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  1. OnTheRoad

    New to HH, Recert... Not feeling right, input needed.

    Thank you both for replying.
  2. I got a job with a HH agency and have had exactly 1 patient whom I have been seeing for 8 wks. I was supposed to discharge the patient tomorrow because patient really isn't homebound ( functions quite well and brings self to the mall and is hoping she can find some elderly employment to take up her days, as well as being able to drive to appointments, grocery shopping, etc). A week ago patient had an outpatient procedure to have a toenail removed and the office wants me to recert tomorrow for that reason. It is true that her toe could become infected, patient is complying with doctors orders concerning wound care. Is this really a reason to recert? As my training consisted of 2 15 minute assessments ( I have always spent my entire hour with my patient), I was ready to put an end to this professional relationship after closing this case. I am wondering if I should now run and also refuse to do the recert??? Any help from you experienced HH RN's appreciated!
  3. OnTheRoad

    I did It!!!

    I passed my final final today and I graduate thursday! That is all, I am just busting at the seams and had to tell someone
  4. OnTheRoad

    4 weeks 2 go

    Pinning on Dec 18th here. Or at least I hope so. Over half our class failed our first med surg 2 exam, so every point is needed now. I am thinking positive though :)
  5. OnTheRoad

    Frustrated with Clinicals Feel like Giving Up

    How many semesters in are you? Skills present themselves as they present themselves. Personally... I am almost done with my AS and still have not inserted a foley. It isn't that my instructors haven't looked for or I haven't looked for opportunities, there have simply not been any to start during all my clinicals. One day I will start a foley and in the mean time I will do whatever else my instructor or nurses will allow me to. I have been reminded consistently though that almost anyone can be trained to perform a skill... it is the critical thinking and knowledge that makes us nurses. Try to remember that and if you stick with your program... research what instructors teach what clinicals and try to get into ones that will suit you more. Just my two pennies :)
  6. OnTheRoad


    Thank you all so much for your responses. It helps so much just to be able to share and to realize I am not alone. I know I will see many horrible things in my career and there will be I am sure many people I just won't be able to forget. It would have been so much harder to get through this first big one without all of you. Oh and on spongebob... I find I can no longer fall asleep at night unless I put on cartoons. My mind races all night if I don't put something else in there. Noggin is my friend LOL
  7. OnTheRoad


    I graduate in a few months and this week while in ICU I had a new admit that had overdosed on tylenol (like 50 ES tabs). I worked for hours with the nurse and doctor doing one on one care keeping the pt alive and caring for the pt... I won't add all the details. By the time I left for postconference I felt like my head was filled with fuzz. As soon as I got home and was able to be alone I just started crying, and being afraid that I am not cut out to do this job because this affected me so much. Thinking about this and dealing with it alone I am hoping this just means I care and eventually it will get easier. Has anyone dealt with this yet? I just need to share somewhere and here seems a good place. thanks for listening to my rambling:(
  8. OnTheRoad

    Points Away From Failing Out

    I am in your shoes. I have always done well on tests, but my exam today means I basically have to be perfect the rest of this semester and I don't know what happened! I emailed my instructor to ask for a one on one exam review to get some input into what I need to do for this class that is different than the last 2 years, but I am terrified of having to repeat a semester. Instructors told us that 1/3 to 1/2 of the class fails the first exam, but I never thought I would be one of them. (((((((((Hugs))))))))) for you and me!
  9. OnTheRoad

    How to not look so nervous at clinical

    I graduate in December and I remember like yesterday how nervous I was my first clinical ( can we say ready to pass out?). I am still nervous with each new challenge or situation that comes my way. Reading these posts reminded me that I think I have again begun to get that deer in the headlights look ( when speaking with my instructors). Now that look is based more on "OMG what do they want from me?" rather than on being unsure of myself re patient care. When it comes to patients I have always tried to remind myself that I could be in their shoes and what I would want most to make me feel secure is a smile, compassion, honesty, and for noone to say OOPS! So if you take vitals and can't do it as quickly as you would like etc., remind yourself you are still learning ( your patients know you are a student also). Don't let it add to your anxiety, just do what you need to do and if someone asks a question you don't have an answer for ( be it instructor, patient, staff) tell them you are not sure, but will find the information.:typing
  10. OnTheRoad

