Is there any location without a waiting list?

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    I am trying to get into nursing school - ADN or BSN - preferably ADN. Does anyone know of an area where there are not waiting lists. I am getting really ansty and have applied around here but have not heard anything yet for the fall and I want to apply other places- especially if they don't have waiting lists. I think it might be fun to relocate. Anyway if you know of anything let me know
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  3. by   SingingNurse2
    I'm near Raleigh, NC and the community college I'm going to for my ADN does not have a waiting list. I'm not sure about the larger ones around here like UNC.
  4. by   colleen10
    Hi Amanda,

    I see you are in SE PA. Where abouts?

    I am in Pittsburgh, PA and we don't really have waiting lists. I guess it's because we have a ton of different types of Nursing Schools - BSN, CC, Hospital Diploma, etc.

    Since you are allready in PA and you seem to have the option of relocating, maybe you should think about coming here.

    Let me know if you would like more info.

  5. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Hey, come on over to Hawaii! The university that I am attending in the fall does not have a waiting list... it is pricey though.
    I decided at my age I didn't have time to languish on a list, and with good grades, HPU offers a 1/2 price tuition waiver.
  6. by   maire
    Burlington County College in South Jersey has no waiting list. You apply, they take just so many, and if you don't get in, you try again the following semester.
  7. by   Angella Walker
    My school in Wisconsin doesn't have a waiting list but no one in their right mind would want to pay the tuition if they didn't have to. It is comparable to medical school tuition.
  8. by   USA987
    Hey Maire-

    I'm a Burlington County Institute of Technology LPN Graduate and I attended BCC for a year working on my prereqs for RN...I'm now in California...but I miss NJ!! Prof. Ritt for A&P was awesome!!!!!
  9. by   delirium
    I'm one state south of you in MD and we don't have a waiting list. In fact, I think this year's new class has some empty seats (not enough candidates!).
  10. by   essarge
    Directly south of you in Dover waiting list here. The only one that has a waiting list are the two year programs and I attend a four year program.
  11. by   getbabygirl
    Sorry I'm probably no help but it seens like every school here in Ohio has a waiting list but theres so a big shortage in nursing! That part I don't get! I think if there were more teachers there wouldn't be waiting list but from what I understand there is a low percentage of nursing with there doctorate degrees, so we need to encourage on another to keep furthering our education and not just stopping as a RN or LPN. Sorry to preach!
  12. by   ladytopaz
    Good luck!! Here in Springfield, Ohio we have a 'two' year waiting list at the local community college. Here I sit, all of my classes finished and all I have left are my Nursing practicals and I have to sit out of school for a year because my name has not come up on the list!! All of that studying and knowledge is going to completely leave my brain in a year!! I am so frustrated at this point that I'm not sure if I will ever finish now. Good luck in finding a school without a waiting list. If I had known how long the list was before I started, I definitely would have gone to another school.
  13. by   SN Gone Crazy

    I am in San Antonio,TX there are several schools around here that offer different nursing programs. I don't know how many have waiting lists. I don't think there are very many schools around here that have waiting lists because there is such a high shortage of nurses in Texas and San Antonio. Any how, the community college I am attending does not have a waiting list and it is an ADN program and they have it setup so everything will transfer to the University of Texas at San Antonio Medical Center so you can get your BSN. The community college also has another has another campus that offers an LPN program. There is also a Baptist hospital that has a Diploma program as well and you will be an RN. So there are plenty of options around here.
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  14. by   maire
    Originally posted by USA987
    Hey Maire-

    I'm a Burlington County Institute of Technology LPN Graduate and I attended BCC for a year working on my prereqs for RN...I'm now in California...but I miss NJ!! Prof. Ritt for A&P was awesome!!!!!
    Yes she was!!