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  1. when your dear hubby doesn't bother to ask what is for dinner anymore...and just brings home take-out!
  2. Katen

    No She/he Did Not!!!

    No she didn't... Just walk out of lecture, go in the hall and order her take out lunch, giving the guy directions to the room I might add...then when it came, jump up go out and get it and bring it back to class without even a second thought about it.........this was all during lecture
  3. Katen

    Words of Encouragement

    Thank you so much...that is just the kind of thing I needed to hear right about now...so close to Christmas break that I think my mind wants to take a break for awhile
  4. Katen

    First Clinicals....any advice??

    here is my tip...when you feel like your in over your head or just need a second to collect your thoughts...duck into the restroom! I know it seems silly, but really helped me those first few weeks. It gives you a second to collect yourself and head back out to provide A+ patient care! (by no means do I mean to spend most of your time in there though )
  5. Katen

    What color are your school uniforms?

    We are white on white to...of course with the school patch thats red and white so no bleaching for us. Honestly I can get over the color...its the textrue of our uniforms that drives me crazy...its like wearing cardboard for 12 hours!! I would think I'd died and gone to heaven if they let us wear some scrubs
  6. Katen

    Pleaseee Help Me

    have you tried your book's website...most of the books I have websites that offer NCLEX type questions
  7. Katen

    Needle Issue

    I swear we could have the same instructor...mine said the same exact thing to us about two weeks ago when we brought up IVs. I couldn't belive it either...I just stood there thinking are you kidding me...all the money I'm paying to come here and your going to leave out a huge part like IVs!
  8. Katen

    Big dilemma please give me some advice

    I wish I could tell you what to do...but I can't. Only you can know that for sure. But my advice is to really really think about it first...nursing isn't just something to "switch" to on the fly. You have to really want it in order to put up with all the crap you are going to go through.
  9. Katen

    Sit or Stand

    I prefer to sit...but thats because I'm so tall that I have to half bend half slouch just to reach the patient if I'm not able to raise the bed :)
  10. Katen


    try google...its been my saving grace many times!
  11. your not alone. I absolutely hated A&P 1 and 2 , micro ranked right up there with them . I didn't really start enjoying my classes till this year when we started doing clinicals and hands on labs. Now I can't wait to go and actually want to hear the information in lecture, not just learn it...hang in there, I think things will change for you once you start to have "nursy" type classes
  12. Katen

    Clinical Question

    At mine its totaly random...there are two teachers on each clinical day...they each go to a different hospital...whatever teacher the computer stuck you with is where you go.
  13. Katen

    I lost my study budy!

    Thank you all for your replys. I think that after hearing what you all have said and going over it 1,000 times with my husband (he is SO over talking about it :sstrs:) I have decided that I will be just fine. I guess I just had to vent. The reality of it is that she isn't the one that got me into the program, I did that all by myself with my own hard work, so I will be able to finish this myself also! Thanks again for all the responces...it really makes you feel better to know there are people that have gone thru the same things.
  14. Katen

    I lost my study budy!

    Well here I am in week 5 of my first year. All through my pre-recs I have had a "study buddy" we met in comp 1, found out we were both headed for nursing and have been together ever since. Well last week during our med/surg class we started to cover stress. Our instructor was trying to be funny and gave the example that us students were under situational stress because of our upcomming test, and that if we didn't pass it we would be "out of the program". Everyone in the class laughed and understood the joke except my friend. She took the instructors coment to heart and went home, emailed the instructors and withdrew from the program! I have tried to explain to her that she maybe just needs to take a deep breath and she will realize she will do fine, but she has made up her mind she isn't comming back. I am now at a total loss now, I know it may seem selfish, but I have no one to turn to for support! I tried this weekend to attend a study group with some of the other students in my class, but all that ended up doing was confusing me more. Sorry for rambling, I guess my question is what do I do now? Is it possible to go through this without a partner in crime?
  15. Katen

    You know you are in nursing school when ctxt

    Your standing in the school's bookstore looking at what you should buy next to give you "the edge" and the clerk says "I love your hair cut! Where do you go?" and you reply OVMC Hospital 5th floor (where your clinicals are)! She just smiled at me and said "No honey what salon" I wanted to crawl under a rock! :chuckle
  16. Katen


    Every time I take the time to pre-read I get to class on the first day and we start at some totaly random place in the book...thats not what I have read lol. Although every semester I still find my self trying to cram in the first chapter or two you would think I would learn :selfbonk: