Memorial Day weekend plans?

  1. Anyone have any big plans for the long weekend? I'm planning to do what I like to do best ... nothing . I'm feeling run down and need to catch up on some rest before I start training for my new LPN job at the hospital next week. I'm going to relax on my deck for awhile with a couple of books and papers and bone up on some nursing stuff before I start. Enjoy your three day stretch, everyone!
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  3. by   alexillytom
    I am going to catch up on some much needed housecleaning. Honestly, I am
    ashamed to have anyone in my house. I adopted a puppy from the humane
    society. They told me he didn't shed. Well, I guess you can all figure out what
    is all over my house? Dog hair everywhere. My family won't let me send him
    back so I guess I will have to deal with it.

    Have a great holiday everyone!
  4. by   MickyB-RN
    I'm working a 12 hr. shift tomorrow, 8 hr. shift Sunday, 12 hr. shift Monday and an 8 hr. shift Tuesday. Guess I'll relax on Wednesday.

  5. by   RNNoMore
    No plans as yet, but the whole family is free this weekend so that's good! It was the first day of summer break for the kids today, so I got to sleep in (still not dressed and it's 11.40am here - bliss! LOL). The kids are tidying their rooms because I said that we don't start the summer break until their rooms and the rest of the house is tidy & clean, so today is a housework day and tomorrow the fun starts

  6. by   Annabelle57
    Summer break? What's that?

    I am moving into my apartment this weekend... the first I've ever had completely on my own, no roommates. Woo-hoo! :hatparty: That'll be most of the day on Sunday, and on Monday, in between unpacking my stuff, I'll be heading over to have a traditional burgers-and-dogs Memorial Day BBQ with my closest friends. And in between all of that (and everything else), I'll be studying about prokaryotes.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
  7. by   S.N. Visit
    Today my week end started, the kids are out of school for summer. In the morning, I'm driving my girls to kansas City, Mo, where they will be competing in a dance competition at Worlds of fun. Then when we get back on Sunday, I'm going to relax and get ready for my new school semester which starts on tues. Nutrition & Med term here I come

    Have a great & safe week-end everyone!
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    Work, work, and work. Plus, a spur-of-the-moment family reunion which is gonna mean having something like 15 people in the house all weekend.......which is why I'm actually glad to be working!! :chuckle Of course, I'm off on Monday, which is the actual holiday and the day I have to BBQ steaks and burgers for 9 adults and a passel of kids.......hmmm, maybe I should volunteer to work, I could use the time-and-a-half..... :uhoh21:
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Off today and being lazy .. . we've had rain and lightening storms all week so it feels like being lazy weather, not to mention maybe a bunch of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Funny, every year college kids come to Shasta Lake to party and it seems every year it is cold and rainy.

    Tomorrow, shopping in the big city for a promotion dress for my 14 y.o. daughter . . .hopefully all the PROM dresses will be gone and there will be no further fighting.

    I work Sun/Mon. Maybe that tri-tip marinating in the fridge will be for Sunday night.

  10. by   manna
    Ooh, stormy days always make me want to just laze around and sleep. I just love staying curled up in the bed - between a good book and snoozing - when it's rainy out.

    The weather is nice here today - not too hot and humid like it was yesterday. I need to come in to work for a few hours tomorrow (if I can find a sitter) to make up some lost time. DS#1 has a classmates' birthday party at an arts-and-crafts place, then my parents (who fancy themselves gourmets) are cooking a birthday dinner for my brother. Yum!

    Sunday the whole family plans on going to church, and Monday will either be spent being endlessly lazy or cleaning house. I haven't decided yet, though I'm leaning towards the former.

    Sometime in between all that, we'll go out and visit my in-laws at the lake.

    Today is my last day of full-time work! :hatparty:
    I'm working afternoons only through June, then out I'm out of here for good! :hatparty:
  11. by   fourblessings
    Well, it is suppose to thunderstorm here in Mn over the weekend :angryfire , but it is my daughter's FIRST birthday tomorrow! (Sat) :hatparty:

    We were gonna have a bbq party, but so much for that. Looks like a indoor party with sub sandwhiches!
  12. by   EMTtoRN
    sleeeeep sleeeeep I worked 46 hours this past week and this morning woke up with a SORE throat and now a fever and spent the morning doing an ambulance call in the rain :uhoh21: . So I am SLEEPING in!!!

    Sunday we are taking our daughter to the Bronx zoo and Monday its off to Mils for brgers and hotdogs.
  13. by   suzy253
    Reading ... not for pleasure of course. Reading assigned chapters for my summer nursing courses, typing up my notes & studying. Have an exam in Micro on Tuesday. Then studying, studying, more studying, reading, etc.
    No real plans other than this but we're pretty spontaneous so if something else pops up we'll be ready to go! Have a good one!
  14. by   mamaof3
    We were suppose to go camping with a couple of other families. But they decided to cancel because of all the storms we have been having. It is suppose to continue all weekend. No one wants to get hailed on in a tent. But at least I still have a three day weekend to relax.