Losing Motivation and only 3 weeks left!

  1. I'm a first semester fundamentals student in an ADN program.
    I have been doing very well both clinically and academically(B+!).
    BUT....the last week I have not cracked a book at all! I haven't
    skipped any classes, and I have been prepared for clinical lab.
    I just seem to have lost my energy. I plan to play catch up on
    objectives both this weekend and next. Is anyone else feeling
    this way? I guess I just need to force myself back into my good
    study habits, a kind of "fake it till I make it" and I'll be back
    where I need to be.
    Sorry for the rambling in this post. I just feel a bit lost!
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  3. by   bethin
    Congrats on the good grades!!

    It sounds like you have a case of freshmanitis. You reach a certain point, most likely towards the end of the semester where you just don't want to study anymore. You'd rather watch re runs of Beverly Hills 90210.

    You are soooo close. Look at it this way: in three weeks you will have some much needed time off. Next semester you'll have new exciting classes. DO NOT mess up these last few weeks and ruin your good grades! You will regret it later - at least I did.

    Crack a book. Do not leave your house until you are caught up. I guarantee you, when you get your great grades at the end of the semester you will see that it was all worth it.
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    I'm with you. With only 2 units left, 1 on site clinical, and 3 finals, I'm beat. I don't want to do anything for class. I left my clinical research until night before, and res went to hospital last sat. Thankfully, I know now not to wait. I'll go Tues for friday clinical....
    I'm just drained. It's tough keeping up, plus the class thinks I'm the "smart" guy in the program so I'm having to weed out people in study group to keep with ones who are half serious and not flaking out doing conversations about every little topic. It just goes to show you, everyone gets this.
    I missed next semester registration and had to register late....wound up in a clinical site next semester that's a 45 min drive away(with IL winter coming up!) at least it's only for 8 weeks!!!
  5. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    Well like you said I guess it just hits us all. I did get off-line
    last night and did some catch up on my reading. I can't hide
    from it forever! I'll just keep plugging away. I think it
    will help that next week is a short week, I can spend the
    rest of the time catching up. My husband(the wonderful sort!)
    said to remember why I'm doing this to begin with...my core
    motivation. I've always wanted to be a nurse, come from a
    family of nurses, at 45 I'm finally doing what I always dreamed
    about, and not just doing but academically excelling at it. My
    clinicals have been fantastic experiences that I truly enjoy.
    I just need to reconect and stick with it!

    Thank you to all who have posted. It helps to know I'm not
    the only one who has hit a bit of a wall.(Gosh, how many
    cliches can I possibly stick in here!)
  6. by   Achoo!
    I have hit the wall myself. Just feel completely overloaded. I am reading my stuff, but not taking as many notes as I was before. I am hoping after the long holiday weekend I'll be rested up and ready to dig back in.
  7. by   Dublin37
    We've been talking about the same thing too! come visit us next store We are not alone!
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  8. by   WDWpixieRN
    I'll join your club, luv2....I'm down to 2 last tests, 1 checkout, and a research project....I've got one last week of clinicals......and I almost could care less, lol....I went out of town last weekend with friends and feel like I was gone 2 months....I am having SUCH a hard time getting back to my books and studying.....holidays are coming, I want to bake and shop, play with my grandkids, and just forget grades and learning!!

    It is amazing how quickly the first 9 or 10 weeks of this semester have gone by, but the past few have just drug on and on!!
  9. by   BeccaznRN
    Hang in there, everyone!

    I only have three weeks until graduation, and trust me when I say that it's the L-O-N-G-E-S-T three weeks known to mankind!
  10. by   OnTheRoad
    I am with you. I am done with clinicals, just a couple tests left and I not only feel I have lost all motivation.... I am downright exhausted and depressed. I have to grab onto something and pull myself back out because I was pulling all A's and B's and if I stop now I can't hold onto those grades. I keep telling myself 3 more wks, but my body wants to shut down RIGHT NOW!
    Alas... I too shall pass
  11. by   AuntieRN
    I think we all get that way at the end of every semester...StlRn2b1206..congrats on you r upcoming graduation. I know you are excited...and you are right...those last 3 weeks seem like they will never end...I remember....but soon it will all be over....good luck to you!!
  12. by   ladybugsea
    Yup, I'm there, too! I'm tired, stressed, and can't keep up with the reading (job and toddler). Multiple choice tests suck; sometimes I ace 'em, sometimes I don't, yet I feel like I knew the material the same. I feel like studying (and possibly even reading!) doesn't really help me all that much, at least for Fundamentals.
  13. by   vss04
    Student report from Sweden:
    Seems like its a global feeling. Ive been studying for three years now and will finish i january 19 2007. These last courses are heavy! Were are all my motivation?
    I have to put myself together every morning and scrape together some energy to get even the smallest job done. Youre not alone!
  14. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    Well, thanks to all who have posted. It does help to know I'm not alone. My motivation lately has been back and I am on track for the last 2 exams. Finished my final clinical lab checkout for Fundamentals. Hubby took me to a great restaurant to celebrate that accomplishment! I just have to keep rewarding myself for the littlest accomplishments right now. But it seems to be working and keeping me motivated!
    Good luck to all as we finish this semester!