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New fun thread. Please finish the sentence: NO she/he did not: Mine: NO SHE DID NOT WALK INTO CLASS WITH a RED THONG CLEARLY SHOWING UNDER HER UNIFORM!:smackingf... Read More

  1. by   maataus
    Quote from jcummins32
    No she did not think military position means ( conceived in the military )

    during OB lecture one of my classmates asked if the teacher meant if the baby was conceived in the military!!:spin:
    this is so funny! lol
  2. by   PinkAnther
    Oh no she did not...

    say to the patient, "Oh, this guy has a lot of experience being the catcher," about the patient transporter. The transporter had just told the patient not to worry about falling, because we would be right there. My flirty patient told the transporter he'd much rather fall into my arms. This is when I referred to his experience as catcher. The worst/best part is the patient totally caught it and was making the "oh my god, i cant believe you just said that and i can't stop smiling about it!"

    No she did not...
    give this same patient her number during clinicals... on ACCIDENT! I had two pts and one of them was being transferred to a new floor, and I wanted to accompany her. We don't get phones passed out to us during clinicals, so I wrote down my number on a piece of paper and told him to have the nurse or whoever came to get him call my cell before he left the floor. I set it far, far away from Mr. Flirty since he couldn't get up on his own. Unfortunately, this paper got sent home with him. I soon received a text saying what a difference I made talking to him and caring for him. Of course this was followed by him asking me out. I declined but thanked him for reminding me it's worth it to suffer through nursing school!

    No she did NOT!!!

    Get a stern "talking-to" about picking her nose... and not washing her hands... at clinical! (NOT ME!!! And we've alllll seen her eat it!)

    Laugh out loud when the instructor told us a patient had cancer. (same booger-eater)

    Literally pour the crumbs from her potato chip bag into her mouth our first day in nrsg lab... right after the instructor told us to treat the lab as a real patient room. (the boogie lover again)

    Give a patient twice as much medication as ordered in clinical. Of course the instructor is in hot water for not watching med admin of her student, I could write a novel of oh no she did not's on this instructor. (Guess who... same booger eating doofus!)

    Those of you with the stories about idiots in your class who didn't make it give me hope. We've been making bets about this girl not making it to the next semester since the first few weeks of class! It terrifies me to think someone like her could have made it this far!
  3. by   ashleyisawesome
    no she didnt, when we got our schedules for clinical say: "i thought clinical was always 6:30-3:30, but apparently not.. it looks like were here until 5:15 some days!"

    the schedule read:
    Clinical Unit: 0700-1515.

    *face palm*
  4. by   missmoone
    Quote from ashleyisawesome
    no she didnt, when we got our schedules for clinical say: "i thought clinical was always 6:30-3:30, but apparently not.. it looks like were here until 5:15 some days!"

    the schedule read:
    Clinical Unit: 0700-1515.

    *face palm*

    .. wow.. just
  5. by   ILstudentnurse
    Oh no she didn't

    ...Brush the patient's teeth and have them rinse their mouth with water from a bedpan, with the roomates initials on it!

    ...Pour a patient's urine, contaminated with esbl in the bathtub.

    ...have a tattoo that said suicide showing during clinical in front of a patient dx with depression. ( I am so glad she didn't pass).
  6. by   morningland
    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    No he didn't tell me during report when I was handing over the patient that he thought that the hospice patient with lung cancer had pulmonary hypertension and that was why she couldn't breathe. Um hello end stage lung cancer. Besides there was no coarse crackles or jugular vein distention or ANYTHING or the sort.

    Same guy oh no didn't turn up for work wearing his student uniform right down to the white pants and jacket with school patch. Oh no he didn't tell me he had 3 years hospice experience and yet not understand any of the basic concepts.

    Almost ate my first nurse that day. Boy would that have been tasty.
    Lame... I'm speaking about you
  7. by   Future O.R. Nurse
    Quote from jolie chatte
    but....thats how i do it. granted i hold their wrist, count their pulses first then continue to hold their wrist and look at the clock every so often while watching their chest rise and fall.

    you do count people's respirations by holding the pt's wrists and looking at the clock. alot of health care professionals do it that way. its so that the patient doesnt know youre counting their respirations and change their breathing pattern.

    pretty slick, eh?
    Thank you sooo much for clearing that up... I did that my first day of clinicals and the assigned nurse went off on me for ten minutes.... I didn't dare stop and explain to her why I did that.... We went to the same school... so why didn't she know that???? just curious!!!
  8. by   turnforthenurse
    No did he not

    just drew up insulin in an IM syringe

    and almost give crushed oral meds down an ET tube!

    True story. He's failed a of classes and got kicked out. Appealed to get back in and my CON gave him another chance and then he hung 2 incompatible IV meds in clinical one day. He got kicked out for good.
  9. by   luv2b_a_nurs
    No she did not just put her ear down on a patient's stomach to listen for g-tube placement! Not me! This was in 3rd semester. Thankfully she failed that clinical and also failed a theory class 2x's so she's least for now!
    The kicker....she thought "I" complained about her and that's why she got kicked out. Seriously??? Like i have time to mess with other people's lives! lol
  10. by   bd22
    No she did not have her boyfriend visit her on the floor during our shift, and let him STAY for over an hour! She also did not have him sit with her while providing bedside support/company to one of our DYING residents...allowing him to remain in the room while turning/changing..

    I was livid, to say the least. Patient dignity anyone?! Or just morals in general?!
  11. by   Jen_Jen88
    oh no she did not just tell my little brother if he keeps moving his arm while she is injecting him the needle will break and go to his heart and KILL HIM.. really???? why would someone do that. Poor kid!
  12. by   Kaylesh
    Ohhh she did try to irrigate a foley by pushing the irrigant through the balloon port.

    Scary part is.. she was actually a RN eeeeek
  13. by   That Guy
    Quote from axiousguy
    In a classroom full of 70 students, classmate shouts and repeats confidently "28,000 ml/min" referring IV rate

    Needless to say I never say her again the following quarter...
    Funny story about this.

    Was in the ICU and we were getting report one time and the nurse said that NS was running at 300 miles per hour. We both stopped, looked at each other and lost it. Sometimes you gotta just laugh about the silly things you say.