Once again...shoes

  1. I've done a few searches for nursing shoes on the boards and I'm not finding the info that I'm looking for.

    Our program requires "nursing shoes", no sneakers, no clogs. Must have a full back to the shoe (ie no straps across the back either).

    So, that being said, I'm looking for recommendations!

    I've seen a few posts about the Nurse Mates and Cherokee Rockers, but nothing too positive. (I plan on hitting the uniform stores this weekend to try them on myself).

    Can anyone give me suggestions?

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  3. by   Jen2
    I will just be starting my nursing classes this fall but have been working in healthcare for seven years. I can honestly say that a good walking shoe is the best for me, and I have problems with my feet. I even just had surgery in May. My nursing program does not allow sneakers/clogs either. I have tried nursemates, and found them to not be able to compete with my New Balance, but I guess I'll just have to suck it up and purchase a new pair of them to appease my clinical instructor. I have seen some really nice styles from Dansko. I've never tried them before and they are very pricey. I'm too afraid to spend all that money on something I've never tried before. Nursemates are not the most comfortable IMHO anyway, but they are very affordable, last long, and clean up nicely. I would like to hear some feedback on those of you who have tried Dansko shoes.
  4. by   srose
    I got a pair of white Danskos (with a back) for clinicals. I'm wearing my brown danskos at work now, and I love them...sometimes after a 12-hr shift my feet are a little sore but my knees and back NEVER hurt with them. However, I wish I hadn't spent so much on shoes for clinicals, since once school is over I'm never wearing all white shoes again

    I would suggest plain sneakers, they're cheaper anyway.
  5. by   Genista
    I bought a pair of Nursemates as a student, and they were okay for an 8 hr shift. ( I worked a 12 hr shift though, and my feet were killing me). I think everyone's different. I had some friends who swear by $20 cheapie white tennis shoes. Not for me, though. When I was in nursing school, someone told me about SAS (San Antonio Shoes) shoes and I have been a big fan ever since. I wear the style called "freetime" which looks like white Reeboks. They cost about $100/pair. They are WELL worth it! They are the most comfortable, cushioned shoes ever made. I've been a floor nurse for several years now, and I plug these shoes whenever I can. They're great. I worked a double the other day (16 hrs) and my feet didn't hurt once. They never do. Just try them on, perhaps they might be the shoes for you.
  6. by   kbstudent
    I love my Dansko's. Have a pair of Nursemates for my clinicals. Thought they were great when I first put them on. That lasted for few hours, then the aching in my feet began. I had a quarter of 12 hour clinicals, so that was a killer. Anyway I swear by Dansko. I wear them all the time. Yes they are pricey, but if your feet don't hurt, it is well worth the money spent. I got them for a little cheaper on Ebay. Brand new shoes at about a $20-25 savings.
  7. by   colleen10

    Has anyone ever had good or bad experiences with putting "in soles" or those gel pads in their tennis shoes for extra comfort?

    I don't know if they are good or bad for you.

    Any suggestions, please fill me in.

  8. by   FutureNurse2005
    I will be investing in a pair of SAS ortho's. I need the specialized support! They are quite pricy, but well worth it!
  9. by   foreverhope
    I just purchased a pair of Z-Coil shoes. They are really strange looking, with a spring in the heel. They are very expensive and very good for your feet. I have major foot pain when I have to be on my feet a lot so I considered it worth the 175.00 investment. I guess you could call it a gift to myself.
  10. by   suzy253
    I got a pair of Dansko's (Jette). Pricey but very comfortable and a lot of support. But the true test will of course be in clinicals. I researched and tried on lots of shoes but the Dansko's won out in the end. My school doesn't allow clogs or opened back shoes either.
  11. by   NICU_Nurse
    Okay, I've got two top choices, based on my two years of nursing school and almost two years of nursing IRL.

    My absolute first, hands-down, is New Balance. I know you said you can't wear these, but for others reading, they get a quadruple thumbs-up from me. Best shoes I've ever worn- wore holes in them from so much use. Feet were like walking on clouds.

    My second choice, and recommendation for you to consider, is the Cherokee Rocker shoe you mentioned. I've been wearing these for about a year now, along with very thick insoles (I got them at Footaction; I have no idea what brand they are anymore, but they were about 30$ a pair), and my feet absolutely do not hurt. I'm not a skinny girl, mind you, and I not only have long feet (size 11! Ack!) but they're very picky.

    The Rockers are slip-on's, slightly sneaker-styled, but are technically nursing shoes and look very neat and professional, IMO. They are a bit stiff at the lip (which breaks at the bend in your foot/ankle) at first, but it only took about two weeks of regular wear to break the leather down enough to where it was pliable. Just wear thick athletic socks for padding while you're breaking them in and you're set. The difference between the New Balance and the Rockers? Well, the NB tennis shoe sole is very flexible, and bends a lot when you walk, just like your foot does. This is a plus, because basically the shoe is soft and goes where your foot goes. The Rocker is much stiffer, and the sole is considerably less flexible, which at first I thought I was going to regret, but in fact, the shoe provides even MORE support than the New Balance by supporting your arch stiffly, rather than allowing your foot to contort as you walk. Does that make sense? Now, I am INFAMOUS for complaining about uncomfortable shoes, and would never recommend anything to others that I wouldn't swear by myself, and I would definitely recommend either of these shoes to anyone.

    I tried Nursemates and my feet were practically bleeding (two different styles). I also tried Easy Spirits when I was in nursing school, and these were only okay. Not horrible, pretty comfortable, but my feet were still aching each day when I got home.

    I went and bought a second pair of Rockers which I use for walking around the track with my husband and I just love them because my feet and calves don't ache like they do occasionally with some sneakers.

    So that's my two cents.

    Here's another two: I am not in favor of the clog or mule-type nursing shoes. I think they look unprofessional (unless you're in OR where you need autoclavable rubber shoes, which is a different story), and I have seen people at work running down the unit and have their shoe come flying off. Also, some clogs have slightly platform heels, and I've seen a coworker step down wrong, the platform twisted to the side, and she sprained her ankle rather badly. This happened to me with regular non-nursing out-of-the-workplace platform clogs once and I have never worn them again. It's not worth it! I still have a weak ankle that never healed right. Take care of your feets. Okay, I am officially done typing now.
  12. by   NICU_Nurse
    PS. I have the Cherokee "Boulevard" design; it's also one of their lightweight styles, which is another plus IMO.
  13. by   dprayvd
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  14. by   LisaG
    The shoes that I got for clinical are Easy Spirit. I was surprised on how comfortable they were. I think that I paid about $25.00 for them.