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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by jimmy_d
    hello i'm jim i'm 42 been a paramedic since sept 1992. i have two associates' degrees wholly unrelated to medicine (fire protection and fire investigation)

    ui am enrolled in excelsior and have taken humanities, sociology, life span psych, micro, a&p, nc#1 and nc#2. i will take nc#3 in 3 weeks

    jim, welcome!

    how long did it take you to complete the classes? you are doing great with only 4 more nc and then cpne, keep up the great work.

    there is a forum for distant learning too if you haven't gone to it.

    much continued success to you.
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    the link to the distant learning forum follows, jim.
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by icyfire741
    hey, i'm chrystal, old student 29yrs, divorced mother of two a 9yrs girl and 7yrs boy. i will be starting my rn classes this summer still have to finish pre-recs this spring. i'm scheduled to take the paxrn on jan 12th. i went to get the study guide from campus book store but they are on order. i'm told it's a new book can anyone tell me where i could get it and what it is. if there are any other study tools i might find useful please help.:imbar freaking out.
    welcome chrystal!

    all the best on your pax exam on the 12th.
  4. by   EMTI19
    Hi everyone,

    I am a 25 y/o with a BA in biology. Recently decided to make a career change and study nursing. Still waiting to find out if I made it into the program. Won't find out until Feb. for fall 2004. Work as a full time EMT-I. This is an awesome website!
  5. by   megamoo1979
    I'm a new student, starting in January!
  6. by   donnapalmer
    Hello, Donna Palmer, mother of 3 (9 yo dd, 7 yo ds, 2 yo dd), married for 17 years, LTC CNA for 14 years, quit job on Labor Day to begin the LPN program at local BOCES. Will be doing pre-reqs for ASN over next two years, and will enter Nursing Program at CC in fall of 2005. Very excited to be joining your ranks...
  7. by   luvnsg
    Hi everyone,

    I'm so glad to see so many moms in nursing school, I don't feel so alone. I'm 35 years old, mother of three boys and i just started my first semester of nursing school in ny.
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  8. by   kcarberry
    Hello all!
    I am Kristy, 25 y/o married to Joe, 28. I have a 6 y/o step son that lives in Alabama, we are currently living in Florida. We have no children together unless you count our very spoiled Cocker Spaniel puppy! I am prior Navy, was active duty for 4 years, where I met my husband, who is still active duty and is an instructor here in Pensacola.
    I am starting my second year of school next Semester. I am a pre nursing major at Pensacola Junior College and hope to transfer to University of West Florida's BSN program in August 04. We'll see!
    Hope to hear from some fellow FL students and nurses.
  9. by   shannon8282
    I'm Shannon, and I am just finishing up my first semester of an ADN program. I have worked 5 years in a dialysis clinic, and I finally fell in love with nursing. I am married with a 6 year old boy...and I dont have time for anything!
  10. by   djswan
    Hi my name is Jaysherrie. Im in the beginning of my pre reqs, long way to go man and Algebra is KILLIN me but Im hanging in there. Im 29, married and exspecting my first. Any words of advised are always welcomed.
  11. by   tdg_rn
    I'm new here, too!!

    I'm a 32 year old guy - married with 4 boys. One of my part-time jobs years ago was working in an ER and I never got the taste out of my system.

    I am taking the plunge beginning in January and looking forward to it!!

    BTW, this site looks to be awesome.
  12. by   djswan
    Someone else brand new! where you from?
  13. by   Nurse Shark

    My name is Dawn. I am in my third semester of a four semester nursing program. I graduate next semester... Yea hoooooooo!!!!! Good luck too all and if anyone is going into their Advance MedSurg Clinicals or Lecture class, let me know...Maybe we can share some info.... ya, know like study skills, info about drugs...or just venting about school...