. It's so frustrating. So it wouldn't be tacky or inappropriate to host it for ourselves?
  5. by   missmollie
    Quote from Jdover37
    I agree completely. It's so frustrating. So it wouldn't be tacky or inappropriate to host it for ourselves?
    It's not tacky, you all have worked very hard to graduate.

    My pinning ceremony had a reception and we were on a stage with our professors who pinned us. We had one special speaker (It was one of of our clinical instructors), and we had awards for the highest GPA each semester, and all the students voted for one student who exemplified what nursing is.

    I would ask clinical instructors if they would be willing to pin you at the ceremony.

    I'm so sorry for your situation.
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    I think it would be lovely if you put on the ceremony yourselves. At my son's, all of the people doing the pinning were nurses, whether parent, relative, friend, instructor, or whatever. Faculty did participate, but it was mostly the students who did the planning and executing of the ceremony. It was really nice (and yes, I had the honor of pinning my son).
  7. by   cleback
    I never was pinned. My school did not offer it. I think it's sweet your class is putting something together regardless. That will be a good time.
  8. by   amoLucia
    Maybe help from an Alumni Assoc (if you have one) might be able to offer some info.
  9. by   Jedrnurse
    Weird situation. On the bright side, look at it as freedom to create the type of ceremony that the class itself would like, not some predetermined event that you are being lead through.

    It could be better because of this...
  10. by   bugya90
    We had to host our own pinning ceremony as our school also did not allow school officials to participate in anything other than the cap and gown graduation for my LVN graduation. We hosted it and invited certain faculty members as our "guests" so they could pin us. My sister who was an alumni of the nursing school did the Nightingale pledge and lighting ceremony and another classmates mom who was also a nurse did the introductions and acted as MC (spelling?) It turned out quite nice.
  11. by   Davey Do
    Quote from cleback
    I never was pinned.
    Nor was I. Not as an RN anyway.

    It just wasn't important to me. I mean, something is really only important to us if we make it important. I didn't make the pinning important.

    Perhaps it was because I attended my LPN pinning, so I had done it once and that was good enough for me. I was just happy to be done with the RN program and to have it behind me. The RN program was a means to an end.

    So I tell people that I wasn't pinned.

    I was bumper-stickered:


    Oh- and welcome to, jdover!
  12. by   adventure_rn
    That stinks. I hope they're able to come to the ceremony as guests if they want to.

    Pinning at our graduation ceremony was optional, and you had to buy your own pin. Anybody who didn't want to purchase a pin could get 'pinned' with a small ribbon in our school's colors. You had to select your own 'pinner' before the ceremony (a family member or friend), and after you got your diploma you walked to a section where the pinners were sitting together and they 'pinned' you. So the progression went that you walked across the stage, got your diploma, left the stage, walked over to the pinning section, got your pin, and sat back down. They kept going with the diplomas during the 'pinning' to keep things moving along. Perhaps you could do something similar? I know these pins aren't personalized with your program's name, but you can buy affordable nursing pins on the internet: Nursing Pins | PinMart

    Congrats on your upcoming graduation!