    In need of some moral support: VENT

    I could have written your post. So much to do, so little time. Too much stress, not enough coping skills etc etc etc. What I try to do is just focus on one week at a time. It doesn't reduce the amount of work I have to do right now and I am still under a boatload of pressure, but if I think of just that presentation due this week or just that assessment and CP due then I can focus. When I think of all that is left in the next 4 wks I start crying and melt. So it is one week and one project at a time. At the end of each school week for me I take one whole day off. Sure I really don't have time for that luxury, but I also do not not have time for that luxury. I NEED one day to decompress and just try to keep my worries out of my head. There are plenty of hours tomorrow to stress. You WILL get through, and there are probably plenty of tears yet to shed... but get through today and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.
  11. OnTheRoad

    Can anyone recommend a good book on Documentation?

    I don't really know any books on documentation and am not entirely sure what you mean about your instructors being vague, but I will tell you what I do as a student nurse. First semester We did paper charting and the folling two semesters we gave that up for computer charting everything. This semester my instructor decided to have us supplement the nurses charting with our own paper charting (we didn't rechart vitals and I&O's, only assessments etc). At the start of our shift we charted head to toe assessment. After that we would chart procedures, pertinent information such as with children what worked to get a tough kid to take fluids or when parents came and when they left, IV checks per hospital policy, and any status change. Hmmmmm this is a little involved to fully explain. I found an old thread on this site that may help https://allnurses.com/forums/f205/nursing-documentation-168921.html Take a look :)
  12. OnTheRoad


    Seriously daytonite? I have always respected you so much and all you have to say in this forum. Please tell me you are being sarcastic? If not I have just lost a whole lot of respect for you. Student nurses do not answer call lights and the phones on the unit because they are lazy and selfish and don't care about teamwork and helping those around them? Idiots? Really?:trout: I am a nursing student and I also run around all of MY shift helping anyone I possibly can wether it is my assigned nurse or another nurse who needs help, I will pass trays, pick up trays, take vitals on anyone I am asked to, fetch a cup of water, get someone on the potty etc... whatever is needed and I pee when I get home. I am not allowed to answer phones. Unless asked to by a staff member I am not allowed to answer call lights, unless it is my patient. I guess I will live my little life the way I want and the way I am told to and I will be happy about it because I helped my patients and the nurses I work with appreciate what I do and have always been happy to have my small bit of help.:balloons:
  13. OnTheRoad

    Awesome idea for careplans!!!!!! LOOK!!!

    I use word for my care plans, but I probably use a different format then A, B, or C student does. When I make my care plans I sometimes refer to my previous patients careplans to get an idea of what I am trying to write. I still rewrite most everything because the patients are so individualized. I have had 2 hysterectomies for instance. The only thing they really shared careplan wise was pain, but even their pain was totally different so needed different interventions etc. I could have copied pasted Acute pain diagnosis, but the rest of it would have had to be tweaked so much as to be rewritten. Each and every patient is different even if they share either medical or nursing diagnosis.
  14. OnTheRoad

    Advice for a future RN...hopefully!!

    Go for the RN program not medical assistant... you will still have to do RN program after a nice long medial assistant program.
  15. OnTheRoad

    I finally cried

    You know, I can't remember the last time I had a bubble bath. I think tomorrow I shall do that.... and paint my toenails a nice fiery red!
  16. OnTheRoad

    I finally cried

    I know that I will never know it all and if I ever think I do, It is time to change careers.I should have graduated in May, but I slowed down for my family (both married and have 4 kids). I feel like I am growing and I feel competent, but I also feel like I am just a baby nurse and I doubt myself too often when experienced nurses are aound KWIM?